Is your dog often out of control? Do you want to know which dog harness tool we recommend? Then this Mihachi Secure Dog Harness Review might be best for you.


Mihachi Dog Harness Features

  • Five Points Adjustment
  • Fashionable and Practical Handle
  • High-Quality Material
  • Soft Belly Support
  • The Handle is Soft and Comfortable
  • Breathable, durable Dog gear

Five Points Adjustment

In order for the dog harness to be able to provide an excellent fit for your dog and to be able to relieve its pain, five adjustment points allow you to adjust the fit and give your dog freedom of movement. The company applies metal extrusions to avoid falling and to keep things stable.

Fashionable and Escape-Proof

Its plastic handle strap is strong enough to withstand large rocks. And helping your dog will make it more capable of moving.

It is an excellent alternative to a collar and makes your dog look stylish on hikes. It is a great partner in climbing routes.

High-Quality Material

The surface is created from high-density plastic. The material is lighter weight than plastic and is more comfortable and safer to clean.

Inside this fitted sheet, there is a breathable, skin-friendly, soft and comfortable mesh fabric. Due to the thin, densely packed segments, the material cannot feel chafe-like to the dog’s body.

It is also reflective, which is beneficial in ensuring your pet’s safety at night.

Soft Belly Support

Waistcoat leg loops supplement soft abdominal support for a controlled, comfortable and balanced lift with fair load distribution. Along the leg-straps, you can remove them to gain greater freedom in your movement.

Available sizes for the dog harness are XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. You can see the Sizing Chart on the product page.

You will need a medium choice for the lower range of sizes, and a large one for the higher-range. Consider the size of your dog by size of the girth (measured at the widest part of the chest).

The Handle is Soft and Comfortable

Under the inclusion of a high-grip handle on the strap, your dog is sure can come through any obstacles unscathed. A dog harness is adjustable and can fit a growing dog perfectly. The safety buckle provides a secure interface for putting on and taking off the dog harness.

Breathable, durable Dog gear

It is designed to be made out of light-weight polyester and soft mesh cloth at the bottom. It keeps your furry friend comfortable while being walking, hiking, and playing near.

The D-ring on the dog’s back ensures the dog can walk on a leash without being in pain.



Durable, yet soft material


Easy to put on and take off



In a few cases, it is not escape-proof for Border Collier breeds

What Other People Said About Mihachi Dog Harness

Michelle bought the product two months ago. she was previously disappointed that she could not take our dogs out on a walk while we were at the dog park.

The fence is very tall, so the dog climbs it to get out and run around the area. Whenever she put the dog on the rope, the dog has figured out how to climb right out of it.

She had doubts about whether or not it would work. Yet, the product worked!

She was pleased to say that, after two months, the dog did not run away! The dog will not pick up on small fish like bass and crappie.

However, the dog will catch fish that she knows harmful after they’ve attacked the dog.

She tries out wearing it all day long. It will not be a problem to put on and off. According to her, you will feel much better after trying it yourself.

Similarly, Kiki also said that this product has been great so far. He received it a day sooner than scheduled, and it fits in well.

Her husky dog is a medium-sized dog, and it suits the dog. Therefore, if you look for a husky with large dimensions, this would be the best fit. She failed to come out either.

What to Look For in a Dog Harness

  • Quality
  • Setting options
  • Upholstery
  • Security
  • Price-performance ratio


The quality is essential in a dog harness because if the quality is not good enough, it can be harmful to the dog’s health or safety. Therefore, we pay close attention to quality features such as the proper processing of the seams, the aesthetics and of course, the nature of the material used. With some fabrics, wearing can lead to uncomfortable chafing.

With the material used, we mainly assess how robust it is in daily use. We also check how much care the dog harness is.

Setting options

Another critical point for the evaluation in our dog harness is the available setting options. A dog harness should be individually adaptable to your dog, especially in the chest and neck area. At this point, we also observe how well the Mihachi harness fits on the dog’s body. Because of the dog harness keeps slipping, the dog does not feel comfortable in it.

We pay particular attention to the number of setting options and how easily the dishes can be adjusted. The number of click fasteners is also included in this point.


There are also specific criteria for the upholstery that we pay particular attention to. On the one hand, this includes the material used for the upholstery and, on the other hand, whether the tableware is sufficiently padded at the essential points.

We also check whether the padding leads to uncomfortable rubbing on the fur when worn. Particularly with a pulling harness, care must be taken to ensure proper padding, as this is where the dog is subjected to a high level of pulling force.


When it comes to safety, we check whether there are enough visible reflective strips on the dog harness for a better perception of poor visibility. Furthermore, we estimate how easy it is for the dog to free himself from the harness. If the dog can break out of the harness without great difficulty, dangerous situations can arise for humans and animals.

Price-performance ratio

The last point is the ratio of the above points to the price. We pay particular attention to acceptance by the dog because even the most expensive dog harness is pointless if your dog does not feel comfortable in it or feels restricted in its natural movements.