When we talk about Kuranda vs. K9 Ballistics, we discuss whether to use an elevated vs. orthopedic dog bed. In short, K9 Ballistics is better.

Orthopedic dog beds are supposed to make lying very comfortable for the dog. Anyone who has already experienced the switch to a new mattress with memory foam will confirm this.

Now, let’s take a look at the unique advantages of elevated and orthopedic dog bed has to offer. We are also showing you the product examples to understand better what the brand delivers on the market.

K9 Ballistics Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Rounded Orthopedic Dog Bed

Kuranda – The Elevated Dog Bed Specialist

While dogs have been sleeping on the floor for ages, for older dogs, or joint problems like arthritis, the hard floor can further inflame sore joints such as hips, knees, and ankles.

Getting up and down the floor puts more pressure on these joints and causes more pain. And a raised bed eliminates the struggle some older dogs have when getting off the floor as they have to step into bed or walk out.

Another advantage of a loft bed is temperature control. You pick your mutt off a cold floor in winter – or when you run the air conditioning in summer.

They also help relieve joint pain, which can be made worse by the cold. In warm weather, a raised bed will allow air to circulate below, which will help the dog stay calm.

They can also be used outdoors to protect your pup from mud, wet grass, or damp patios.

These beds are usually made of sturdy, durable material that can be hosed down or wiped down, making them easier to clean than conventional beds that require the hot water circuit in the washing machine. Many loft beds are also made of fabric that can withstand chewing.

Kuranda PVC Dog Bed

Sick of repairing the dog’s bedding to have it ruined over and over again? Be sure to give your pet a boost with the orthopedic protection and warmth offered by a proprietary Kuranda chew proof dog bed.

The bed material is designed with sturdy material and built like a sofa. It looks fantastic in every home and rarely to be ruined by a stubborn dog. The black walnut colored chair, legs, and corners match seamlessly with the extensive range of fabric hues.

The UV resistant black finish is guaranteed to stand up to cleaning, refreshes easily, and dries quickly. Unlike other pillows, the Kuranda Dog Bed’s proprietary nature enables the fabric to slip within the frame, masking the fabric’s edges.

If your dog is bigger or a little “chewers,” check out the Kuranda All-Aluminum or Bronze Aluminum Dog Bed version that they have. Please Notice the Walnut sheet and frame is for indoor usage only. The edges are not recommended for outdoor use, particularly in intense sunshine and sweltering outdoor temperatures.



Water proof Fabric


The PVC used is a light but strong material



Not suitable for stubborn giant breeds

Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bed

The Ballistic Nylon fabric is extremely durable and robust. It has a sleek finish that won’t snag hair for a quick washing, perfect for indoor usage. Stainless Steel Fasteners all the way.

This aluminum Kuranda dog bed has proven its longevity in shelters and kennels with the most involved pets over the last ten years. A one year guarantee protects many beds from the Kuranda brand.

The exact measurements of the mattress mentioned in the product’s bullet points are the critical bed dimensions, but if you double the bed length and width, you can get the actual sheet size specified in the product name. Either use the 100lbs weight limit terminology in your note, or you can be confident of its applicability. Please note these frames involve indoor assembly and are not to be used outdoors. They are being made in the USA.

If you would like to buy substitute cloth, Kuranda makes this item accessible via their website. If you have any concerns regarding the size of which the fabric would work for you, you can email the seller. Typically, they will find out from your orders what size will work better for you.



Suitable for bigger and the more stubborn dog


Easier to clean compared to standard dog pillow



Not suitable for puppy

K9 Ballistics Tough Bolster Nesting

The company invented this round bed to be indestructible. It’s perfect for both dogs and puppies because of its cushiony content.

The fabrics are machine washable, durable, dirt proof, and immune to grime and odors. This chew resistant dog bed utilizes ballistic nylon fabrics beyond the ordinary for consumer quality textiles.

The circular dog bed design helps avoid chewing since most dogs strike corners first, so this dog bed is not a common target of chewers.

They made this dog bed out of shredded, virgin CertiPUR-USA Foam. We’ve devised a unique formula to help the puppy who likes to explore or itch while it needs to sleep. Besides, they have designed closed chambers to avoid clumping and moving. This function ensures adequate support and healthy weight distribution, which maximizes your dog’s comfort and wellbeing.

The dog bed looks exceptionally relaxed and supreme for medium to heavy breeds. The dog is going to enjoy it for sure.

The company also added a water-resistant coating to the mattress to secure it against the impact of water. Beds without sufficient surface coatings will accumulate urine and end up drowning in a dumpster.

Except for dogs that experience severe incontinence, our sheets can remain new and tidy for a very long time. Wipe or shower to prevent grime and filth. We are sure you are going to be pleased with this room.



Generally, more comfortable than an elevated dog bed


Suitable for the chewy stubborn dog


The material is expected to be stronger than Kevlar



Quite expensive for a dog bed

 K9 Ballistics – The Orthopedic Dog Bed

In my perspective, orthopedic dog beds are suitable for various purposes and are always a better alternative to beds with conventional foam fillings. It is an exceptionally comfortable lying surface for all dogs.

It is mostly suitable:

  • For puppies who are (no longer) interested in gnawing their dog beds
  • For large, heavy dogs that “sag” too much in regular foam beds
  • For dogs that need to lie down a lot after medical procedures
  • For senior dogs who are grateful for a supportive pad due to muscle wasting and arthrosis
  • For dogs with HD and other joint problems
  • For dogs who hope to get pain relief from a better dog mattress
  • For dogs who have trouble falling asleep or finding a comfortable position to lie on

However, I consider it a rumor that orthopedic dog beds can prevent joint diseases or influence the course. So far, there are no tangible facts about this matter.

It is primarily about convenience and comfort because who knows whether our dogs also suffer from tense neck and back pain in their prime.

It is, of course, difficult to judge from a distance whether an orthopedic dog bed makes sense for your dog.

Normal dogs oversleep much of their day. And in most households, we offer our dogs various lying options.

K9 Ballistics Rectangle Orthopedic Dog Bed

Over years of study and growth, the company has developed a bed constructed from the very hardest fabrics. Their rectangle orthopedic dog beds are extremely sturdy and can survive violent biting and scratching by dogs.

It is an acrylic dog bed with a flexible cover that is also easily washable by a washing machine. This dog Foam Mattress offers protection for arthritic pets, dogs that may develop joint injuries early in adulthood, or dogs who need to have a comfortable orthopedic cushion dog bed.

Dog beds are for big dog owners as they can often suit the function well for tiny dog owners and medium to average-sized dog owners. Their orthopedic durable dog bed isn’t produced with any glue because the material it is made out of isn’t going to degrade or flatten over time unless your dog is massive or small.

In no way encourage your dog to bring his teeth in or out of this nesting pad. No zippers, no internal seam is making it unlikely for your dog to have a chew on your bed.

Interestingly, the company initially built Kevlar dog beds. But that was not solid enough. Therefore, they have had to invent their own material that is durable enough for chronic chewers!



The rounded shape makes it more durable then rectangle one


Water resistant material



Some people reported that the replacement warranty is not that good

Final Verdict

Orthopedic dog beds are supposed to make lying very comfortable for the dog. And we, as dog owners, naturally have the wish to treat our four-legged friend to a basket that is as comfortable as possible, right?

According to my subjective opinion, senior dogs could also relax much better on excursions if allowed to lie on an orthopedic dog mat in the car, the bicycle trailer, or the dog buggy.

Dogs that prefer to lie on the wooden floor or have free access to upholstered furniture will ignore even the best orthopedic dog bed.

Suppose you are looking for a dog bed for spondylosis, a dog bed for osteoarthritis, or a unique dog bed for an old dog with a unique medical history. In that case, you should ask your veterinarian for his opinion.

If your dog chews on your sofa, we suggest the Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed instead. The Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed has been built better to survive rough chewing and scratching by giant breeds.