About Us

My name is Micah Coyle and grew up on a farm in Kansas, and working on a shelter I really fell in love with these creatures.

And have seen how badly many people treat their own dogs and just abandon them or treat them bad, because they were going on a vacation or other poor reasons.

Getting a dog is a long term commitment, where you will be rewarded with a lot of licks, love, cuddle, companionship…. (hand hair).

Our focus on K9.Rocks is to help dogs by helping their moms and dads understand the food and treats they are giving their fur babies.

And we know that NOT all food and treats are GOOD and our purpose with this website is to bring the knowledge to the people (and their dogs).

So they can take the best decision based on that.

We have a lot of customized images we personally have made to use in our blog post.

And you are allowed to use the images under Creative Commons/ NoDerivatives.

All you have to do is to link to our home page from the post you have used the image on.

So what do Creative Commons/ NoDerivatives really mean ?

It means you can use our customized images in any medium you want such as: videos, pdf, PPT, blog post, etc.

And the usecase of these can be any purpose; either private, commercial, or others.

But you cannot change the images in any way or form, and they need to be used as they are made.

All you have to do is to link back to our main website: https://k9.rocks and using the anchor text K9 Rocks.

If this sounds interesting to you. Go and checkout our K9 Rocks Flickr account here.

We update images every month, so stop by every month and see if we have made something you might like.