Easy Walk harness is generally better than Sensation Harness. However, I’d like to mention first that there is not a significant quality difference here. Besides being available in more color, the Easy Walk harness is proven to last longer than similar products.

On Amazon, the product also gets a whopping 19,000 positive feedback when I write this review.

Best Choice: Easy Walk  Harness

Easy Walk Harness Review

The Easy Walk Leash stop pulling and effectively discourages dogs from dragging you. Easy to put and convenient to use, the Easy Walk Harness makes exercise fun for you and your dog.

The rope is tied to the dog’s front chest, so you can maneuver the dog to the side and steer his focus toward you. The front harness lies evenly over the dog’s chest instead of applying pressure on the sensitive cutthroat because there is no coughing or gagging.

Now you have the opportunity to rest and appreciate the ease of stress-free walks without the pressure of driving.

This great harness was developed 15 years ago by a veterinarian behaviorist and was liked by a million dog owners and coaches as a market pioneer.

The leash is to lean against the skin comfortably. The dog will not have to be gagged or choked in mild to moderate dragging.

Most importantly, it is a lightweight harness. It is well-ventilated because of the smaller scale, and your dog breaths well because it doesn’t cover a lot of space (compared to other harnesses).

According to Teacher Mom, it is fast and easy to put harness. Interestingly, if you mistook your order for the wrong size or your dog mistook his leash for a chew toy, their Customer Support agents are ready to help with repairs or resizing.



Best after-sales service


It is available in 9 color choices.


Strong, durable, and easy to use. Some customers reported having this harness for over 10 years.



For a large breed, it often scratches the armpits. So make sure you contact the support to choose the right size.

Sensation Harness Review

This Dog Walking Leash offered in purple is a perfect way to get some exercise and taking a dog on a walk. If you get your dog fastened with a regular leash or brace, they will appear to sound like they are being suppressed, which would cause them to pull at the pressure to get out.

By using this leash, the dog not only gets to move at the control of your hand, but they can also sense the weight of the tension of your hand to practically standoff and growl at you if you have them back off.

As a consequence, you get a dog that walks beside you, instead of one that drags your lead or dog pulls on your arm. This dog harness will lead an everyday life of adventure as they barge and romp around town, all while wearing a dog walking leash.

It has two types of size: Large and Medium. If you decide to figure out how to size your pet with their harness, we suggest taking a look at the Softouch Dog Harness product page.

That’s where you’ll find measuring diagrams, images, and other assistance. A front leash belt is tied to the dog’s chest to discourage it from dragging the human as they move.

If you wonder, will the girth harness ride up or down the dog’s armpits? In our view, this quick walk harness is incredibly convenient for pets. Some customers use it for our 65-pound lab and with no problem.

According to Amy Tran, it is a fantastic product. She has a 75-pound german shepherd/lab that takes her arm out every time she attempts to walk the dog.

She has been skipping walking and only bringing her to the dog park because she really couldn’t take her on walks.

But now, it is officially last. As soon as she puts on this belt, the dog can’t pull anymore! She even shed happy tears because she can walk the dog every day now!



It doesn’t choke and is built for comfortability.


Some customers report that it lasts for over five years.



The seller did not put any escape-proof warranty