Sky Kennel is obviously better than Petmate Ultra. Besides improved security on the cage, the product provides more size choices for you. It is available in 21, 28, 32, 36, and 40 inches.

FYI, the product already gets over 4000 positive feedbacks on Amazon alone. It is way better than its competitor, which only gets around 300 positive reviews.

But there is more of it. We will discuss more its feature, what we like, as well as its pros and cons.

Best Choice: Sky Kennel

This kennel includes eleven plastic bolts. It also had pre-drilled holes in the kennels, which are hard to find at a reasonable price.

It is a regulatory obligation to the kennel doors. Its fast release is best. Be sure to zip tie your dog on your own every time.

Sometimes, the airline security officer mishandles it. Their dog escaped through the open cargo hatch and caused damage to the airplane. The above characteristics are aspects that we should look at.

It would be best if you put together a single piece of metal door. No more plastic carrier allowed. Some dog kennels have a fold to open them. It may require special openings or be prohibited on some airlines. This reliable and straightforward kennel door is a good idea.

This kennel has well-built and thicker metal grates. Some breeders are shown to have air holes to keep the dogs cool on the back, even for smaller dogs.

Furthermore, pet carriers must be super-sized. Please note that domestic flights only require two vent sides at either end of the kennel or dog box, and they cannot be stacked.

This kennel comes with a sticker, required by airlines, and airlines also have stickers. Some types of stickers leave a sticky residue, which is not pleasant.

The airlines added a number 1 -inch emblem sticker at the top of the box for “Live Animal.” No harm to spoil newly designed kennels upon removing stickers. You need to bring the kennel airline plastic adapters and apply them to your kennel.

You will need your umbilical size plus one-half of your legs for overseas travel. Traveling anywhere with your dog is a stressful experience.

Typically, dogs get nervous with long flights and need rest and exercise. Try it once! Different airlines have distinct rules and standards.

The smallest sizes can be carried more efficiently, while the large sizes give a vaulted door for added security. Dog owners must always verify with airline personnel when traveling with their pets.

According to Amazon Junkie, it would be the only kennel I could find that suited airline standards. This approach has been authorized by the USDA and IATA.



The 4-way vault door prevents broken, unsafe, and unpredictable movement of the crate (available on the 36-inch size and up)


Due to its heavy-duty design, this product is durable.


This design includes a lot of ventilation openings so that pets are well-ventilated from all sides.


The Petmate Sky Kennel is a portable kennel that airline approved for travel.


Generally can hold more weight than Petmate Ultra Vari.



You have to change its plastic bolts to metal. Metal bolts are needed for any aircraft regulations.

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

The Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel is the ultimate travel case that lets your pet remain healthy. Its 360-degree openings offer pets clean air and a good view of their neighbourhood.

The cabin is spacious and can hold many dogs. The kennel has a robust body for its durably plastic sheet, steel screws, and wrapped doorposts.

The safe latch offers a solid lock with one hand as well as being easy to unlock. The kennel can be installed in no time with no difficulty with the use of metal bolts.

The substance of plastic may be cleaned with water to disinfect and scrub off. The cage can hold various kinds of dogs, from 25 to 90 pounds. The dog travel carriers fulfill most airline freight requirements for easy and secure travel by dogs, but pet owners can still consult with an individual for airlines and luggage limitations.

It is indeed safe for travel and built to last. The family’s furry members would enjoy their home when they ride along with you more on your adventures.

Petmate’s legendary metal and plastic kennels ensure maximum safety for your pet while traveling in the car. It is supposed to fit all of the sizes, shapes, and body types.

Petmate knows that people want their pets to be safe and secure, no matter where they are. Pets are like family members.

You would like to have them to be as rested as you are. Since manufacturers recognize how distracting and dangerous sharp edges can be, they design plastic crates to reduce sharp edges.

Petmate’s plastic kennels satisfy the animal’s instinct to be safe and warm inside plastic kennels. Wire vents, a raised interior, and a securing system provide a safe and comfortable family car.

These fasteners ensure that the kennel is reliable for extended use. Screws are simple, undemanding, and easy to assemble.

According to Carolyn, It is an awesome, solid crate while it weighs only 12 lbs. I use it a lot for something. This luggage is stable, safe, and strong enough to undergo any impacts. I was pleased to learn that a post was readily accessible. As healthy as fresh.



Heavy-duty plastic, steel screws, and covered doors ensure that it will be reusable for a long time.


The wire airflow openings in a dog’s cage provide sufficient fresh air and greater visibility for dogs.


Tie-down holes offer durability and comfort when traveling


The lock is effortless to open and use.



Mostly unsuitable for a heavy dog


In a few cases, the top separated from the bottom while carrying a pet

Final Verdict

It’s best to purchase better kennels rather than modifying current kennels. Don’t waste your time!

Buy this Petmate Sky Kennel, and it will just need zip ties, bolts, and special dog pads. I know how difficult it is to get a deep appreciation of this material.

Please take the time to share this post for other persons who might have difficulties with a dog’s issue. Have a good journey!