Buying a wire crate is generally better than investing your money in a plastic kennel. The wire crate used to last longer than the plastic kennel.

There are also other benefits of wire crate is better. The crate is more durable when your dog chews continuously. It provides better air circulation and a better view.

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Wire Crate vs Plastic Kennel Comparison

Wire Crate Review

A wire crate characterized by the highest security and stability. Some of them can be assembled or disassembled quickly. 

However, most of them are designed for permanent use in the car. A wire dog crate should be just as open as a plastic box. 

To give the four-legged friend the greatest possible space, dog crate that are beveled at the front are best suited. High-quality models also offer a removable and easy-to-clean base plate. 

They are also non-slip and offer the dog a good grip. Since this type of dog carrier is the least prone to damage, it loses the least of its value and can be sold again at a reasonable price if it is sold.

Metal wires are currently the most prominent or common choice in the industry. They are widely used in most animal cages.



The ventilation of a wire crate is excellent since it usually provides better airflow.


If you want to have a dog crate, these are generally easy-washed material, and most have flexible trays on the bottom to make washing much simpler.


You can purchase or get a wire crate divider that can fit your dog as he develops.


It will mostly arrive in a foldable, portable manner.



If a nervous dog lives in a wire cage, it can feel more stressed and vulnerable.


Holding a wire dog cage can be very challenging (because it is heavier).

Plastic Kennel Review

Due to the low weight and the good price-performance ratio, this dog crate is the most popular. It is easy to take with you, easy to clean, securely stored in the car, and it is available for almost all dog sizes. When buying a plastic kennel, make sure it is excellent and stable. Your four-legged friend should not be able to get injured by protruding edges or burrs. 

The plastic cage should also ensure sufficient visibility in all directions. Plastic handles are advantageous for super comfy transport. The plastic dog crate offers the greatest advantage but has two weaknesses. 

On the one hand, it is not as stable as a metal dog crate. On the other hand, it is not foldable or can be dismantled when not in use. Therefore, it takes up the most storage space.



A plastic dog crate is more comfortable to carry and suitable for travel.


This crate is also a perfect option for use in vehicles and on aircraft. It needs to follow federal requirements to be used on airplanes.


If you live in a cold environment and have a puppy, a plastic crate could be superior to a metal one since there is more insulation.


Any dog owners have found that a dog feels safer in a plastic dog crate than a wired variant because it is less “open.”



The plastic can capture the scent, and it could become hard to keep the animal crate clean (the worst cons)


They cannot be compacted (folded) while they are not in use.


The plastic dog kennels do not encourage any airflow, making it a little warm in hot areas.


Easy to break if your dog chews constantly


It captures heat fast under the sun.

That is why, a wire crate is a clear winner in this case. Now, we are going to discuss some of the best wire dog crate we have found online:


Best Wire Crate Reviews

BestPet Metal Wire Double-Door Dog Cage

The pet cage has two wide doors, one of which is on the front. These doors are easily opened and closed.

This high duty, tightly constructed pet cages have dual latches to offer a comfortable and protected atmosphere for your dogs. The furnished space is built to keep the pet happy and healthy. It is a kennel with a simple wire style enclosure for dogs.

It is easy to clean. The dog cage comes with a robust, leakproof ABS composite tray that will not stain, crack, corrode, or hold pet odors.

The pet cage’s bottom pan is a lip that protects the mess.

It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The door of this dog crate is made from high duty, corrosion-prone aluminum. It has a highly grey-painted coating to avoid rusting.

The pet cage folds nicely to allow better storage. It has a collapsible design, which makes it perfect for travel or camping.

Two high duty slide-bolt latches secure the dog crate door in just the right position to keep the dog inside of his dog crate. With this dog cage, you will keep your pet from tempering out and escaping. Think of it as a convenient and straightforward solution that doesn’t require a lot of time to build.

According to JenVA, it is a perfect product. She has an American Bulldog and Mastiff mix. The dog is right at about 70 pounds, just around ten stone.

Her old dog crate was one that was used by her puppies. The scale wasn’t large enough that she couldn’t lie safely in it.

She picked up this kennel, and it is a great choice. The dog can stretch out her arms entirely and stand up correctly.

Paws and Pals Dog Crates for Medium Dogs with Divider Panel

Another crate complete with a separating panel, this Paws & Pals product can expand with your puppy, allowing you control in adjusting how much room your dog requires and what fits better with their cage training schedule.

There is a range of new sizes being developed so you should quickly find a suitable one for him. The crate will be particularly well-tailored to pets who are active and others that struggle with chewers.

The crate is constructed out of reliable steel wires and can stand against heavy-duty chewers. There is a safe rounded metal construction to keep the dog safe from cutting themselves. Self-latching hardware ensures that the protection is guaranteed, like the non-resistance security of a lock.

This crate has been designed to be sturdy, hold up the high temperature, and travel quickly. It has a matte, electro-coated coating on both sides. It even has a removable, slide-out tray made of ABS plastic.

This two-door wire kennel was mainly created for protection and ease of use. It has a stable wire structure for safety, a solid rust-resistant black coating for reliability, and a leakproof removable pan for quick cleaning.

A handle on the top makes it convenient for pet parents to pick up their pet and travel to a new location. It may also expand with the pet since it includes an extendible divider that allows the kennel to developing with the pet.

According to Jennifer, it is a huge crate. She got this product for her 32 lbs aggressive dachshund, which tends to eat furniture while I left her home.

This is large enough to fit her body. She likes the traditional doors on them and the solid structure.

It is wide enough to accommodate a girl and an adult man. Therefore, she highly recommends it.



Sturdy and good enough for aggressive dogs


Foldable and portable



A few customers said that the cage lock is too long

MidWest Crates for Dogs  With Single Door and Double Door

It is suitable for those looking for adequate rooms and someone who is on a budget. There are seven styles to pick from, and they are excellent for tiny spaces and on a budget.

It is available in 18″, 22″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, and 48.″ As a dog owner, you can enjoy a new full-size crate for life, which features a divider panel for easily housetraining and giving your dog with some ease.

Besides being foldable, this Midwest crate is equipped with fast and straightforward access with a single bolt system.

However, it is still secure enough that it should not be a problem. In case the dog wants to crawl up the cage, the rounded corners mean the dog cannot damage themselves due to the sharp edges.

Something else to note, cleaning is simple since this crate is also finished with a tough, satin black, electro-coat finish. The reinforced plastic pan is typically simple to put in and detach, making the cleaning activities incredibly convenient.

According to JL1231, the “fold and hold” configuration of the wire crate helps you build and detach it down quickly without any particular tools. It is an extremely compact crate in its class.



Midwest is one of the most trusted manufacturers of pet cages.


Full 1-year warranty


The metal wire is particularly stronger than competitors


Affordable choice



A few customers report the top latch is not escape-proof

Final Verdict

Dogs who have the characteristics of being huge, boisterous, and aggressive are sometimes found to be chewing to and scraping their way out of crates that are not made of metal. Many wire dog crates are constructed from metal, which makes them stronger and incredibly long lasting. 

Dogs may also cause slight tearing of their toys over time. 

Unfortunately, plastic, cloth, or wooden crates might quickly get broken even with even calm and non-destructive puppies.