If you look for the absolute finest dog crate between Midwest Ultima Pro vs. LifeStages, then the MidWest Ultima Pro Two Door Portable Crate is for you!

They have the best and most robust dog cage, featuring robust gauge stainless, two doors for convenient access to your dog, and a food bowl for your dog comfort.

Best Choice: Midwest Ultima Pro

The two doors in Midwest Ultima Pro enable dynamic placement in your home or car. As an improved product, the Ultima Pro sets up effortlessly and does not need tools to close or adjust the cage.

This Ultima Pro dog crate is built entirely around the protection, security, and convenience of your dog. It also comes fitted with a reusable plastic pan for quick cleaning if your dog pee or poop.

The plastic holding handles to move it from one place to another quickly. Rubber bases protect your floor from sliding effect, complete with safe and stable slide-bolt latches.

The product comes with a year’s guarantee, a guide to crate preparation, 1-year satisfaction guarantee, and assistance from MidWest’s award-winning customer care team.

The crate offers better reliability, feature, and protection to your puppy. MidWest’s Ultima Pro dog crate is made from sturdy gauge steel to survive heavy winds and tough conditions, and two doors offer convenient access to or from your furry pal.

When you have two doors, your space becomes even more manageable regarding how you put furniture and decorations.

It’s compact. It’s foldable, and it can set up with no equipment needed! The handles are fixed to the crate and very dynamic, making it more compact.

This reusable, dishwasher safe pan can hold the baking sheet in place, thus keeping cleanup quick. Also, the crate is adjustable to your dog’s needs.

The Ultima Pro dog cage models have a divider panel for growth such that your puppy can use the crate with comfort at any time. Its divider panel would encourage you to change the living space’s size for a puppy, maintaining the space ideal enough to eliminate the risk of your dog inadvertently run and jump around.

When your dog becomes full-grown, the only remaining problem is where to position the divider.

According to Jeremy C, this crate is solidly constructed with two locks on a door to protect the contents. It arrives with a divider and is cool since it helps you make the cage smaller when they’re a baby and make it a larger crate when they are a grown dog. The only drawback is that it weighs heavily, but luckily it is because of how well made it is.



Ultima Pro is the highest, thinnest wire gauge and most robust form of metal dog crate MidWest Homes for Pets makes. This MidWest’s metal dog crate is designed to handle the most muscular dogs.


It is improved and the latest version that Midwest produces.


Easy to put together



It is roughly 50% more expensive than Lifestages Crate

Life Stages LS-1630DD Double Door

The brand makes two separate models of this crate. It has a single door and a two-door version.

Now that you have the double door alternative, you do not think that the single door choice is just as horrible as you expected it to be, really. It’s the best alternative, and indeed, the good quality comes with a cost.

If you have the money to invest in such a piece, then the double door version is the better choice. The single-door alternative remains your very great option when searching for just any dog crate when it comes to discretion.

The double door choice is perfect and can be used in several scenarios. With the double door, It combines universal versatility and a high-end piece of design. You can use it wherever you want.

They make to make washing up a lot simpler as well. You don’t have to listen to the idea of trying to wipe up the dog’s crate on top of coping with a possible case of barf or hurl.

Midwest ensured that the style of lock on each crate is produced using heavy-duty slide-bolt lock mechanisms. Because it is a heavy-duty crate, it is expected to be suitable for all sizes of pets. We are pleased by the heavy structure of this lock system. But, we are much more excited about something else similar to how good this lock system is.

Midwest places two of these bolts on each product. It ensures us that your puppy will be absolutely secure in any crate he might end up in.

According to Alex Jordan, this crate has a more complicated assembly due to its uprights, but the divider panel is essential for crate training puppies. The main drawback about the crate for him is that the doors cannot lay flat against the crate’s sides. It just sorts of stick out on one side. So he hopes the manufacturer can upgrade the design of the side door.



Super sturdy


It comes with a pan stop to fit the pan in place.


Rolling feet



The plastic tray may not be suitable for the owners whose dogs chew on things regularly.


It seems like the rounded corners are only on the doors.

Final Verdict

If you compare those two crates, I can’t stop recommending Midwest Ultima Pro over LifeStages.
The Ultima Pro is Midwest’s strongest wire gauge crate.

This was made up of 7 and 9 gauge wire. The Ultima Pro is the cage that people use for dogs who wish to learn how to use it, dogs with separation anxiety, among other behavioral problems.

Of course, the Midwest cannot assure 100% that a dog that is put in a crate will not harm or escape from the crate. Dogs are very strong and are an influential creature of the dominance hierarchy.

It is also crucial when training your dog to have some time to acclimate your dog to the new crate and training them in the process. This way, the MidWest iCrate Starter Kit will also come in handy if you are just get started!