Bristle Bone Dog Dental Toy is great for all sizes and age groups of dogs that need gentle dental cleaning with flavorful rawhide treats inside them.

Bristle Bone Dog Dental Toy

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone features a range of brushstrokes to keep your pet occupied but has also got a number of problems that make it tricky to suggest. The 2 solid plastic bone-shaped sides open to reveal the bristle brushes, rubber bands, and rawhide goodies within. The concept is that your canine would munch on the goodies while brushing his dentures on the plastic bands and bristles.

The downside is that it’s simple for your canine to deconstruct this toy, and when they do, you’re left with a bunch of choking risks. You must keep a constant eye on your dog while he is experimenting with this item.

The rawhide treats rings will not last long though, and after they’re finished, your dog won’t have much to do. You would probably have to refill the treats on a regular basis (that’s both costly and unhealthy.) Or you can look for a better dental toy that has a better life.

The Busy Buddy Bristle Bone does what its creators set out to achieve, and it’s surprisingly good at brushing teeth even if it is used for a short time. There are simply too many structural problems for this toy to stand out in the dental toy competition.

This dental toy has rubber bands and nylon bristles that are engineered to provide thorough teeth cleaning and gentle massage of their gums. It has got the space to add up to 4 rawhide all-natural treats in the bristle bone toy.

The nylon-bristled rings provide firm cleaning to the teeth without hurting their gums, while the rubber rings are designed to massage their mouths. The product comes with four rawhide rings that are safe for your dog. They do not provide any additional Bristle Bone replacement parts or have any warranty, but they can replace the toy if you contact their customer support.

Apasiri Tough chew toy is specially made for aggressive chewers as it has a bone-shaped design with nylon bristles band all over it. Even if the nylon bristles come apart or your pet swallows it accidentally, it will easily pass out of their intestines. It has a more well-constructed design and provides better dental cleaning than Busy Buddy Bristle bone toys.

Customers have reported that the bristle rings on the Busy buddy Bone could be eaten away by their canines. No doubt, sooner or later, any item would be damaged, so it’s generally a good idea to keep an eye on your dog to prevent any mishappenings. This toy should be used as a 10-minute reward after mealtime to gradually minimize dental plaque. Things that have been broken should always be replaced.

The Bristle Bone comes in 4 different sizes ranging from extra small for 10 lb dogs to large for 90 lb dogs. The Bristle Bone toy, like all of PetSafe’s treat toys, helps in keeping your pet occupied, which could relieve anxiety issues or compulsive chewing patterns.

It is manufactured with delicacy and attention and is ideal for light to medium chewers. These treats toys not only assist to encourage good habits, but they also assist to keep dogs away from becoming bored. While playing with this toy, it could be a little messy with the treats involved. The good news is that this toy could easily be washed in a dishwasher, making it less challenging to clean by hand.




Ideal for light chewers


Provides gentle massage to gums


Removes tartar and plaque


Has good-quality rawhide treat



Risk of choking hazard when detached completely


Rawhide treats do not last long


Expensive to replace the rawhide treats


Overall, Bristle Bone Dog Dental Toy is best suitable for light to medium chewers, that too with constant monitoring. You will need to replace rawhide treats to get this toy going for a longer time, which is the biggest drawback. Swallowing the detachable parts might become a choking hazard for your dog. Its bristles parts and rubber bands provide good cleaning and a gentle massage without making your pet’s mouth sore, which is a good thing. The rawhide treats are also made of the highest quality and are safe for dogs.