New World Pet Products Dog Crate is Best in Quality as it comes in five sizes for puppies to giant GSDs with single and double door features. MidWest Ultima Pro Folding Dog Crate is Best on Budget as it is durable for powerful dogs and does not let them escape. MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Starter Kit is Best Rated with 4.8 out of 5 stars as it is an all-in-one crate set for all sizes of dogs.

Best German Shepherd Dog Crate

Best Quality

Best on Budget

Best Rated

Despite the fact that adult German shepherds do not often create a big mess; but, all puppies do. This filth-proof dog crate is ideal for bigger dogs since it enables you to make progress with them real quick without spending a great deal of time.

While crate training a pup, a regular pet parent would have to stick to a tough cage-cleaning process, but this carrier enables you to avoid that great effort. Let’s have a look at its dimensions and materials before going in-depth over the features of this crate.

This crate has a height of 33 inches with 30 inches of width providing 6 to 7 inches of open area for your adult German shepherd to stand straight. But, you should calculate the size of an adult male dog for your puppy’s current height to ensure that this crate would still be an appropriate crate in your pet’s changing environment.

This product is also 48 inches tall, which may appear excessively large for your puppy. You could use a barrier for this container to give your dog a comfortable and secure space, as well as to boost his potty training.

This crate is available in five different sizes: 24 inches30 inches36 inches42 inches, and 48 inches. All of them are being offered with to choose between a single door and a double door crate. It is a perfect crate for all sizes of German shepherds.

If you select this product, remember to buy a crate divider to make sure your dog feels more secure in it. But, there is nothing to worry about if your dog is an adult.

You can easily wash the plastic tray that is included in this pet carrier by taking it out and cleaning it thoroughly. As you’ll be spending so much time with your furry friend, buying a useful item is the smartest thing you could do for yourself and your pet.

The quick cleaning functionality may become meaningless if your pet is trained well to maintain his crate tidy, but there are many other elements of comfort to consider for the rest of his life.

To personalize and necessary details to the product, you can also add fun accessories to the carrier. Accessories like a soft bed, water and food bowlsplush toyssoft pillow, more could add charm to the crate.



Single and double door dog crate


Comes with a leakproof plastic pan


Provides one year manufacturer’s warranty


Double slide-bolt latches for the door


Convenient for storage and travel


Made of a strong and durable metal



There is no handle to carry this crate


It is not a heavy-duty crate

MidWest Ultima Pro Folding Dog Crate [Best on Budget]

This dog crate has a powder-coat finishing that gives it an appealing appearance to low-quality dog crates.

The crate is built of a sturdy grid of strong and powerful wire that seems to be wider and heavy than other crates in a similar price range. It ensures that your canine will not be able to break free or cause harm to himself from the crate.

This crate features a stronger gauge wire and a finer spacing than other crates, making it more difficult to bend and retain its form. It is not the best fit for dogs that are giant and have destructive behavior as it is not a heavy-duty crate.

It also includes curved edges and strong slide-bolt lathes to avoid damage in case your canine ever tries to run away. To provide extra security, this crate is fitted with a locking mechanism that is difficult for canines to unlock but simple for people to close and open.

This crate is available in two sizes: 42 inches and 48 inches, which would be the perfect size for bigger German Shepherds. Most large male German Shepherds will fit in a 48-inch carrier, whereas female German Shepherds will fit in a 42-inch one.

Small sizes are also available for German Shepherd mixed-bred that are shorter in length or for puppies: 24-inch30-inch, and 36-inch.

The MidWest Ultima Pro comes with a dividing door that enables you to modify the crate’s capacity, saving the requirement to purchase additional crates when your German shepherd evolves from baby to mature.

The separator, on the other hand, can be easily broken down due to its thin body and emphasis on curved hooks for support. If your dog has a tendency to wander off or have a separation anxiety problem, it may be best to choose a crate that is the same size as him.

This crate’s foundation is designed with a leak-proof detachable pan. The plastic tray is durable yet light. Only you can take it out and is easy to maintain and wash using enzyme mist and dish soap.

Your canine can not drag out the pan by sliding it forward from sitting within the crate. It is essential since the slidable pan is easy to pull out but it might cause serious harm to your furniture and rugs, as well as hurt your pet.

The roller legs are built of non-scratchable rubber to prevent dents and marks on your floor. Knowing that German Shepherds are active canines who love to jump everywhere, you’ll appreciate their legs to be a great relief.

The carrier folds up easily for quick and easy travel and storing. After the crate is disassembled, you may carry it using a strong, plastic removable grip.



Made of heavy-duty material


Easy to close and lock


Easy to carry around


Simple to clean and store


Comes with a solid plastic tray


Provides 1-year guarantee



The divider is not strong enough for a powerful dog


The plastic tray might hurt the dog

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Starter Kit [Best Rated]

Although many companies advertise that their products are not like normal crates and are actually the dog’s “house,” this item truly does serve that purpose. The item is a package that has a crate as merely one item. This crate set includes an overall cover, an inner dog mattress, and water and food dishes that could be simply fitted to the inner surface of the carrier.

The crate is made of metal wire and is foldable. As german shepherd dogs are highly energetic and can show aggressiveness if locked up in a crate for longer hours, this brand has made every component of this crate with high-quality metal.

A fleece mattress is also provided, which keeps your canine warm and comfortable within the crate. A polyester container cover adds to the comfort by reducing distractions and assisting your pet in having a peaceful sleep at night.

This crate’s measurements aren’t very distinctive from others. The crate’s dimensions are 42 inches long by 28 inches wide, with a height of 31 inches. This crate can hold a single german shepherd weighing 71-90 pounds. It is comfortable for them to stretch out their body and give an extra room of about 4-5 inches for large breeds.

It also comes in six sizes but the biggest are;  36 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches.

The crate has a two doors design, which is remarkable. It’s worth noting since not every item in this price range provides this feature with the added items. Just like other dog crates, it is also easy to disassemble and is ready to store anywhere. The unique quality of this crate is that its packaging is very convenient, which is a plus point while traveling in a car.

Since the company’s caring message is especially flattering: the crate’s sales website contains instructions for gentle and patient while using a crate, you can count it as a positive point as not many brands mention this. They also suggest not to force your pets into the crates or a medium to lock them in one place when they misbehave.

This product has also been given 4.8 stars out of 5 for its durability. It stands out among the various compliments given to this product. The company also claims that this crate would be the all-in-one product a person would need for their pet.

This crate is easy to clean and comes with a machine washable crate cover. The bottom plastic tray is also easy to pull out of the crate and could be washed and wiped off. The customers have found this crate to be very simple to fold and does not take much time and effort. It also does not take up much space when is disassembled and could be stored anywhere, which is a plus point for those having less space.

The greatest practicality of this product is that you don’t need to buy individual items as it would cost more. Also, dog beds are not a cheap buy, but with this product, you will get them at an affordable price.

Dogs love den-like crates and items where they could hide and have their alone time. To make it cozier, you can cover the crate with a blanket in the winter season. The bed is also machine-washable and dryer friendly.



All-in-one smart crate


Do not need extra accessories


Suitable for large breeds


Crate cover and bed are machine-washable


Come with two 2-inch bowls


Provide 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty



The crate tray is quite thin


The crate cover is not durable

What Size Dog Crate for German Shepherd?

You can not get any one-size-fits-all crate suggestions for GSDs since they vary in sizes from small to giant. A minimum length of a 48-inch crate is required for a German Shepherd. It will enable the canine to stand straight and sit properly, turn around freely while standing, and lay in a preferred pose or on its back with extended legs since it is a huge breed. When choosing a crate, it is recommended to measure your dog.

German Shepherds are big dogs, where males weigh around 65-90 pounds (29-41kg) and females about 50-70 pounds (23-32kg), according to the American Kennel Club. [1]

A crate’s overall size should be 48 inches in length, 33 inches tall, and 30 inches in width. An 8-week-old pup requires 3/4 of this same length, with an inch extended each week till it reaches 12 weeks. A retractable barrier can be used to extend this size.

You’ll get a decent sense of how large a crate your adult German Shepherd needs if you manually measure his length while he stretches. In order to check the height, keep in mind that his head should not touch the crate’s ceiling. Preferably, your pet’s size and length should be increased by four inches for a suitable crate size.

With all this in mind, it may appear safer to purchase the largest crate available and place your dog inside. While this is a fantastic idea, but it is not that straightforward. Although it’s a wise idea to think about the extra space in the crate, but you should do that only when required.

Since you can’t observe your dog all the time, like when you are in the kitchen, having a crate provides a feeling of safety and stability while also keeping him secure. Crates can surely aid during potty training, although using a crate that is too spacious can be of no use.

It is a problem of space for many people. The wider the pet crate, the more difficult it is to fit it into your house.

A crate that is huge for your pet, on the other hand, might be troublesome for a number of reasons. If you’re housetraining your canine, he could use part of a large enclosure as a restroom instead of resting inside it.

If you pick a carrier that suits your canine perfectly, crate training would be a lot easier. [2]

Apart from dog crates, there seem to be a variety of free dog house plans that you can set up in your garden or inside your home. A dog home must be able to withstand various weather conditions.

It’s a good idea to find a dog home with a slanted roof. Your pet will be cold, messy, and uncomfortable if the pet home does not have appropriate drainage or water protection.

Good insulation and ventilation are equally important while choosing a dog house. It should also be easy to maintain and assemble/disassemble. You also get to choose the material of the house from heavy-duty plastic and wooden designs. DEStar Pet House is the perfect example of an indoor and outdoor house for your German Shepherd.

Crate Sizes for  German Shepherd

German Shepherd Age

Recommended Crate Size

8 weeks

36 inches

10 weeks

38 inches

12 weeks

40 inches

14 weeks

42 inches

16 weeks

46 inches

18 weeks

48 inches

What is the Best German Shepherd Dog Crate?

New World Pet Products Dog Crate is Best in Quality as it is a mess-proof crate suitable for both puppy and large GSD. It comes in five different sizes and has both single and double door features. It does not come with a crate divider but provides an easy to clean and durable plastic tray. It also has a quick cleaning feature due to its top-quality metal. The best part is that it allows 6-7 inches of free space for your dog to stretch around and relax. It is easy to store and travel. It also has double slide-bolt latches for the door. It provides one year manufacturer’s warranty.

MidWest Ultima Pro Folding Dog Crate is Best on Budget as it is made of strong metal, which won’t let your dog break free. The best thing about this crate is that it has strong gauge wire with a fine spacing that can not be bent easily. It is best for small to moderate dogs that are not destructive. It comes in two sizes with a double door mechanism. It provides a divider and a removable sliding plastic tray for comfort. It has non-scratchable rubber roller legs that will protect the crate from shaking or scratching the floor. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate Starter Kit is Best Rated with 4.8 out of 5 stars as it is the all-in-one dog crate kit you will ever need for your pet. This crate kit includes a crate cover, a soft dog bed, two bowls for food and water, a plastic tray, and a crate divider. It is easy to assemble and fold up and takes only a little space to store. It also comes in five sizes that fit all sizes of German shepherd dogs. It provides around 4-5 inches of extra room for your pet’s comfort. The crate cover and bed are machine-wash and dryer-friendly. It comes with one year of warranty just like the other two crates.