The ICEFANG Tactical Dog Leash is the best choice if you have an energetic dog who likes to tug. This leash is a safe way to safely walk the dog, ensuring you can comfortably walk him (the dog).

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness Review with 2X Metal Buckle

Icefang Tactical Harness Key Features

It is challenging to get the right dog collar and the perfect pet harness for your dog. Icefang tactical harness will not only help your dog remain relaxed when out on a stroll, but it will also help you cope with your dog on the lead.

What sets this harness apart are two metal buckles that serve to support the framework in the shoulder region of the harness. This rigid structure has also been checked to handle a load of up to 1000 pounds. To keep it durable enough for any dog to have.

The Durability is Great

This model comes loaded with a one thousand pound maximum load that helps you to hold it easily. There is one metal clip placed on the dog’s shoulder. It is the most potent source of support while the dog is pulling. The other buckle is on the belt in the belly.

The Adjustable Strap Fits Well

This device includes a mechanism that would be escape-proof. Also, it is designed to avoid chafing and irritation.

It would free the dog from pain and distress. The flexible loops give your dog has a personalized fit, which will keep them from slipping the harness.

No-Pull Design

The leash is especially praised as a practical choice for stopping aggressive dogs from barking and lunging. You only need to attach the leash to the front attachment of the harness.

This will give you complete control over your dog. If the dogs pull when they encounter another dog, rather than pulling on their leash, you will react by pulling back, causing them to turn into you.

This will let you know how fast your dog is willing to walk with minimal effort on your part. We can say that this is an excellent means of training and teaching your pet how to behave around others.

Lastly, there is the front leash attachment, which you can use if your dog has learned how to walk safely. You can train your dog to walk calmly beside you, giving them correction and command by pulling back them if they start dragging you down. As your dog gains skill, you can move from the no-pull option to the top off-leash attachment.

Well-Made Top Handle

The top handle is suitable for dogs which are not obedient, aggressive dogs, or giant breeds. The handle allows the owner to have complete control of the dog.

If another dog is about to come in your path or near your dog, take the top handle to hold your dog and prevent her or him from barking and running. Using the handle is also a perfect choice if you’re situated among a crowd of people. By using this tool, you will be able to have more control of your dog during the walk.

Medical Kit Storage

If you are aware of a dog with a medical kit, you could attach it and let him serve as a medic to people who need help. No matter if you are hiking in a populated area with your dog or training alone, always have the proper medical supplies.

Find a MEDIC badge for your dog and have him wear it around the journey. This dog vest can hold a lot of gear along with several badges.

Train your Dog to Guard You

You can especially train your dog to lead the walk with this device. Your big dog gets to be the first to face a threat or danger. When you are hiking in an area with wild beasts, such as rough terrain among wild animals or wild dogs, you should think about buying this product.

You may attach certain items like battery-powered LED lights and reflecting badges, a small cowbell to create an audio deterrent that can also act as a warning, or protective spikes to guard the newly planted pole.

The vest itself will protect your dog from being hurt or from wild animals that might try to bite your dog. Be sure your dog is protected and safe during your adventures and training in the field. If your dog has so much energy all of the time, then this harness will help to calm his energy down.



Lightweight harness


Heavy-duty buckles


It is very adjustable


The pockets are built-in to the jacket


Solid top handle.


Double leash attachments.



It is not suitable for small breeds or medium-sized dogs.


It is not always easy to put on.


No reflective trim is used.

What Other People Said about The ICEFANG No Pull Tactical Dog Harness

According to Bing T_11B, It is the best harness for large breeds. When he purchased for his two Great Danes, he bought different harnesses with the same thing to see which product will be better.

He likes the sturdy metal buckles that give me trust that the belt will not snap under the intense pull of his dog’s leash. The “no pull” ring in the front also helped him teach his dog not to pull on the leash.

On the hot summer days, he also enjoys the breathable straps on the underside of the jacket that helps hold them cold.

The 2 sizing options weren’t generous, but it was a decent start. It cannot instantly fit his dogs in their jumbo-size size (the dog’s chests were 38 &39 inches). However, he could adjust the size without needing to make any significant changes. Overall, this is a great harness that he would highly recommend to anyone if you are a large dog owner.

Similarly, Linda J. Williams said that this harness possesses heavy-duty material. There are also heavy-duty closures on every lid.

Steel buckles are in the collar, and plastic buckles are on the sides of the chest. It has a plain over-the-head design.

Final Verdict

Overall, we think the ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness is one of the most feature-rich high-end dog harnesses on the market. It’s reasonably priced, you can depend on it to perform as expected, and it’s a perfect dog harness for every tactical and even military use.

The extremely robust, super strength material can guarantee your canine friend will stay secure and healthy while not at all attempting to harm your dog’s shoulder and belly.