Big Barker is a lot more popular brand compared to Buddyrest in terms of an orthopedic dog bed. Even though both possess memory foam features on their dog bed, Big Barker has come with more options, sizes, and colors. And while Buddyrest best product only receives about 11 positive reviews, Big Barker has collected a massive amount of ~4000 positive reviews on Amazon.

Comparing The Brands: Buddyrest vs Big Barker

Best Choice: Big Barker (Headrest Edition)

Big Barker – Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large Dogs

Big Barker Dog Beds are not made on their own to be waterproof. Although Big Barker’s sides are made from hard plastic, their beds are exposed to everyday wear and tear.

They use a waterproof cover that fits all forms and styles of their beds as additional protection layers. Though Broad Barker Dog Beds are not chew-proof, their heavy-duty construction makes these beds for even the most stubborn puppy teeth a formidable adversary.

The 7 inches sublimated Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed would last (at least) 10-20 years, preferably, after proper care and washing.

These beds make good use of and have the American flag on. They have the most delicate fabrics out there. Big Barker, renowned for its high-quality beds, assures that their beds are built to last long and withstand the pounding of enormous and gigantic dogs.

Big Barker instead of Human Beds for Big Dogs

When sleeping, the Big Barker Dog Bed reduces friction and tension. It is formed from blends of products made of European and American foam. This foam coils over the dog’s joints, where it helps to keep them firm and secure.

Big Bark offers a 10-year industry-leading warranty, which is valid for ten years. The Big Barker Bed promises that it can’t and will never break, and they will ship you a new bed if it does.

The assurance is relatively small on most human beds. However, there are examples of an American company that may interpret its no-dog policy as a sign of unreliability and state that it does not maintain a warranty.

Cribs tend to be manufactured with inexpensive materials or made in China, making them more likely to sag with age. The arsenic and chlorine pollutants are often used in bedding.

Cleaning Big Barker is Easy

It’s as easy as unzipping the microfiber bed cover and sticking it cold in the washing machine to take care of Big Barker. You can use warm water and dish soap for a few minutes if the foam needs treatment, and then, once the foam has cooled to a relatively comfortable temperature, dab dry clean with a damp cloth.

Some customers wash big Barker dog beds over and over in their homes. The bedding still looks clean and shiny, no matter how many coats of stain remover they apply.

Over time, the fabric won’t shrink. There is also no noticeable thinning of the material. And they have absolutely no stains or dirt that do not fall clean in the wash.

The zippers in the Barker Dog Bed cover will remain as easy to zip as they were when you buy them the first time. Thank goodness the Big Barker are made here in the U.S.

What Makes Big Barker Better Than Other Brands?

Big Barker is specialized beds with thick fabric, and Big Dogs are given what they exactly need.

The company just launched the Barker Junior bed for dogs under 50 pounds. However, it is very different from the regular bed, as it is made of lighter and softer padding.

Big Barkers feature a very robust and well-constructed frame. At the same time, to reinforce the dog’s knees, they also have elevated seating areas.

In big dogs, the joint movements are minimal by the orthopedic disorder. In particular, Mastiffs are rather stoic, meaning that unless there is too much damage to heal, it would be difficult to tell that they are in distress.

According to Amanda Reuschling, the Big Barker can hold up with a 100-pound German Shepherd with no problem. Even when the dog sits on it, he cannot just sit down because he is so relaxed.

After all, he wants to stretch out while he rests and needs plenty of time for his everyday walks. Also, the dog is still in the process of recovering from surgery and is unable to get into the guest bed upstairs.

It’s excellent for his old hips. The headrest is something the dog really likes. She feels very fortunate to have discovered a good dog bed for her pets’ wellbeing.



Surprisingly, the headrest is so beneficial for the dog’s comfort


It is specially made for big dogs


Easy to clean



It requires a lot of space and comes unfoldable or undetachable

BUDDYREST – Memory Foam Dog Bed made for Promoting Joint Health


Buddyrest is a less popular option, yet still useful. It all started with the idea featuring the word “rest.” The company concentrates its product on the studies and innovations used in the mattress instead of the conventional dog bed.

The company has talked to world-class veterinarians and studied sleep experts to create truly orthopedic dog beds, making a genuinely orthopedic dog bed that aims to take the guesswork out of sleep.

According to their statement, the product has obtained the best, most advanced engineered materials that offer excellent comfort and durability. It removes odor and repels stains and spills that are permanent.

Buddyrest Materials and Design

Each bed is an entirely handcrafted product made in the USA. Your dog would enjoy the Bolster Bed’s unrivaled warmth and encouragement.

It is made with an American AdatpaLoft, a mix of down, wool, and cloud-like fluff that reflects the sense of comfort and the need for nesting.

Crypton and Kevlar are also used in the bed interior. They use Kevlar thread instead of standard sewing thread to make their memory foam bed.

Kevlar is much stronger than traditional nylon, which has been used in most dog beds. These dog beds are highly durable and beautifully made with hidden Kevlar zippers to make them as strong as possible. With a lot of creativity and innovative engineering, the company makes dog beds that help us achieve something that will last the dog’s life.

The Crypton fabric’s high-tech clothing is like a tarp to help protect the item from the weather and keep it from being dusty. The bed not only looks safe and doesn’t smell, but it doesn’t have to be washed yet, which is a pretty major payoff.

Buddyrest Memory Foam Features

To help redistribute their weight evenly around the mattress, their memory foam dog beds use natural Visco elastic memory foam. It is an ideal bed for elderly dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and joint disorders and a pain-free place for aging dogs to live out their remaining days.

To make it much easier to console the anesthetized patient, they even sell our beds to veterinarians during recovery, which can help a dog recovering from orthopedic surgery, such as ACL skin tears. It also reduces body strain and restores nutrient-rich blood from parts to the location it requires by facilitating faster healing and regeneration.

Other dog beds with memory foam get hot sometimes. To guarantee a comfortable sleep, their beds use innovative technologies to prevent it.

The dog bed uses high-quality memory foam (the same used in high-end mattresses) added for comfort and protection to the supportive foam.

The dog can fall back into the supposed base of support, but there is also a point when the dog can not move on.

Buddyrest Special Fabrics

The Crypton fabric’s high-tech clothing protects the item from the weather and keeps it from being dusty. The bed not only looks safe and doesn’t smell, but it doesn’t have to be water-washed, which is a pretty major payoff.

The resistant fabric is also designed to prevent bacteria and molds from forming, as well as allergies, and provide your animals with a clean, odor-free environment.

In America, every bed in the nurse’s ward is handmade. They are among the few remaining companies in this industry to produce the products directly in the United States. Their facility is located in downtown Wichita, KS.

According to Mimi, it is the best dog bed ever made. Her dog likes to go beneath her Buddyrest.

This bed has made the dog get around so much better than ever! The dog has even been exercising a lot more after she began sleeping on this new bed.



Scientifically calibrated and measured for the maximum comfort


Handmade in the USA



Despite all the science behind it, the company is less-known compared to Big Barker


The after-sales service is not that good

Final  Verdict

We cannot say that Buddyrest is undoubtedly worse than Big Barker. In fact, the science behind its manufacturing is still good. However, because Big Barker is a more popular brand in large dog beds categories, some customers reported they get excellent after-sales service. The company even shipped a new one when the bed breaks on the way.