Big Barker is generally better than Bully Bed in terms of product choices, after-sales support, and popularity. While the most successful Bully Bed receives only about 200 positive reviews, Big Barker’s most delighted product has shown over 4000 positive feedback.

Comparing Big Barker vs Bully Bed

Best Choice: Big Barker (Headrest Edition)

The Big Barker is a high-quality memory foam dog bed that has many excellent Amazon ratings. 

If you have a big dog, you will end up spending extra for a luxury dog sheet. Big Barker is worth the price for a premium good.

Ordering Big Barker

The Big Barker is distributed exclusively on Amazon’s website. Thankfully, this item is just Prime worthy, ensuring the delivery date doesn’t take as long as it usually does. 

It is two days for Prime customers only. Usually, an orthopedic bed comes in a package far bigger than the bed. Besides, they have received a protective cover over the foam and in the body over the foam itself.

Big Barker Special Foam 

This sleeper’s bed looks like it has a number of the same functionality as any other memory foam beds we have checked. 

However, it has a firmer foam, and it is CertiPur Approved. It ensures it is free of the following:

  • It is made without ozone-depleting chemicals.
  • It is produced without TDCPP, PBDEs or TCEP
  • It does not contain formaldehyde.
  • Low amount of VOC gas for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

Finally, Big Barker is Made in the USA. There is nothing unique about what is inside.

The foam mattress is not as squishy as a traditional memory foam mattress. It is pushing back very quickly. It is a dog bed that is large enough for dogs to lie “on” rather than “in.”

According to Anna Coke, her dog loves to sleep much of her days. She highly recommends this dog bed.



Unique foam material


Easy to clean


Great after-sales service



Quite expensive for some people. However, it is worth the money.

Bully Bed – Orthopedic Waterproof Dog Bed That is Friendly for Large Dogs

If you are looking at dog beds for your large (or massive) dog, then you may have undoubtedly heard owners talking in regards to the Bully Beds brand. Though, this is a less popular brand compared to Big Barker.

They make broad and extra-large orthopedic beds for large or even huge pets. It is equipped with a robust, water-resistant bolster as well as double bolster warmth.

This is a big dog bed with an extra pillow on one end and a dog name patch. The mattress is made from medical grade memory foam (for the bolster) and assists foam for the base.

Since the bed’s overall width is 7 inches, the dog’s knee would be entirely covered by the bed, ensuring sure his knee joint is not pushed to the freezing concrete floor and with no pain points.

The cover is constructed from hypoallergenic microfiber and is embedded with a high duty, chew-resistant zipper for quick removal and replacement.

Bully Bed Main Features

The outer sheet is a washable protective mask. This is to protect any tendrils of water from coming through the memory foam.

This Bully Bed has a non-slip foundation that holds the bed in a position to avoid it from slipping. Since it is produced from naturally sustainable and non-toxic products, it is a safer food for your dog.

Many of the items on their website are certified as healthy for pets, as they do not include content that could affect the dogs’ welfare.

Bully Bed Sizes and Warranty

You will have this Bully bed in four size options:

  • Medium – L x W x T = 34” x 22” x 4”,
  • Big – L x W x T = 48” x 30” x 7”,
  • X-Large – L x W x T = 52” x 34” x 7”,
  • XX-Wide – L x W x T = 60” x 48” x 7”.

This is a bed that comes entirely supported by a 20 year-no-flat guarantee. It ensures that the bed and the mattress are well aligned and sufficiently thick that the bed does not lose more than two inches of its thickness for twenty years, or it can be replaced for free.

However, it has come to our attention that some dog owners even can’t trust the idea of a 10-year warranty.

According to Kasha Ryan, the Bully Beds is worth every penny. She has repeatedly tested new beds before opting for one. The only negative thing she has discovered is that the bully bed took so long for her to order one!



The waterproof bolster is very useful in use 


Non-slip base that works well



It is a relatively higher price. 


Lack of color and model choices


Some customers reported poor after-sales service, even outside amazon.

Final  Verdict

The Big Barker bed is well made but is far more costly than Bully Bed. This will be an expensive device you’ll have to purchase, especially if you want to protect your dog from the cool temperature on the floor.

However, you should note that this dog bed lasts way longer than a cheap bed from China, which is crafted entirely from recycled paper.

It still has an appreciable enough mass to sustain large dogs. In reality, it was proven that a person weighing less than 160 lbs might sleep on this without having to think about bottoming out.

It is also possible to purchase several various styles of “dog pillows” or “dog sheets” with additional padding to fit dogs sufficiently for them to lean their head-on.

Old dogs sleep better than adults, and this is regardless of how they sleep. Investing in a quality bed can significantly improve their quality of life.