Diggs Groov Dog Crate Training Tool is an excellent tool to train your dog to stay calm in the crate. If your dog has many destructive behaviors that you want to contain, crate training is a handy tool.

For example, if your dog struggles with separation anxiety, he may have destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture. Not only can this be a costly problem for you to fix, but your dog could ingest something toxic that could make him sick.

Crating your dog can help you work on this behavior. You can put your dog in a crate with this small peanut butter dispenser and walk away from him for a short time before coming back.

With patience and consistency, the crate will help your dog get used to your absence, which in turn will stop the destructive behavior.

Diggs Groov Dog Crate Training Aid

Diggs Groov Dog Features

This dog crate accessorize is designed to enable dog crate training and make it simple. You can spreads-in xylitol-free peanut butter or your pup’s other favorite sticky treats.

This worked in combination with Revol Collapsible Dog Crate perfectly. Not to mention, the material is BPA Free.

If you give your dog something to chew while he’s lying on his dog bed, he’ll be much more likely to stay there rather than wandering around. And since he’s getting treats, he’ll make positive associations with his dog bed.

Not only that, licking and chewing are both fun and relaxing. This means your dog will find it easier to fall asleep. And instead of chewing on your furniture, he has something to gnaw or lick on!

These positive associations and the fact that he will be busy chewing up everything you gave him will encourage him to stay on his bed.

You may firmly claim that Groov is indestructible. Groov slips into the cage by grating from the sides, and it is closed as you drag Groov in (like turning a lock). You will read more on our website by clicking on “Tools” found at the bottom of our list. This toolbox manual describes in more depth the method.



The rubber is durable for long-term use


Reduce your dog anxiety while in a crate



A few dog breeds don’t like its smell.

What Other People Said

According to LadyTodd, her puppy loves this. She lured her with some food into the crate and made it an excellent place for her to sleep.

The licking is soothing and makes the baby feel a lot better when she is teething. Having this has made her stop chewing other things.

Overall, our climate is temperate, so a cool drink helps to take the warm weather’s edge. We bought several similar items (such as lick mats), but they did not work as well and did not have a cover.

Covering up roach traps ensures they can be used again.

Similarly, Michael D said that the product works perfectly. He purchased this chew toy because the Revol crate comes with this toy.

This will perfectly fit between bars so that it cannot be pulled out of the crate. Because he uses the usual peanut butter for the puppy, she is amused without tension and irritated.
This transparent plastic cover is excellent for when we freeze the ice cream because Ava is teething. He highly recommends this product.

More About Diggs Groov Training Tool

Will this fit on some crate regardless of the Size?

Groovy fits for most normal crates, not just Digg’s crate.

Is it possible to have the blanket in the crate, or can you pull the blanket out right after feeding?

When your pup is finished with the box, you can uninstall it. Groov is intended to be used in crate training under observation.

What other items can be packed into a toy?

Choose just natural vegan products that are vitamin dense with natural ingredients. Among the representations were all-natural peanut butter and almond butter. If you would be using Groov, or your canine is at the stake of weight gain, use a reward that does not include extra calories (ex: reduced-fat cream cheese).

Please be sure to blend these spreadable treats carefully before usage. Otherwise, they may be loose and runny (e.g., natural peanut butter). We suggest that you well blend the treat before staying with the refrigerator.