The Ruffwear Approach Pack offers dogs an opportunity to gain immediate excitement. The integrated brace boosts efficiency. 

This technology defends the dog from back injuries. A lightweight pack of ultra-light fabrics and sleek designs helps dogs to hold their vital supplies. 

It fits perfectly for campings and overnight adventures. In this pack, there will be more fun experiences with you and your dog. As a result, your dog will experience the spirit of adventure.

Ruffwear Approach Pack

Features and Design

Ruffwear is filled with the basics for a day on the trail, plus snacks and gadgets that won’t take up room or add weight. Keep in mind to bear less than 25% of your dog’s weight.

The product includes an interchangeable belt with five points of adjustment so it can work seamlessly with your body. There is an adjustable padded handle, and supportive braces provide guidance and comfortable lifting over rough terrain.

It is secure and stable: Snap-in there with the reliable steel mechanism and strengthened points of attachment.



Comfortable to wear, you can adjust the grip manually


Easy to put in and put out


Tuggers would enjoy this tugger because they would not wear it quickly. It is long-lasting and never broke of bites.



You have to be careful with sizing. Because an adult dog is of the same race and age, it might size and weight differently.

What Did Other People Say?

According to one Amazon customer, he used to go through at least 2 $40 packs in two years before purchasing this product. The packing of this item is excellent and best of quality.

It’s what I would expect out of camping gear for humans. The zipper holds up, the straps do not slip on their own, and the D ring has held up under some serious pulling.

The handles on the back are still holding up so well. If I weigh the pack properly, it can last for quite some time. Even when she runs through brush and trees, it’s easy to ride it.

I followed the recommended measurements when ordering for my 45 lb Aussie. I wait for the pack to dry and cleaned again. The bags are roomy enough for us to fit lots of equipment for camping this summer and fall.

Similarly, Terry said, after applying the backpack for over a year, I still love its many qualities. Everything about it has been taken care of very well. All of the zippers, lifting straps, buckles, and D rings have done very well-made. I just cannot imagine another great pack.

My Boxer (and I) like this backpack very much! We refer to it all the time when we are out hiking, and it is really helpful! The backpack allows her to carry everything we need on all of our day hikes except the car keys. We’ve also used it in our luggage when we travel, packing everything she’ll need on vacation.
All the straps are adjustable, so it will take a while to figure out how to get everything situated correctly. When choosing a breathing dog, choose a dog with deep chests. We let her use it and even participated with her in a lengthy activity.

Question About Ruffwear Approach Pack

How many cups do you think it can hold?

Our dog has enough food to continue backpacking trip for another four to five days. The scale of 8 cups of dog food will suit.

However, I do not suggest that you purchase oversized dog food bags, but you would like to. The dog receives 1/2 a cup of dog food a day (we supplement some dry dog food and treats). You can get them at any pet shop. In this way, the bag is allowed to carry more food and equipment.

My dogs have a small chest and a wide stomach. Does it have enough size or a small adjustment?

Many boxers are broad-chested but have thin bellies. My opinion is that each strap is flexible for dogs of varying sizes. I don’t believe that the average size is going to face trouble.

Have you ever experienced any issues with unsightly physical blemishes?

I have not found any issues. My dog has a thicker coat since it’s safe and wet. If this is correctly carried out, I don’t believe it would trigger much of a concern.

My dog has a girth of 32 inches. Do I have the tiny or the medium? What do you think about this?

We’ve been through this before. My pet was slightly middle-sized. We used a medium that was inexpensive enough, and it performed. I wanted to tighten the pack and keep it as it is.

We love it with devotion!. Favorite present yet for pets.

Where is it made?

It said ‘Made in Vietnam’

Could you take the bag off the harness?

No, the harness would not travel into the pockets. I still have two dog harnesses, as well as having one on each of my big pets.

These bags are unique because they are not bulky and large. My dogs gets excited when I bring their bags out for them. They are sure that we are going to have fun.

How many drinks will it hold?

Answer: 4 – 6 regular beverages can fit in the medium scale.

How much can a big suitcase carry in cubic inches?

Big Scale will accommodate 1465 cubes (or 24 L).

Is the backpack waterproof?

I would not consider it waterproof, particularly with the zipper.

My dog got in the water without a bag. When he got back to base, the things inside were not soaked from just the dog’s wet body.

I have a golden retriever that gets dizzy quickly in the summer. Could this cooler make her dizzier?

Although this bag has a mesh, my dog feels relaxed, and he doesn’t heat up. I don’t have to think about him overheating.

Will a lightweight sleeping bag fit in?

It depends on the scale of the little sleeping bag you possess, but it is likely to be a snug match.

Does this commodity have a warranty?

If you buy from an authorized distributor, including NetRush, the Approach Pack will arrive with the Ruffwear pledge against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

I have an English cocker spaniel that weighs 34 lb. What size can I get for him?

Answer: Girth. Ruffwear has an excellent size map on their page, and it is here.

Is this backpack durable?

Quite good. Well-built of durable, canvas-like stuff. This is what most dog backpacks are made of.

Where can I get your pack that came with no directions and includes just a brace with a clasp? 

The pack is worn much like a standard backpack. Except for one strap passes down the front of the pack and another strap fixed at the bottom of the waistline.

How much food and water does it hold?

I bring two 16-ounce water bottles on each side without a problem.

How large is each pack on each side?

Each side could carry around an unopened bottle of 2 liters and/or a few lbs of dog food. I can store two full snack bags in two side pockets.