Overall, Kuranda is more promising than Big Barker. While Kuranda comes with many size options and suitable for dogs in many sizes (puppy-adult dog), Big Barker only focuses on the “Big Breeds” market. There are also other features that Kuranda stands out compared to Big Barker that we will discuss below.

Kuranda vs Big Barker

Kuranda Walnut PVC Dog Bed

Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

Kuranda vs Big Barker: The Brand Comparison
Kuranda – Durable Elevated Dod Bed

There are several various styles of “Kuranda Beds” for dogs to pick from. Each of these dog beds has “firm” edges to lift the dog from the ground. You can also choose the material (fabric, scale, color, and frame) and customize the template on any of the designs. 

Its standard dog beds are chew resistant dog beds that offer a great deal of protection to your dog as well as warmth to it. It is made from polyresin, called PVC, which comes in either almond and walnut wood or an all-almond wood. 

The anti-U.V. finish frame is very immune to the sun, and it is ideal for outdoor usage. It is advised that you use the almond type frame for indoor use only.

It is a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame bed that is sturdy. Along with a range of room customized covers, featuring this King-Size bed would make for you to outlast your pet’s destructive behaviors.

Kuranda PVC Walnut Chewproof Design

Get your dog the orthopedic security and warmth it needs with the Kuranda chew proof dog bed. Be sure to give him a lift to assist with the relaxation!

The bed’s material is made with a hard material and constructed with a couch-like form. The puppy is also thought of as an excellent substance that you can’t destroy by a stubborn dog. The furniture is a contrast of wood, hues, and texture because it appears as though it was designed to complement the colors well.

The black finish on the cover is immune to ultraviolet radiation, doesn’t get affected by washing, and cleans up quickly. The Kuranda Dog Bed’s initial fabric pattern helps the fabric to slide within a not-so noticeable frame, making it difficult to see the seam’s edge.

If your dog is a larger or a little “chewer,” check out the All-Aluminum or Bronze Aluminum Dog Bed variant that they offer. Please be aware of the walnut wood sheet and walnut wood frame is only to be used indoors. 

According to Wings, his dog loves it. He said that the product is a must-have for dog owners.



Lightweight PVC material


Easy to clean, sturdy in use


Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor



Undetachable dog bed

Kuranda Aluminum Chewproof Dog Bed For In and Outdoor Usage

Ballistic nylon cloth in it is durable, and it can hold up to a lot of violence. The e-cig has a sleek style that does not attract hair when you fail to dump it in the garbage. It is perfect for use indoors. Often use stainless steel fasteners and stainless steel screws.

This aluminum Kuranda dog bed is very reliable for the past ten years, and many shelters and kennels have seen multiple dogs utilizing it. A one year warranty is included as well.

The exact dimensions of the mattress specified in the model are essential to ensure a proper fit, but doubling all product length and width would make the actual sheet size conveniently listed in the product’s bullet points. 

If you’re interested in acquiring a substitute cover for your Aluminum Kuranda frame, you can only buy them at their vendor’s website. If you have not got any input from the seller about the dog bed’s size, please contact them to get some recommendations on the size you might prefer. If you need anything like fabrics, frames, or fabrics, then they’ll ask you what size and what kind of cloth. 

From reading Laury Perry’s testimonial, we can conclude that she would highly suggest this stuff. She reported that the bed survives the chewing behavior of her dog.



The simplicity of washing.


Great orthopedic aids.


Any incentives.



More expensive than standard Kuranda

Big Barker – Bed Pillow for Dogs

The Broad Barker Dog Bed is a worthy dog bed built especially for large and extra-large dogs.

It’s commonly known to be the best dog bed for giant and big dogs. It is filled with premium layers of foam that most beds can’t even hold a candle to.

Big Barker is built in our tiny Pennsylvania factory. The bed is made of 7 inches of their OrthoMedic foam. 

As you lie on it yourself, you can get a different body experience, which is also reinforced by the foam. Your Big Barker is designed with excellent top orthopedic foam and support any curve of the body. 

Full-grown dogs feel relaxed sleeping on the bed. Your Big Barker is made with great fabrics and is an excellent product sure to reinforce the house.

Their American Manufactured 7-inch, the 3-layered foam mattress is robust, comfortable, and follows CertiPUR-US requirements for the content, pollution, and reliability & has been analyzed by independent, certified testing laboratories.

This specific bed is specially made of foam and will maintain its form and comfort for the next ten years. Whether you don’t believe that or ruin it within the time, they will fix it for free.

Big Barker 7″ Extra Large Orthopedic Dog Bed (Headrest Edition)

Meet the world-renowned “Big Barker,” the only orthopedic dog bed that is scientifically calibrated and clinically validated to enhance the quality of life of large dogs. After supporting over 150,000 dogs and their owners, the company realizes you need three items in an orthopedic dog bed: support, comfort, and a way to add ease to your life!.

Big Barker produces a dog bed where the weight is spread to the edges for your comfort and longevity. It looks like a piece of furniture and sounds like a high-end velvety sofa on your skin.

Standard orthopedic bedding fabrics do not provide the maximum pet comforts since they can not cure the real orthopedic case while providing adequate supportive cushioning for the owner’s bedroom floor. The Big Barker used a patented substance their own in-house design.

It makes a mattress able to yield the wellness advantages of orthopedic memory foam. This made-in-USA dog bed makes elderly pets back to sleep to their fullest.

Most dog beds are assembled in factories overseas. Many of them are made of Chinese-produced padding, which makes them reliable and less-fluffy. That’s why they flatten so quickly!

Amanda Reuscling said that her German Shepherd lies comfortably on it. The Big Barker does more than just provide a comfy place to sleep. It can give your dog an increased quality of life.



Super comfort


It’s simple to clean. You just unzip the vacuum washable cover.



Please try to understand: this is not a typical dog bed for every breed. It is dog bed for large breeds.

Big Barker 7″ Orthopedic Large and XL Dog Bed (Headrest Edition)

Modern research analysis by the University of Pennsylvania discovered that the Big Barker Sleek Edition bed decreased joint pain and discomfort, improved joint function and joint mobility, and contributed to sleep more comfortable and a more restful night for large dogs from arthritis.

To clinically determine whether large dog beds will freshly alleviate joint pain and encourage mobility in big dogs, University of Pennsylvania researchers gave forty dogs breeds, including Beagles, Rottweilers, and Dobermans. They are at least three years of age and more than seventy pounds with Big Barker dog beds for big dogs that promote joint support for canine with arthritis, document each of their night and day-time behavior, and understand how these puppy beds might help relieve joint pain in big dogs.

Independent Data Analysis Score of Big Barker and its Pain Reduction and Mobility Improvement in Large Dog Breeds

  • Decrease in Pain Severity 21,6% 21,6%
  • Increase in Joint Function 17,6% 17,6%
  • Improvement in The Quality of Life 15,1% 15,1%
  • Reduction in Joint Stiffness 12,5% 12,5%
  • Improvement in Gait 9,6% 9,6%

Big Barker is the only mattress pad in the dog genre that’s been scientifically shown to enhance the dog’s quality of life. In the world of science, they are leading the way of treating joint wellbeing seriously. Come ride along for the ride.

Though inexpensive, e-cigarettes are less expensive, but this can be felt instantly, while far more harmful contaminants have been discovered in imported foam upon further tests. Nobody wants their treasured partner lying on toxins.

According to Rickert, Big Barker beds offer additional support to dogs struggling from a joint injury, healing from surgery, or dealing with problems including arthritis, hip dysplasia, or any joint, bone, or muscle disorders. Because big Barker beds are seen repeatedly, they are often used in operations, and they are used at the University of Pennsylvania for rehabilitation activities.



It is appropriate for dogs of all ages.


Super comfort, great for orthopedic structure



It takes a lot of space


If you compare it with Kuranda, this one is harder to wash.

Final  Verdict

Big Barker is a super comfort dog. We know it. However, flexibility is low. For example, you cannot bring it outdoor. It is made only for Indoor use. 

On the other hand, Kuranda directly eliminates these problems while still maintaining good dog bed quality.