Ruffwear Approach is only slightly better than the Mountainsmith dog pack. Besides having more color choices, Ruffwear has received over 800 positive reviews on Amazon.

In comparison, the Mountainsmith dog pack only gets 16 people reviewing the product. It proves that Mountainsmith K-9 is less popular among dog owners.

Best Choice: Ruffwear Approach

The Approach Pack provides dogs with the freedom to efficiently and conveniently bear their own gear. It stimulates immediate encouragement to explore.

The integrated brace improved the overall fit, reliability, and efficiency. Rather than utilizing loose saddlebags, the company created a particular saddlebag that produces a passive pressure that offers a more consistent and simpler distribution of load, all without compression.

The lightweight materials and streamlined design of the dog backpack make the wearer comfortable and carry all their hiking necessities. It’s a perfect opportunity to get safe both on the hiking trail and on any adventure.

You can have fun and be adventurous with this Approach Pack. It empowers your dog to hold their gear and takes them excited about sneaking into the camp.

Not to mention, carrying snacks, drinks, and more in the bags is easy. This bag is often noticeable in dim light environments with reflective trim and a light loop wrapped around the built-in flashlight.

This great pack’s total weight is calibrated and built to have balance and a secure handling environment for your dog. It is not only made for small dogs but was designed for small dogs in mind.

To reduce safety problems, please do not overwhelm your dog while on your canine adventures. This Approach Pack has an integrated hand strap with 5 points of adjustment for the bag to fit just right.

It comes with a padded handle and supportive straps, allowing you to help your dog push and pull heavy objects for heavy terrain. We suggest you clip the leash into an aluminum V-ring and strengthen it by attaching it to a webbing string.

The bags are stitched into the harness. The bags quickly pick up what is in hand and are low-weight, and do not concern the owners. Whenever people do that, their dog gets excited. They seem to know we will be having fun in the future.

The large scale is the massive one that can contain 1465 cubic inches of material (or 24 L). However, you will get 4-6 beers fit in of the medium scale.

According to Terry, his boxer, and him love this durable backpack! They all use it whenever they are hiking and walk around to give themselves a job.

This product has large pockets to hold many things they need for hiking, exploring nature (for fun) without carrying a bunch of stuff along with them. All the straps on the pack are flexible, so you can get them to go where you like them to.



Available in 3 colors variant


One of Amazon’s Choice product


Durable material



More expensive than Mountainsmith K-9

Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack

Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack has a chest belt that is adjusted to four levels of tightness. There are also two zippered pockets on the front.

The ergonomically tapered torso looks beautiful and veterinarian-approved. It allows much better airflow.

For over three decades, MountainSmith has been a pioneer in the gear industry. Their emphasis on reliable traction makes their products more equipped to endure even the steepest hills and treacherous slopes.

Their commitment to consistency and value made them one of the most marketable brands in the region.

As a brand, Mountainsmith has continued its dedication to building the best made, most reliable, and practical packs on the market. Others’ product is unparalleled for its convenience, stability, value, and efficiency in the backcountry.

Besides providing incredible outdoor apparel, the company has a full outdoor product line geared to today’s active lifestyle consumers.

At half the price of its biggest rivals, the Mountainsmith K-9 pack is one of the highest quality dog backpacks at the most reasonable price we could find. The larger pack is only half size from Ruffwear, making it an outstanding choice for quick trips with your dog.

The Mountainsmith K-9 pack has a 4.4/5 rating on Amazon. It has insulated chest belts, air-mesh ventilation, reflective tape around the bag’s sides, an integrated brace (so no need to purchase a different small harness!)

The purchase will include two expandable pockets, with two interior smaller pockets, as well. The K-9 dog kit comes in small, medium, and big sizes.

According to Gwendolyn Stence, her pets and she do a lot of camping, and they’ve been through seven separate packs (mostly for the pets).

These packs’ durable capacities are the first trustworthy pet pack that holds up in and out of.

She has gone through all her things extensively, everything from the lightest snack to the heavy package and even the beavertail, but have not noticed a problem.



A trusted brand for mountain hiking and camping gear 


Available in 2 colors choice


The back handle is larger than Ruffware Approach



Sometimes, it flops back and forth

Final Verdict

As you can see, Ruffwear is only slightly better than Mountainsmith pack. Also, we could not claim Ruffwear being a waterproof pack because of the latch.

These bags are water-resistant at best. However, we wouldn’t suggest putting electronic devices inside without any extra security. Luckily, this pack has back padding that protects the dog’s back so your dog can still easily carry it.

Protect Your Electronic Devices With Ruffwear Saddle Bag Cover Here

Finally, The Ruffwear Approach Pack is a well-made piece of hiking equipment. The Ruffwear Pack is constructed of lightweight yet robust ripstop nylon. The saddlebags have a longitudinal cut that allows a free range of motion for the dog.

We hope this comparison review helpful. If you have your own experience regarding these products, I appreciate your thoughts down in the comment section!