Havanese dogs are smart and easy-going pets.

However, when they’re small, teaching them to potty can be challenging.

This is even harder for busy people who live in large buildings.

This is where the inside dog potties come in handy.

Let’s learn why inside potty is a potty game-changer!

Best Indoor Dog Potty for Havanese

Best on Price

Best Rated

Best Quality

This product comes with a material of 4 Layers.

It also has an anti-slip gel bottom.

SincoPet has a super absorbent high-density middle layer.

Besides using this product for potty training, there are multiple functions.

You can use it for dogs’ playpens and as pet carriers.

This product will protect your carpet, sofa, car seat, furniture, and floor.

Later, you can use it as a base for food and water if your dog is clumsy.

The material might confuse you.

However, 92% of the customers reported great absorbency.

It is amazing for rescue dogs who face difficulties while transitioning to homes.

Since the product is reusable and washable, it is budget-friendly.

Some customers might find the size unsuitable.

However, your Havanese will definitely fit into these pads.

Also, you can choose plenty of sizes.

This way, you can save the floor and carpet.

The product has great soaking capacity.

However, you should wash it frequently.

For senior dogs with urinary issues, you should combine it with other products.

The soaking capacity is due to the breathable waterproof PUL inner layer.

This product can hold off a lot of piddling, poos, washing, chewing, and tugging.





Great absorbency







Requires frequent washing


Limited size options


Gloves may be small

PetSafe Pet Loo Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

Because it is portable and simple to clean, it took the top rank on our list.

When cleaning, it’s especially simple to maneuver and handle. 

Its artificial grass mat is similar to bringing some of the outsides at home.

Three sizes are available, so you can select the one that will fit any size dog breed.

When you simply can’t allow your pet outside or need to train them, this unit is perfect.

Additionally, it’s a practical and reusable substitute for puppy pee pads.

Urine swiftly drains through the rubberized top layer of grass and onto the angled base.

Customers find it helpful because it can be used inside and outside. 

However, some are concerned about the convenience of the grass clips.

But that shouldn’t be a concern.

Dog owners describe it as the “best-designed dog potty past and present”.

Some pet parents use it only between walks, while some use it constantly.

Also, they consider it amazing that it has an antibacterial agent in each blade of “grass”.

Sometimes the synthetic grass takes longer to dry off.

But that’s what makes this product odorless and easy to clean.

The plastic foundation of this product is very strong.

It has a great drainage system and is easy to clean.

This reusable indoor potty is a great investment if you lack outdoor access.



Easy to clean




Contains antibacterial agent


Good for small places



Only 3 sizes are available


Requires regular cleaning

Fresh Patch – Real Grass Pee and Potty Training Pad for Dogs

A healthy dog produces 10-20 ml of urine per pound daily.

So creating a potty habit is crucial for owners’ well-being!

This is one of the best types of dog potty.

A plastic tray supports the hydroponically grown, dirt-free training surface of the grass.

Depending on the weight of your dog, they come in four sizes.

Owners can sign up for routine shipments, which they recommend every two weeks.

A cardboard box doubles as a tray in an emergency.

So the grass is transported coiled up in a plastic bag.

Dogs find the living grass in the Fresh Patch delivery to be attractive.

And it also works well to absorb liquids and odors.

Its tray is what makes the product odorless and leak-proof.

Urban pet parents can place this product on their balconies.

This will encourage the potty training process.

On days with terrible weather, you can use them to keep your dog inside.

Customers don’t notice any odor even after a month of use.

You can keep the patch fresh if you spritz it with water.

The basis of this product is grass.

So, if your dog is not used to grass, it might sense danger or potential bugs.

Therefore, dogs will deny peeing on it.

Extra tips: We advise buying some pads during the training with your puppy.

Learning habits with puppies is a hard process and requires a lot of time.

So, having a backup training pad or leak-proof pads is a great idea.



Grass surface


Eco friendly


Easy to dispose


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use



Limited weight capacity


 May attract bugs


 Requires regular replacement

Bark Potty Disposable Dog Potty

Finding a place for a pit stop when you’re driving isn’t always convenient.

Disposable pads can be handy in this situation. 

They provide a more eco-friendly option to your typical disposable poop pad.

The fibers easily absorb liquids despite not having received any chemical treatment.  

Then the components in urine that cause odors begin to biodegrade spontaneously.

The Bark Potty’s bark component can be composted or discarded with other yard debris.

A plastic tray that is integrated inside each Bark Potty helps to stop leaks.

They also include a roll of poop bags.

A Bark Potty is intended to hold up for a whole month, or 60 pee pads.

Sometimes indoor potty pads confuse our little buddies.

So, this disposable potty is an amazing choice.

Plus, this product comes with a spray for your confused dog.

However, some dogs might not even need it.

There are two sizes, so you can pick the size that suits your dog and apartment.

Customers report that even their adult dogs continue to use it.

You can sleep tight and know that you’ll have a permanent solution for your dog.

This is an amazing choice for urban pet owners.



Odor neutralizing




Nonleaking design





Not suitable for large dogs


Limited lifespan


Only two sizes

ScoopFree Smart

When using the ScoopFree Smart, a fresh pee pad is rolled out and sealed with a spindle.

Just take out and discard the roll after it runs out.

Owners won’t ever have to handle the dirty pad.

An app is used to control everything.

Three cleaning options are available that move the roll forward:

  • Automatically when the dog walks away
  • At certain periods
  • Manually by pressing a button on the machine or in the app

Additionally, you can configure your alerts for when the product is in use.

Receive a message when it’s time to buy a new roll as well.

If you thought that such products are used only for cats, you are wrong.

This is an amazing product, especially for small dog breeds.

Considering the Havanese average weight and size, this is a great solution. 

This product is connected to an app from where you can track anything.

Some pet owners reported this app as very useful. 

After getting this potty, you will say goodbye to odor along with many other customers.

This is the invention that many pet parents expected. 





 WiFi and app-enabled


Contains disposable crystal trays


Suitable for cats and dogs



Suitable only for small dogs


High price


 Requires regular tray replacement

How to Use Indoor Dog Potty for Havanese?

  • Saying “Potty”
  • No Punishments
  • Home Alone
  • On Schedule

Saying “Potty”

Say “potty” when your Havnese is ready to urinate or defecate.

Then swiftly take it to the pad.

Don’t give it unrestricted access to the house just yet.

Doing so will lead to blunders during housetraining.

It will keep going back to the inappropriate places if she urinates or defecates there. [1]

No Punishments

Take the animal swiftly to its pad if it has an accident.

No yelling, “bad dog,” or other forms of discipline.

That will only teach it to go potty and urinate when you aren’t looking.

Use an enzyme-based cleanser to clean any dirty areas. [2]

Home Alone

If you can’t keep an eye on the dog, keep it in a small bathroom with pads all over the floor.

Give it some toys, water, and a bed to lie on.

After doing this for two to three days, remove one of the pads.

Take another pad away in two days.

Remove another two days later, and so on. [3]

On Schedule

Every two to three hours is ideal, as well as immediately after eating and sleeping.

Once more, as the dog leaves, give it a large prize.

Simply maintain your position next to it while ignoring it until it moves.

Give it five minutes, then remove it from the area.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Potty Training With Indoor Dog Potty

Focus on getting your puppy used to walking in and out of the litter box.

Reward it for interacting with the box and then entering it by luring him in with food. [4]

You can start using the box for potty needs if he is happily going in and out.

Indoor potty training uses the same methods as outdoor potty training. 

Therefore, you will take your puppy to his indoor spot rather than taking him outside.

Till it proves his dependability, keep an eye on him and restrict his freedom. 

Just as you would for outdoor exercise, carry it out.

Put your dog’s indoor space in a room with little noise. [5]

Take a look at bringing some of the litter box liners to the outside bathroom.

It will learn what is expected in this new setting.

You can also communicate with it by using a potty cue. 

Is a Havanese Hard to Potty Train?

No, Havenese is not hard to potty train.

They are smart dogs who get used to changes easily.

Doing it from a young age will make it easier for them.

We recommend getting them used to indoor potties in the first 4 months.

Then owners should slowly start the outside potty training. [6]

Dogs are able to become housebroken.

Potty training a young puppy might be frustrating if you’re a new owner. [7]

You can benefit from the advantages of positive reinforcement by using pee pads.

One of the best methods for training your dog is this one!

Inside potties are a clean and odorless choice.

Many people oppose the use of conventional dog latrines.

They favor maintaining an atmosphere that is as “unused” as feasible.

You may ensure your pet’s security by using pee or grass pads.

Consequently, you may relax knowing that your home will continue to be tidy.

They are simpler to clean.

Sometimes it’s challenging to determine how long you’ve used the same one. [8]

Pee pads are sustainable, as they are machine-washable.

When it’s time to get rid of them, you can also dump them in the garbage.

Benefits and Features of Indoor Dog Potty for Havanese

No mishaps on the floor of your house.

You can use pee and grass pads outside as well.

For people who live in condos or apartments, they offer a choice.

SincoPet is a fantastic budget-friendly option.

It has a great absorbent capacity and multiple functions.

SincoPet is also a product made from washable material.

PetSafe is amazing if you lack outdoor space.

The addition is that it has an amazing drainage system.

It has multiple functions and has great soaking capacity.

Fresh Patch is a great product for urban owners.

Before vaccination, you can encourage the potty training at home.

Many of these structures have pet policies.

Before purchasing any, we advise you to carefully take a look at the benefits and features of each one.