Unless you are traveling for multiple days, the Ruffwear Approach will do the job just fine. However, Ruffwear Palisades is better in overall performance for intensive hiking and trekking activities. The Palisades mainly features high-volume saddlebags, hydration bladders, and strong aluminum V-ring.

Best Choice: Ruffwear Palisades

The best aspect of the Palisades? Detachable saddlebags. You can remove saddlebags from the harness, and this will free your dog from the weight of the backpack. (Note, some reviewers wrote that attaching and replacing was slightly frustrating, but we think once you get the hang of it, it looks cool!)

This pack has 12L saddlebags with six compartments and two main compartments. The Palisades pack is available in various sizes.

On Palisades, the horizontal back straps are padded with additional padding around the spine and the armpits. The bag was endowed with compression straps that keep the load steady when your dog is walking.

Also, there are two water containers worth $80 included with each saddlebag.

The best and fantastic thing about the Palisades is that it helps your dog to hold his own water for the journey. Its weight and balance ensure that the dogs don’t feel like they are in pain or discomfort.

It is the best travel pack for hikers who want good quality and comfort with excellent functions. The design is suited to the purpose of packing them well.

The Palisades pack carries this weight on its shoulders just below the shoulder blade’s point on the body but far enough forward on the body that it does not feel like a burden. The pad and flexible yoke with an outward Y shaped lining on the front of the jacket keep the pile in place around the back and more drastically on steep ascents.

The first step one would do is connect the backpack from the pouch using the metal clasps on the pocket to assemble it. Then, detach the pack from the pouch using the open ends and the two snaps in it.

The six different-sized pockets on the bag are welcome features you would have a pleasant time with. The top pocket has smaller and more lightweight sections that can be accessed more easily.

Within the case, there are two different compartments.  One is on the right side, while the other is on the left side. Every backpack comes with two water bladders that are both healthy to drink from. The space is large enough to accommodate enough of the kibbles to last for five days.

There are curvier compression belts that allow the user to select the amount of compression required to smooth out the breasts. You can vary the amount of compression while your dog is holding the backpack in position.

Along with the potential to hold any of your valuable things, some of these bags’ compartments can also secure your small electronic objects. Finally, there are solid handles that you can use to restrain the dog and lift him over an obstacle.

According to Ellen H, she likes these 2-packs because they can come with a durable harness.

She traveled the length of the SHT with her dog for ten days, with the shoes for 6 to 9 hours hiking per day. The dog took some of her gear and some of ours with her.

The belt connected to the pack is reversible, which allows her to relax without the molestation of the weight, and it also has easy-to-reach capture points should we need to catch her. The zippers are secured, and even in torrential weather, she is really protected from wet crossings, and her bag’s contents stayed dry.

The collar suits the dog well and does not chafe it. While the chest harness is a little challenging to position correctly, the front clip contains reflective tape, while the back panel has a simple to read reflector sticker. The connected handhold on the brace was very useful for supporting her over rugged ground.

The sizing map is an actual scale chart. A medium dog is what her 60lb Cocker Spaniel carries when he is a slim and healthy dog, and it fits well.



Suitable for multiple days of hiking 


Detachable Saddlebags


Durable material, last for years



It is two times more expensive than the Ruffwear Approach Pack

Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack for Backpack for Hiking and Camping

This backpack has side pockets that can easily accommodate some of the most valuable items you own. There are small pockets that one would like not to mix with the other things.

With these bags, you can still pack a big load of stuff in the pockets. However, it is essential to put on this to your dog tightly.

On their website, Ruffwear notes that a dog will hold up to 20 percent of his body’s weight, and he will be able to bear this amount of weight extended into his saddlebag. However, we personally do not suggest placing more weight on your dog, more than 15 percent of his body weight, because that might be too much for your dog to carry.

The Ruffwear Approach Light pack comes outfitted with some features, including a loop for attaching a sleeping pad, other gears including a trekking stick, and more.

One thing about this backpack not making us happy is that the saddlebags on the belt are not reversible. For us, it is a disappointment in it, as it allows the backpack to weigh a little more and have a smaller space, which means it will have to be used longer before it’s emptied.

This backpack has been designed to have all functions and qualities that have been explicitly made and subjected to rigorous and strict testing and evaluation. Although their products do not last forever, their products do have a year warranty.

To minimize extra unnecessary weight, the leash attachment point of this device is made from aluminum. All of the plastic buckles are very sturdy and very robust.

The two zippers here have proven to be durable and even handle a lot of aggression. Being an orange poppy, this bag is very bright (like a poppy) and easy to see among the numerous summer greens. For additional visibility at night, the pack also provides an extra layer of reflective strips.

When having a dog carrier, the dog’s size inside the carrier should be one of the key deciding factors. The Approach Bag, which is coated in padding, goes around the pack’s shell.

It allows the pack to remain in position and also makes the bag easier to put in. Inside the pack, five adjustment points you can modify.

The shoulder straps and hip belt are very simple to secure when the dog wears the bag; they do not have any dangling bits when he goes for a walk.

The product comes in four different sizes (including two different paint choices), and the small and medium-sized versions are one of the best-selling models.

According to Melissa, this is really great pack. She further mentions that it is worth the money.

Her dog is about 47lbs, and the little she is a decent match. We packed all of our camping supplies into her bag before we went on our adventure, which helped her to relieve a shocking amount of things — including four cans of beans — into her pack, which did not slow her down at all. They had mainly brought water and nuts and feces in her bag during the time they were exploring. As I said, she pulled us up the mountain.

She has a dog’s backpack to help her bring the dog food on the go that’s not as durable as the one she has now. She is happy that she went to the Ruffwear. She thinks that this camper will get some years of hiking trips of this pack.



Almost half cheaper than palisades


It can carry enough supply for a day of hiking



Not suitable for multiple-day hiking


The saddlebag is undetachable

Final  Verdict

The most critical step to picking out a dog carrier is to take into account the height of the dog when it is inside the carrier saddlebags. Luckily the Palisades comes in many sizing options.

The Ruffwear Palisades Dog Pack will encourage you and your dog to bring their supplies when you go on camping trips. It is constructed of flexible saddlebags with comprehensive volume so that while they are not hauling timber or hiking, they can rest.

The four points of connection tightly link the saddlebags to the brace, and the cross-load compression mechanism cinches it back, maintaining load support and convenient weight distribution. Consider utilizing 15 percent of your dog’s weight as a full load to prevent injuries. When you buy the Palisades, you get two collapsible, BPA-free water bladders.

In addition to refilling your water bottle with clean water, you could also tie a collapsible Quencher Bowl (sold separately) to your dog’s backpack or pet carrier. To ensure a fair, convenient hold, the company has included a padded handle as well as non-slip straps for holding. They even provided some secret stow pockets, gear loops, and exterior sling straps.