Cozy Meadow Dog Harness is an excellent escape-proof product for your small breed. It offers no-choke protection, an illuminated design, and more. Surprisingly, many customers move to this harness simply because it is stylish and secure at the same time.

Comfortable and Escape Proof Cosy Meadow Dog Harness

This dog harness has been produced for small dog breeds in mind, including the Chihuahua, Pug, Maltese, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, and Dachshund. 

The neck’s size is in a range of 11.8 to 15.75 in (30 to 40cm). The chest is 13.8 to 17.7 in (35 to 45cm). 

The flexible neck & chest belts will help ensure sure the brace positioning is tight while still guarding against potential escape attempts. The protective handle would allow the trainer to get stable control over their dog in training and emergencies. 

Unlike traditional collars, the product won’t damage a pet’s delicate throat and trachea. The reflective threads are sewn all over, guarantee visibility and illumination during nighttime travel. 

It is also a lightweight padding device that protects the delicate skin of to dog’s limbs from scratch. Neoprene is proven to be very comfortable and sturdy.

Wearing it is so simple. It is easy to put on and to put off. So, it would be a Joy for you and your dog. 

These quick-release buckles make for the utmost comfort and protection scenarios. The updated 2017 version of the original set of rings incorporates about 52% thicker and tougher stainless alloy, making the rings not need to think about brittleness or rusting again. 



The design is made with no-choke protection


Specially made for small breeds


Available in red, orange, green, and black



Not suitable even for medium breeds, few customers reported that the harness break by adult medium breeds.

What Other People Said about the Cosy Meadow Harness

According to Beverly Blair, he is satisfied to use it for seven dogs. He has seven puppies, and they all differ wildly in actions and attitude.

A fellow hiker suggested these, so he carefully purchased them. He is happy to do it.

At first, he needed some time to grasp the idea of this product. But then, it worked!

He got into this decision because of the beauty of its style. When you pick the best size, it’s incredibly simple to put on.

Weight is not really a problem. The pieces are great; they match each other well. Now, he already has 7 of them.

Tonya Johnson also has similar pleasure. She has a Rottie mix breed. The dog is about 75 lbs.

When the dog was about four years old, she found that her dog feared trucks and motorcycles. We were not even able to walk her down the street during daytime hours.

One day, the dog and she went outside to look about as she was doing house chores. She had the dog bound to a rail in her standard collar. Her dog escapes and is almost hit by the truck.

After browsing on the internet for ‘best escape proof dog belt,’ she came across this specific product.

She bought it instantly. It shipped on schedule, and she got it the following day.

It was a great fit; it was completely flexible. Her dog loved it!

It is entirely fair and acceptable for her to conclude that this brace has changed something for us. She can take her dog for a walk with peace.

Although it sometimes barks, she doesn’t fear that the dog may run off, do her harm, attack someone, or rip clothes.

This is relatively safe. Her pulling action is not getting worse. The dog feels relaxed, secure, and happy.

Often dogs are willing to detach from their harnesses when they are poorly fastened, rather than structural defects in their designs. It is effortless to weigh and match the dogs’ harness properly. Please follow the measures mentioned below:

How to Prevent the Dog from Escaping with Cozy Meadow Dog Harness

First have a harness with the correct measures. Measure his collar and the lower portion of his chest.

Measure the dog’s height when it is upright rather than seated.

When you take the calculation of your dog, you can raise your dog so that the measurement is precise. 

He won’t be uncomfortable. He will only be a bit cozy while he is wearing it. Thick fur can make measurements a little larger than fact, so make sure the tape isn’t loose across your chest. It should be cozy but not too tight for comfort.

Second, tighten both of the buckles and loops as quickly as possible.

Change the belt such that the buckle is sitting flat on the chest instead of rising around the waist.

Owners sometimes skip this part. You will need to change the collar and chest brace to the proper locations to make this suit correct.

You should also slide two of your fingers underneath easily. If you have not picked the correct size, so most definitely it is not appropriate for you.

Third, before moving outdoors, always evaluate the harness’ fit and work.

It is good when you make a thorough adjustment to the way it works. Put the leash on him and push him around the apartment a couple of times before leaving the house.

It is essential to test your dog’s elbows, and the head does not fall between either of the belts.

Are Cozy Meadow Strap Pads Sewn On?

It is obvious that the strap pads are not sewn on. The wings are attached with Velcro and can be removed to alter the length. Generally, they should not slack in most kinds of training collars.

What “Two Steps Release Buckles” in This Sizing Details Mean?

The XL style harnesses come with two stages unlock buckles for additional protection for the bigger pets. The size S and M come with standard buckles.