Midwest iCrate is slightly better than Lifestages Crate. The difference is not much, but somehow, the Midwest iCrate brand is more favorable on Amazon.

FYI, The Midwest iCrate had received a whopping 75K+ positive reviews while Lifestages only earns around 15K+. This is because iCrate provides a size for big and giant breeds, while Lifestages is suitable mostly for medium breeds.

Midwest iCrate vs Lifestages

iCrate combines protection, security, and comfort into a dog crate. These features include a slide-bolt latch, rounded sides, a sturdy material, and a washable plastic pan for a quick cleaning in case of an accident.

It is simple to set up, inexpensive, convenient, and relaxed for travel from one position to another. Another feature of iCrate is that it is made for growing puppies. Thus, you are free to change the width of its living area while your puppy develops.

It includes a Free divider plate, sturdy dog tray, carrying handle, 4 ‘roller’ paws to cover floors, and a 1-year guarantee. The crate measures 36″ x 23″ x 25″ and can be folded.

According to JL1231, This box is sturdy and lightweight to carry up. Configuration was straightforward, and the crate was easy to carry around. His dog loves to play with the metal bars, but he does not chew them. Sure, you should drop the tray to wash the floor.

The divider is the real secret to its effectiveness. He decided to find the crate our pet could walk around in, so we chose a crate that was too big. His dog is a hybrid of a poodle and a pug that, when fully grown, would be classed as a “small” dog. One way to fix this dilemma is to construct a levee.

They were able to allow the accessible portion to be so thin. That is good quality for their puppy. As Jack rises, they will now be able to shift the divider more and finally delete it entirely. This is an excellent crate because it develops with the puppy!

He had two of them! One of its nests for hamsters is really tall. This crate is perfect for the moment when Lincoln wants to be lonely.

The second-floor layout we got because he already lives on the first floor. It is a really lightweight device because you can comfortably carry it.



Two high duty sliding bolts tightly holds the dog crate door in place, keeping the dog secure in their crate.


Simple assembling and portability. You can set it up in seconds with no tools needed for assembly, and it folds flat for comfortable packing or transport.



In a few cases, the crate is not suitable for German Shepherd

Life Stages LS-1630DD Folding Crate

LifeStages Dog Crates are your dog’s home favorite. LifeStages crates are designed based on the security, safety, and convenience of dogs.

This crate has two doors so that you can use it both in your home and in your car. The features include rounded corners, slide-bolt latches, waterproof construction, and durability.

Like the previous product, you will also receive a free divider panel within a crate. When your dog reaches its adult size, it will require a larger crate.

You can adjust the length of his living area while growing up.

LifeStages crates fold into portable suitcase size and include plastic toting handles to travel the folded crate between one position to another.

This crate can be a personal space to house your dog, which can help house training, potty training, and decrease negative behavior like chewing and barking. When your dog grows up, it will be able to stand up and lie down comfortably inside the crate. However, don’t purchase a crate that is too big — it won’t have the sense of protection and comfort that a dog loves in a properly-sized crate.

Make sure to put a dog pen or cage with divider panels as you carry in your new puppy.

According to Mark Bretschneider, he purchased many cages for my pets. He bought the cheapest as well as purchased the most costly.

The costs will go up from $90 to $200 for regular excellent. He recently introduced an eight-week-old golden retriever named Bentley to my “stable” of puppies. At present, he weighs less than 12 pounds, but he can grow bigger. For now, he fits safely in a little crate. He could stand in it, but he cannot lie down or turn around.

He wanted to get something for him to develop into, so he went on the internet and searched about it. He was fortunate to have my old buddies Midwest standing alongside me when my pet show days transpired.

They still constructed a substantial container from strong and robust materials. After he ordered a kit, several items have improved.

Today, everybody provides customized crates and has done it well. Their versatility of perfect size is excellent.

He liked it because it has two doors, one on the side and one at the end. Each entry is closed and secured using thick hasps on both doors. And today, plastic is used in bottom trays because it is inexpensive, light, and simple to easy to clean.

He is an Amazon Prime member, and his order was coming the following day. It delivered immediately and was packed quite nicely. It took less than five minutes to assemble.

The best benefit of using the second door is that if he put it in a car, the dog will quickly wander in and out.



LifeStages are available in six sizes.


Rounded corners and sturdy bolts for the protection of the dogs.


Fold stands up and down in seconds, no tools required.


The folding handle is an super easy-to-attach plastic handle.


Pan Stop is simple to use and compact toilet pan.



A few customers found that the upper part of the cage is easy to break by a dog.

Final Verdict 

Both crates come with an adjustable divider so that you can alter the scale as your dog grows. When you’ve only acquired a pet for the first time, consider what size dog you want to get. A bigger one like Midwest iCrate is usually much more comfortable. 

In case you prefer something more practical, and in a kit, you may consider Midwest iCrate Starter Kit. It includes two small food containers, a crate cover, and more.