The de-shedding blades can reduce shedding, tangles, and remove dirt from your dog’s coat if used appropriately. Little to no pressure should be applied so that your dog’s skin doesn’t get hurt during the brushing process. Here are the 3 best-suggested shedding blades that are safe to use on your short to a long-haired furry friend.

Best Dog Shedding Blades

Best Quality

Best on Budget

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This grooming blade has a handle that is soft to hold and has an ergonomic design that will not make your hands tired for a longer duration. It has a non-slip control on the handle. It greatly increases your grip while brushing, regardless of which direction you use it. It aids in the prevention of slipping-related incidents so that you or your pet doesn’t get hurt.

This ideal animal shedding brush features double-sided blades with coarse and finer edges. Long-haired pets should be brushed using coarse teeth, whereas short-haired dogs should be worked with fine teeth.

It also has a dual shedding feature. Pull the grips away to cover big areas at once, or join them together to cover little areas. This shedding blade is appropriate for cats and dogs of all breeds. Large species, such as horses, benefit from it as well.

This blade is easy to use and is completely safe if you do not apply extreme pressure. By brushing your canine’s coat with this innovative de-shedding blade, you may prevent hurting his skin with spikes. Simply run the blade throughout his hair. This blade will quickly grab and capture the stray hair.

This excellent grooming product aids in the reduction of shedding, matting, and knots. You can easily maintain the cleanliness and condition of your dog’s coat using this blade at home. The textured edge effectively eliminates stray hair from your dogs and keeps your house hair-free.

This blade works best on dogs having long hair and a thick undercoat. The excess hair is also easy to remove from this blade. It can easily take out a huge amount of hair no matter what type of hair your dog has. The blade area is also adjustable which is a great feature.



Come with soft ergonomic handle


Dual-sided shedding blades


Easy to use and safe


Works for both dogs and cats


Suits both short and long hair



The blade can bend while brushing


The handle is not solid

Wahl Double-Sided Dog Shedding Blade [Best on Budget]

The Wahl de-shedding blade has two sides and is meant to eliminate stray hair and maintain a sustainable, glossy coat. With both the coarse and finer blades that eliminate undesirable hair and dirt, this de-shedding blade aids in the promotion of sustainable and glossy coats.

The non-slip handle provides a solid grasp on the equipment while being so ergonomic and pleasant to use in your palm for extended brushing sessions. Grooming your canine not only allows you and your companion to connect but also improves the appearance and well-being of your canine.

The Wahl blade aids in the removal of extra hair from its external coat in a secure manner. Double-sided style with a coarse edge for thicker and heavier coats and a finer blade for silky moderate coats.

This blade can also cover a wider area which can make the grooming sessions quick and comfortable for both you and your dog. It can also get rid of dirt, bugs, tangles, and matted fur. The unique thing about this blade is that it is expandible, which means it can be quite useful for grooming larger dog breeds.

It also has a locking feature that enables the users to adjust the blade area and lock it while working for smaller dogs, and expand it while working on large dogs.

This blade smoothes out and provides a relaxing experience while you brush your dog. It can take out bundles of loose hair within a few minutes. It will promote your pet’s hair quality and keep its fur shiny and healthy. It can also detangle your dog’s matted fur.



Removes unwanted hair


Promotes healthy coat


Duble-sided design for usage


Comes with a no-slip handle


Works on thin and heavy coats



Could be sharp on thinner coats


The handle is not quite sturdy

Safari Dual-Sided Shedding Blade For Dogs [Best Rated]

While using the Safari Dual-Sided Shedding Blade Dog Grooming Tool, your furry pet’s coat will become soft and wonderful. Both sides of the blade have flexible vinyl grips. You brush through both sides over your pet’s hairy areas while holding tight to the ergonomic handle.

While de-shedding limbs and torso, you can use the metal lock to connect the grips together and utilize the blade continuously.

The blade is fine-toothed on one side and coarse-toothed on the other.

The blade is composed of stainless steel, whereas the grips are made of strong plastic. Since it can de-shed a larger surface every time it can cover the entire length of the canine. It is ideal for medium to big-sized dogs and other big pets.

Unlike other de-shedding equipment, each stroke of the blade carefully eliminates loose hair without tugging or cutting strands. This stainless steel blade can also eliminate dandruff, and flaky skin soothes the skin and improves the appearance of the coat.

Even though it’s named as a blade, it’s not really that sharp. So it might be beneficial if you had no concerns about utilizing it since it would not harm your pet. It’s a bendable metal having teeth that may be used as a toothbrush or a rake once twisted or stretched.

This blade can be the best purchase for you if your dog sheds excessively. It takes out a considerable amount of fur, and it is better to use this tool outside your house. It is soft and will not hurt or irritate your dog’s skin like other tools.



Double-sided brush head


Stainless steel blades


Durable vinyl handle


Covers a wider area


Made for short and large breeds



Can pull your dog’s hair sometimes


The handle is quite flimsy

How To Use a Shedding Blade On a Dog?

The majority of de-shedding blades are available in two styles. The coiled form is ideal for picking up loose hair from your dog’s coat. You may want to reposition the blade to make it straight and wideout and effective in collecting bigger volumes of hair from the back, shoulders, and belly. You should brush your pet’s hair with the blade, just like you would with a rake or a comb.

  1. Begin by placing your puppy in front if he is big or let him sit in your lap if your canine is small.
  2. Begin at the crown of the head and start working your way downwards to your canine’s tail, using moderate pressure.
  3. Carefully drag the de-shedding blade over your dog’s hair in the same direction that his hair grows by placing your palms on the ends of the de-shedding blade grips. Ensure the blade reaches as near to touching his skin, but never put pressure too hard or you’ll injure him.
  4. Try to get rid of any tangled parts of your pet’s coat if he has lengthy fur. To eliminate any tangled spots, you might have to use a set of scissors.

5. Within only a few swipes, many de-shedding blades would be filled with hair. Pick up the loose fur, appreciate your companion, and repeat if additional fur has to be cleaned.

6. Stretch widely the de-shedding blade and follow the operation on the other regions of your canine’s body, such as the bottom and sides.

7. Make absolutely sure to brush down the sides and back legs, which can gather stray hairs. After every swipe, remove any stray fur from the blade.

8. Ignore using the de-shedding blade on your canine’s face, limbs, tail, and around ears, and in many similar sensitive regions or places that have already been wounded or might have bald patches.

9. Stroke the fur with the help of a slicker brush to try to even it out, spread the natural oils, and eliminate any stray hairs.

What Is A Shedding Blade For Dogs?

A de-shedding blade tool is a coiled strip of metal that has rugged teeth on either side, which is often known as a de-shedding rake. The shedding blade has a basic look. It’s generally a twisted metal component that’s curved into a U shape and kept together with a grip. One-half of the de-shedding blade grab has tiny and dull teeth which can eliminate stray hair from the coat.

It isn’t a razor knife like those found in other de-shedding devices. There is minimal danger of injuring yourself or your canine using a de-shedding blade if you’re being overly harsh or your companion is highly uncontrolled. It’s incredibly beneficial for stopping short-coated pets from shedding all across your home. The shedding blade may be used on longer-coated pets, although it is less helpful.

Final Verdict

The de-shedding blades are easy to use to get rid of excessive hair from your dog’s coat. They are also adjustable and can cover little to wide areas depending on your dog’s size and grooming requirements. These blades also come with dual blade sides, which have fine as well as coarse teeth. It is especially beneficial for short-haired dogs but is equally effective for long-haired dogs.

Both Winners Dual-Sided Grooming Shedding Blade is Best in Quality as it can help to reduce excessive shedding, matting, and tangles from your dog’s coat. It works best on dogs having long hair and a thick undercoat. It also has dual blade sides for coarse and fine brushing. The blade is adjustable, and you can lock it securely according to your dog’s requirements.

Wahl Double-Sided Dog Shedding Blade is Best on Budget as it has a non-slip ergonomic handle which can help during longer grooming sessions. It is the best blade to eliminate dirt, bugs, tangles, and matted fur from your pet’s coat. It can work both on thin and heavy coats. This blade keeps your pet’s hair shiny and healthy.

Safari Dual-Sided Shedding Blade For Dogs is Best Rated with 4.7 out of 5 stars as it has flexible vinyl grips and an ergonomic handle. The blade is made of stainless steel. It is best suited for large dogs due to its expandible blade length. It can easily remove dandruff and a dry bundle of hair from its coat. It is soft and harmless on your pet’s skin.