Shark Tank is an American TV show that Barkley dog treats also known as Ryans Barkery dog treats appeared on TV in Season 4. The Barkley dog treats are now out of business, yet there are other popular dog treats that have appeared on Shark Tank.

Here, we will review the Shark Tank product that is available on Amazon. There are Zookies CookiesPan’s Mushroom JerkyWild Earth Superfood Koji, and EcoKind Pet Treats.

Shark Tank Dog Treats Review

Zookies Cookies Shark Tank

Their flagship peanut butter recipe is sure to be your favorite dog biscuit. This product has only five plain, organic ingredients hand wrapped.

It is anything familiar and tasty. They are quick and enjoyable treats to stimulate activity.

They are baked comfortably at home. Only add 1/2 cup of water, curl, cut out, and bake for new and delicious treats ready in 30 minutes. Each container has a 2-inch chocolate dog bone treat cutter.

It is free of preservatives, gluten, grain, and GMOs. The product is sealed for freshness guaranteed!

Every 5-unit container makes your animal up to 36 crunchy treats. The product was purely made in the United States and as seen on TV!

According to Christopher Hudson, he has spent a ludicrous amount of money on suitable dog treats. He looked at anything with minimal ingredients that he could create himself.

A friend of his says Zookies is good. But he was hoping I was going to test it out first.

His dog liked the taste of peanut butter. Next time he is going to purchase the coconut. The exact ingredient is clear.

The cutter of the bone cookie is a good bonus. Since his dogs are tall, he made it a little thicker.

He likes making these and tossing them in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Indeed they were everything he was searching for.


  • Grain-free dog treats
  •  You can store them for later use after cooking


  • You have to cook before serving it.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky Shark Tank

Shark Tank Pan’s mushroom has a lot of affection from sharks and fans alike. In reality, the sharks so enjoyed the concept that they battled over Pan’s mushroom and who will get the deal.

Shiitake mushrooms are renowned for their thick fibrous texture and savory umami fragrance, which is why they have been used for decades in their chilly recipes by the Pan’s family.

Savory jerky is a typical food that people around the world eat. Most jerky, though, is made from beef and thus never consumed by vegetarians.

Thus, when Shark Tank contestant Michael Pan had a jerky mushroom recipe from Pan, the Sharks were gagging over the thought.

Michael Pan comes from a Buddhist origin and has become a pure vegetarian all his life. Once in Malaysia, though, he tasted a vegan jerky and enjoyed it. He wanted to make plant-based jerky products when he came back home and succeeded.

Pan mushroom jerky helps vegans to experience jerky, comparable to jerky beef but made of mushrooms.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky does not include beef, but their jerky’s taste and texture can make you or your dog feel satisfied!


  • Human-grade food, you can eat it as well.
  • Suitable for a dog with a hepatic problem which minimizes animal protein consumption


  • It is basically a human food and not made specifically for dogs. So, picky eaters may not eat them.

Wild Earth Shark Tank Dog Treats

Koji is a harvested protein used in the east for over 3,000 years. It’s nutritious, sustainable, and – most probably, tasty.

The company introduced this ancient, suggested doctor, chef certified diet to the west to rethink the way we feed our animals. Usually used to make soy sauce, sake, bean paste, and miso, koji improves the flavor and provides the savory Umami flavor.

Wild Earth has also dog food in its stock, which is based on a Vegan diet. According to research, the dogs can survive on a meat-free diet.

We enjoy it because it’s “clean protein,” which ensures that the environmental footprint is considerably smaller than traditional meat processing.

The key behind the high protein, organic dog food of Wild Earth is the #1 component on their nutrition label: YEAST. These “small miracles” are miniature protein factories that pomp high-quality protein and requiring substantially less energy.

Their yeast’s highest quality protein contains all ten essential amino acids that dogs require, making it as healthy as meat-based protein without any downsides.

Yeast is also a great fiber and probiotic source. Dogs are enjoying and thriving this yeast-based kibble!


  • A reputable brand, proven ingredients
  • It has an additional koji flavor compared to the previous product


  • Not a standalone dog food if you wanted to add animal protein.

 Ecokind Pet Treats Reviews

The ecokind pet treats himalayan dog chewing sticks are healthy, delicious, organic chews that keep your dog busy with the sticks. They are made of entirely natural material and are, therefore, easily digestible.

It is the best choice for dog chews with a GREAT value! According to the seller, the more you buy, the more you are saving!

You can save and subscribe for an even better value. The source of the chew sticks are made and directly imported from Nepal.

The cups are made of 100% Yak milk with no artificial ingredients. It does not contain preservatives. Finally, The sticks are absolutely gluten-free and lactose-free and very soft on sensitive stomachs.


  • Unique recipe from Himalaya
  • USDA and FDA approved


  • It won’t satisfy your dog hunger since it is only a chew, not dog food.