If you are searching for a hard or semi-hard ball for your dog that can tolerate your dog’s chewing problem, you will want to invest in a horse Jolly Ball.

Best Choice: Horse Jolly Ball

An activity ball designed with horses in mind, it doesn’t matter what size you choose to purchase; the product that you get will be very durable. While some have bad experiences with it, many have only good things to say about the ball and its strength. After all, this entertainment piece is created to withstand the weight and play of an animal that can weigh up to a ton.

The most astonishing ability of this choice is the “anti-burst” designs Horsemen’s Pride claims for their Mega Balls. While it doesn’t always work as intended with the larger collection of horse toys popping early into possession, owners of the 10-inch Jolly Ball have left reviews to mention how their own purchase had lasted years.

10-inch Jolly Ball

The smallest of the four sizes available, the Jolly Ball with a 10-inch diameter, is a toy that covers the gap between canine and equine species. This ball has a handle on it, much like the canine “Tug n Toss” style, and it also has an added scent. While the rest of the toy is durable, the handle is at risk of being chewed off. If you have a dog who has a tendency to swallow the things they chew off, you should only permit your dog to play with this toy in your presence.

Horsemen’s Pride Mega Ball

The Horsemen’s Pride Mega Balls for Horses are a selection of inflatable balls that resemble exercise balls. Increasing in size and varying in color, these large balls offer hours of fun for any dog that has a herding instinct. Too large to carry in their mouths, dogs will instead knock this ball around to their heart’s content. Due to having a similar feel to a yoga ball, you may want to invest in one of the ball covers to prolong the use of your pup’s giant toy!



Playing with the Jolly Ball will not only keep your dog entertained, but it will exercise them as well.


Some customers say they have had their Jolly Ball for years and it’s held up well.



Customers have mentioned the Jolly Ball being overpriced.

Dog Jolly Ball

If you have a pup that loves to chew, no matter what size they may be, canine Jolly Balls offer them a chance to get all that energy out. While it may not last long with super chewers, the Jolly Pets collection of Jolly Balls is sure to impress. They have more than just one type of toy, after all; varieties ranging from balls to balls with handles to a ball inside a ball! This gives you an opportunity to choose what you believe your dog would like most.

  • Tug-N-Toss Jolly Ball – The Classic version of a Jolly Ball; a ball with a handle
  • BounceN-PlaySimilar to the Tug-N-Toss; it is a smooth rubber ball, but it does not have a handle
  • Soccer Ball – Made with details that allow your dog to get a grip on the ball, the soccer ball is great for your dog to knock around
  • Teaser Ball – The teaser ball is a ball inside a ball; there is a smaller ball inside of a hard plastic ball that should not come out unless the toy is destroyed a great deal
  • Romp-N-RollA Jolly Ball with a rope through it; the rope can move but should not come out of the Jolly Ball, allowing for a place to grip

While Horse Jolly Balls are great for larger dogs or dogs from the herding group, canine Jolly Balls have size recommendations based on your pup’s breed and weight. If you have a dog that is under 20 pounds, for example, you will want to get your dog a small in its Jolly Ball sizing! The Classic Tug-N-Toss Jolly Ball is available in sizes small to x-large, offering toys for pets over 80 pounds as well. These sizes represent a specific diameter that the ball will measure as.

  1. Small – 4.5-inch diameter
  2. Medium – 6-inch diameter
  3. Large – 8-inch diameter
  4. X-Large – 10-inch diameter



Toys of other brands may be preferred by some owners, such as Bully Ball dog toys.

Final Decision

At the end of the day, our choice for best Jolly Ball would be the 10” Jolly Ball for Horses. They offer a lot of tough play for your dog, as this is a Jolly Ball made to withstand around 2,000 pounds in action. The 10” Jolly Ball has several different color options for you to choose from as well, with some having scents to drive your dog’s interest!

If you are still looking at Jolly Balls for Dogs this would be for dogs who dont have a strong jaw, Jolly ball also have other toys such as Teaser Ball. This double-toy offers hours of entertainment for your pup as they work to get the interior ball out. There are also small-breed friendly choices from the canine line of Jolly Balls, offering balls that are small in size at 4.5 inches in diameter!

Therefore, if you are looking for a mental stimulation approach, you should consider the Teaser Ball toy from Jolly Ball. If you’re looking for a toy that can survive the play of animals who are huge, you need the 10” Horse Jolly Ball.