From which type of German Shepherd is best for you to whether German is the best language to train your dog in, we have compiled 19 MUST know facts about German Shepherds. An excellent guide for anyone who is thinking about adopting or someone who has recently adopted a German Shepherd, we did the answer-seeking for you. Along with their hardworking tendencies, German Shepherds are the second most registered breed with the American Kennel Club.

Why Do German Shepherds Have A Double Coat?

German Shepherds have double coats to protect them from the elements they may endure as they are herding. As the German Shepherd was bred, it needed a feature that allowed it to be outside in the winter despite the cold and in the summer despite the heat. This special double coat helps regulate their body temperature, allowing them to continue working even in the worst weather conditions. It also helps keep your pet dry; the topcoat guards your German Shepherd against rain and snow. This double coat feature means you should never shave your German Shepherd, even if you have the best of intentions. [1]

Is It A Good Idea To Have 2 German Shepherds?

The more dogs, the merrier is what most dog owners say, but it depends on your particular situation if having 2 German Shepherds is a good idea. You may be considering having 2 German Shepherds because you don’t want your dog to be lonely, but even if you get yourself a pair of German Shepherd dogs, you will still find that they prefer your company overall. If you are going to use German Shepherds for working dogs and have a large herd, you may want to get more than one to properly contain your herd.

Do German Shepherds Get Lonely?

German Shepherds are very social animals. They can get lonely if you don’t have another time to give them the required attention. As they grow up with you as a leader, they will become attached and become a lifelong companion. Even having another German Shepherd may not completely keep your friend from experiencing loneliness. If you are concerned you won’t have the time to ensure they get the proper amount of attention, you may want to consider a different dog or animal altogether. If not for the loneliness aspect, then for the safety of your home, as German Shepherds can be destructive if they get bored. [2]

Are Male German Shepherds Hard To Train?

German Shepherds are amongst the easier of dogs to train, but you may have a bit of trouble with your male German Shepherd if they want to challenge for the spot as alpha. This derives from their natural instincts, with wolves having their own hierarchy of their pack. While they may not be overly aggressive, you will notice the stubborn tactics when you see them. Overall, if you start from a young age and provide positive reinforcements during your training, you will have an easy time getting your new best friend to be the dog of your dreams.

Is It Better To Have Male Or Female German Shepherd?

This is an answer that will be based entirely on your personal preference, as both sexes of German Shepherds make phenomenal pets. If you are adopting a German Shepherd already in its adult years, you will have to assess the dog’s training regardless of the sex to ensure you get a pal that transitions smoothly into your life. If you are planning on buying a German Shepherd puppy, the sex isn’t something that will matter in the long run of training, and it is something that you will pick on your own. [3]

Which Type Of German Shepherd Is The Best?

The type of German Shepherd that is best for you depends on your lifestyle and why you are getting a dog. There are five different German Shepherd types, with the American line being best for a companion animal, as they are less physically demanding than the other four types. If you want a German Shepherd that is hardworking and intelligent, you will want to look for a West German Working Line Shepherd. The other types of German Shepherds include the Czech Working Line that was bred for military work, the East German Working Line that requires an experienced handler, and the West German show line who make great protectors but also need a lot of training. [4]

At What Age Does A German Shepherd Start Guarding?

Your German Shepherd can begin guarding from six months old to two years old. Not every German Shepherd is the same, and they will mature at different rates. To ensure that they are guarding properly and not simply reacting at anything, you will want to use positive reinforcement towards the behaviors that you want to see. Some guarding instincts may not be as strong as you were expecting and it is a risk that you must be willing to take if you don’t properly train your pup. However, if a time truly calls for it, your pal should be there to help you.

Will A German Shepherd Protect You Without Training?

There is no guarantee your German Shepherd will protect you from dangers if it is not adequately trained. Well, at least there is no guarantee that your German Shepherd will protect you physically, anyway. It is a common act for dogs to bark at what they perceive as a threat and display general signs of aggression. However, there is no actual way to tell if they would protect you unless the situation called for it. Dogs are pack animals and love their families, meaning that if you are in peril, your four-legged friend may be the one to the rescue.

Will A German Shepherd Naturally Protect You?

Your German Shepherd may naturally protect you due to the instinct of being a pack animal. It is not a taught behavior for your dog to offer some kind of distraction to allow you to get to safety. Even if your pup is not aggressive, they will stick by your side and act as a deterrent for any danger that may consider you a target. There is no guarantee they will protect you physically. Still, due to selective breeding, you will always have a sidekick in your beautiful pup. [5]

What Do German Shepherds Hate?

German Shepherds hate nothing more than boredom. This intelligent breed has a mind that needs constant stimulation to prevent them from being destructive to their environment. German Shepherds are natural herding dogs and tend to use their mouths to explore the world. If you do not have something to keep your pup’s attention, they will find their own way to keep themselves entertained. To avoid this, get mentally stimulating puzzle toys or toys that require focus to achieve their goal. Treat puzzle toys are a great example, as well as the classic Kong toys that you can fill with peanut butter or your treat of choice.

Do Police Use Male Or Female German Shepherds?

Both female and male German Shepherds can be K9 Police Dogs, but males are used more often due to their independent nature. While female German Shepherds can be trained to do the same things, it is said that they are more reluctant to be away from their handlers. In contrast, male German Shepherds use their instinct for dominance to apprehend a criminal no matter how far away from their handler they may get. It is theorized that female German Shepherds are more protective of whomever they are partnered with due to the maternal instincts they possess.

Do Dogs Understand German Better Than English?

Your dog doesn’t necessarily “understand” either language, but the crisp words of German are more decipherable to your dog than English words. There is a common practice amongst working dogs, such as K9 units, to train them with German words. This is not only because it is more decipherable, but it also prevents your dog from taking commands from others. The different tones of the languages are hard to mix up. If their trainer said it with a specific force, it would be hard for anyone unfamiliar with the dog to mimic.

At What Age Do German Shepherds Calm Down?

German Shepherds will begin to calm down around ages 3 to 5 on average. Your dog will never be a couch potato, as they have too much work ethic and energy that has been specially bred into the breed. However, it is around 3 to 5 years old that your German Shepherd is transitioning from the pup and adolescent dog into a dignified and mature adult dog. Some German Shepherds may mature and calm down earlier than 3 years, as well as later than 5 years. Each German Shepherd is unique, and it depends on their temperament, training, and overall personality when they will calm down. [6]

How Do You Know If A German Shepherd Is Purebred?

If you are not purchasing from a breeder or someone who can testify to the dog’s purebred status, the only way you can be absolutely sure a German Shepherd is purebred is to conduct a DNA test. While you could also take a chance of appraising their appearance and temperament as well, it may not be as accurate. There are a few breeds that strongly resemble a German Shepherd, though there are distinct differences. If you are concerned about your pet’s bloodline, contact your vet about DNA testing or purchase a DNA testing kit to send to a specialist.

How Long Can A German Shepherd Hold Their Pee?

Adult dogs on average, including German Shepherds, may have the capability of holding their bladder for 8-12 hours. Of course, you should never wait this long between bathroom breaks for your dog if you can help it. Holding their bladder can cause liver and kidney issues, just as it could in humans, and your dog should be let out to use the restroom at least three times a day, if not more often. They rely on you to help them take care of their needs and not all dogs can hold their bladder that long. This means if you make them hold it and an accident happens, it is a consequence of your actions.

What Are German Shepherds Afraid Of?

There is no one thing a German Shepherd is afraid of, as they each have their own experiences, personalities, and fears. Like people, if one German Shepherd is scared of the dark, not every German Shepherd will be afraid of the dark. Common fears that dogs have include thunder, being left alone, the vacuum, the television, or anything else for that matter. Some German Shepherds, if not properly socialized, may be scared of everything. It is your job as an owner to work them through their anxieties.

What Do Most German Shepherds Die From?

One of the most common diseases that kill German Shepherds is cancer. The two most common types of cancer a German Shepherd may get are bone cancer and spleen cancer. Other problems that may affect a German Shepherd’s average lifespan include the mobility issues they may experience later in life, such as hip dysplasia. While these mobility issues don’t directly cause death, many owners choose to euthanize their pets to save them from hurting. [7]

How Do You Calm Down A German Shepherd?

If you have a German Shepherd who seems to be bursting with energy, provide them with a mentally stimulating toy or go through an exercise bound to tired them out. Perhaps your German Shepherd likes to play fletch; if that’s the case, you can toss the ball to their heart’s content. If your German Shepherd isn’t remaining entertained even with this, try taking them on a tolerably intense walk. While you don’t want to completely wear your dog out, you also don’t want to fail at deleting their energy!

Do Police Dogs Live With Their Handlers?

Yes, police dogs live with their handlers! When a dog becomes a K9 officer, they are assigned to a human police officer who is responsible for taking care of them. That means the K-9 unit will come home with the police officer and be cared for off of the clock as well. The dog has to be appropriately taken care of and kept in proper shape. Other than maintaining police shape, the K9 will act as a family pet otherwise. The dog will relax and hang out with the human officer and his family, just as any other dog would. Dogs need off time too! [8]