The Great Dane German Shepherd is a mix of two large dog breeds – the Great Dane and the German Sheppard.

This mix is rarely found, as it is not among the most popular dog mixes.

They have cheerfulness and friendliness inherited from the Great Dane.

Their intelligence and protectiveness come from the German Shepherd.

You can have a loving, obedient dog.

It will make a fantastic security dog ​​and companion friend.

It is unassuming and ready to please its master.

This dog mix is an excellent breed for families living in houses with a yard.

It is good to let you know that it might be a nightmare for people who live alone in a small apartment.

This dog breed has high energy and food demands.

Also, it is very easy to train.

There are many positive characteristics that this dog mix possesses.

We analyzed 3 characteristics in the article below.

Facts about the Great Dane-German Shepherd Dog Mix

  1. Highly Intelligent
  2. Perfect Guard Dogs
  3. Giant Dog

1 Highly Intelligent

This characteristic comes from the German Shepherd’s intelligence and Great Dane’s laid-back demeanor.

They will happily spend hours on your lap or in front of the fire.

But they will respond quickly if necessary.

They are incredibly bright creatures.

Dane Shepherds (Great Dane – German Shepherd Dog Mix) always desire to please their owner.

This makes them reasonably simple to train. [1]

Because they can become excitable, some of this breed’s canines need a skilled trainer.

This hybrid gets its intelligence mostly from its German Shepherd parent.

Which holds the title “The third most intelligent dog breed“.

They can learn new tasks after only 4-5 times repetitions. [2]

Thus, they find it challenging being left alone for extended periods.

So, they appreciate spending lots of time with their family.

This hybrid is quite intelligent.

Thus they need a lot of mental stimulation in many forms.

Stimulation includes training and mental exercises.

Another solution is diverse toys and interaction with other breeds and people. [3]

These dogs require a lot of dialogue.

Dialogue combines with activities designed to increase their intelligence.

Great Dane – German Shepherd mix may become irritated and engage in destructive activities.

They get sad if their owners don’t give them enough attention.

2 Perfect Guard Dogs

One of the most valued breeds of security dogs is the German Sheppard.

This is since they are easy to train.

They are also apprehensive of strangers.

Dane Shepherds hybrids have complete faith in their family and handler.

It takes a few encounters before they do the same for a stranger.

The Dane Shepherd mix frequently exhibits the same mentality. [4]

Early socialization can increase their comfort around strangers.

The majority of this breed will continue to be wary of unfamiliar people.

This is better than owning a huge dog.

A dog who jumps up to greet everyone it passes. [5]

Energetic, vigilant, and protective are the qualities that make them excellent watchdogs.

Their physical attributes, including size, build, and appearance, add to their fearsome component. [6]

If they were properly trained, dogs would save their barking for alerting or warning their masters.

To defend their loved ones, they would do whatever it takes.

Giant Dogs

German Shepherds are enormous dogs.

But they are not as large as the Great Danes.

A hybrid can grow to be between 28 and 30 inches tall. [7]

Between 65 and 130 pounds, they are one of the largest cross breeds.

The majority of these canines have strong, powerful, muscular legs and a physique similar to a Great Dane.

They share characteristics with both parent breeds in that they have long, upright ears and bright brown eyes. [8]

Depending on whatever parent they chose to take them after, their coats would differ.

They can have a medium-length coat, like the German Shepherd.

They can also have short, like the Great Dane.

Having hues ranging from hazel to brown to black to white or even merle.

Based on which parental breed is dominant, you may end up with a huge dog or a gigantic dog. [9]

Your dog will want a lot of space and air if he is similar to the Great Dane.

It might be challenging if this hybrid breed lives in a small area.

The Dane Shepherd mix is better off residing in a spacious home with a good yard.

Even if the breed does not require as much time outdoors.[10]

How Big Will a Great Dane and German Shepherd Mix get?

A Great Dane and German Shepherd mix can get 28 to 30 inches tall and weighs 65 to 130 pounds.

It is one of the largest cross breeds.

This is why the dog mix requires a big and spacious home with a yard.

In small apartments, even the simplest task may be challenging for them.

How Much Is a Great Dane – German Shepherd Mix?

A German Shepherd and Great Dane mix costs from $400 to $1000.

If you purchase a puppy, the cost will vary according to the parents’ pedigree.

It depends on the breeders’ reputation and the lineage of the dog.

Finding a trustworthy breeder is the first thing you should do.

Never purchase a pet from a pet shop, website, or puppy mill.

How Long Do Great Dane – German Shepherds Live?

German Shepherd – Great Dane hybrids live 8 – 13 years.

This hybrid can experience numerous medical conditions, like cancer.

Great Danes can frequently acquire bone or lymph cancer.

German Shepherds can age-relatedly develop spleen cancer.

This mix could inherit either of these diseases.

This mix may also be prone to diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems.

Final Verdict

The German Shepherd and Great Dane are combined to make the Dane Shepherd mix.

It is a large breed that demands a lot of space and devotion.

They make excellent protection dogs.

Also, they can be trained as guide dogs as well.

The Dane Shepherd mix is a healthy breed.

You may anticipate an average lifespan of 12 years.

This hybrid breed makes a wonderful family dog or companion.