Navy seal dogs do not have metal teeth as their natural teeth can hold much stronger to their roots. However, in case of any injuries or damage, they might get titanium or other metal cap teeth for better protection.

Do Police Dogs Have Titanium Teeth ?

No, Police dogs do not have titanium teeth. All dogs, including war dogs and police dogs, receive training to attack. Those attacks and bites can sometimes result in fractured teeth. One approach to assist a dog in continuing its job is to replace damaged teeth with a metal cap. [1]

Police forces are equipping their fellow creatures with empty spaces metal caps teeth for dogs. Steel or titanium caps are used to replace their damaged teeth to provide them a strong structure.

During the training period or when the army or attack dogs bite on their crates, the canines’ original teeth frequently break.

Dog fangs (the four sharpest and most visible teeth) are among the most often changed as they enable the dog to grab and breakthrough anything (including protective gear) without causing damage to their own teeth. Titanium caps, on the other hand, may not be as strong as natural teeth and are “far more prone to fall out when they bite” as they can not hold down to the dog’s natural roots.

However, many people believe that artificial teeth also add to the horror element in terms of aesthetics, and no one will fear getting close to special forces dogs.

Reasons that police dogs have titanium teeth Snopes:

  • Dental health concerns such as cavities, fractures, and enamel loss on normal teeth.
  • Dogs that chew on metal crates and other sharp objects are prone to tooth loss and breakage.
  • Working dogs in the military or law enforcement, where they could break their tooth in high-risk circumstances, such as when a criminal strikes the canine on the jaw.

A dog’s metal cap may cost in between $326 to $500 per tooth according to the tooth’s size. However, the anesthesia cost may also add up and could make it more costly. [2]

Did you Know?

Canine tooth implants may cost similar to human tooth implants

Do Navy Seal Dogs Have Titanium Teeth?

Military and Navy SEAL dogs do not have titanium caps or other metal-capped teeth. The only case they get it is absolutely essential, such as when a crown is broken or damaged during a mission.

It is due to two primary factors:

  • Teeth that are not metal-based are more durable and healthier
  • Metal dog teeth are more likely to come away or fall when trying to bite than normal teeth

The most essential element to remember here is that the Navy SEALs, as well as other police department authorities, are not simply pulling off an animal’s teeth to make an unnerving war weapon. There was a widespread belief on the Internet that titanium fangs were preferred to natural teeth, but they’re more like a side option in the event of an accident.

When people think about titanium or other metal flangs for canines, they typically mean metal caps rather than titanium dog teeth implants. When sturdiness outweighs looks, titanium is the best material for crowns used for dogs. [3]

“The most frequent crowns used are cast metal, titanium, or zirconia,” according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. [4] [5]


Military, Navy, or Police dogs with titanium teeth may look dangerous, but they have no other choice than to provide regular service. They can lose, damage, and fracture their natural teeth while chasing and attacking the criminals, biting at metal objects or crates. However, having a metal or titanium cap can fix their damaged teeth, but that does not provide them long-lasting protection as they are fragile and could fall off easily.