The simple answer is that you should not shave your Golden Retriever’s coat. However, you can trim and groom it yourself. They have a specialized outer coat that can be damaged, and it is why you should not shave your Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever Coat

A Golden Retriever has a double coat. This means that they have two specialized types of fur that grow on their body. These types of fur help to protect your Golden Retriever from getting too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Their coats also have water-repelling properties, though mutations can alter the state of their coats.

Seasonal Coats

Most dogs, including Golden Retrievers, have specialized coats to deal with the weather and seasonal changes. Golden Retrievers will shed their coats most frequently in the months of spring and fall. This is so that they can grow in their new coats for winter and summer.

Golden Retriever Summer Cut

With all of their shedding, it can be tempting to shave your dog’s coat. Especially in summer when they don’t need as thick coats. Shaving their coats can damage them. The best way to help your dog is to make sure that their coats are kept neatly trimmed. They have specialized double coats for a reason and shaving them can cause severe damage to these coats. Your dog will not actually be cooler if you shave their coat as one of the functions of their hair is to keep them cool by trapping cold air close to the skin.

There are many things that you can do to keep your Golden Retriever cool if you are worried that they may overheat in the summer.

How To Keep Your Dog Cool

  • Give them wet towels to lie on
  • Provide shaded areas outside
  • Provide them with a paddling pool

I Shaved My Golden Retriever

If you have shaved your Golden Retriever, then you will need to keep a closer eye on their skin and their coat. If they have been shaved, then their skin will be exposed and more likely to get sunburnt. In the worst-case scenario, this can cause cancer, so you need to be extra careful if you have shaved your Golden Retriever. Make sure that they wear a coat or covering of some sort when walking outside, even in the summer. A simple thin layer of clothing can help to prevent sunburn.

If you think that your dog has developed any signs of severe sunburn or moles on their skin, then you should take them to the vet to get checked. A lot of the time, it is nothing too concerning. But taking them to the vets can alleviate their pain and make sure that it is not anything too serious.

Groomer Shaved My Golden Retriever

Trained groomers should know not to shave Golden Retrievers or any dogs with double coats. However, mistakes can happen. It is much easier to prevent this than it is to fix it. Make sure that your groomer knows your dog’s breed and coat condition. This will help them to give your dog the correct grooming experience and prevent any unwanted shaving.

Golden Retriever Haircut

After establishing that you cannot shave a Golden Retriever, let’s have a look at what haircuts and grooms you can give your four-legged friend.

Teddy Cut

A teddy bear cut is an adorable way to groom your pooch. It allows you to keep the length of fur that you want on your dog without damaging their coat. This cut keeps more fur around your dog’s face than their body to make them look as though they have a teddy bear face. You can give a teddy cut to a golden retriever. To get this cut, ask your groomer for a teddy cut or, if you feel confident, you can try it for yourself.

Show Cut

A show cut is a term used for an elegant groom that shows off the quality and healthiness of your dog’s coat. It is no surprise that you will commonly see this type of cut on show dogs. A Golden Retriever show cut is where the length is kept long and bouncy, but the ends are trimmed neat and fresh. Paws and ears need to be kept on top of when having this cut.

Most Popular Golden Retriever Cuts

  • Simple Trim
  • Teddy Cut
  • Show Cut
  • Summer Cut

How Long Does It Take For A Golden Retriever’s Hair To Grow Back?

If you have shaved your Golden Retriever, then you are likely to be in for a long wait. It can take a minimum of three months for your Golden Retriever’s fur to grow back. In total, it can take up to a year for your dog’s fur to grow back. Consulting a vet may help as they may be able to provide supplements or medication to help speed up the growth process.

Golden Retriever Crosses You Cannot Shave

  • Goldendoodle
  • Golden Shepherd
  • Golden Collie
  • Golden Husky

Can I Shave Golden Retriever Crosses?

Crossbreeds have become more popular in recent years and Golden Retrievers are popular dogs to crossbreed. It is unwise to shave any dog to its skin. We’ll have a look at some popular Golden Retriever crosses and whether you can shave them.

Can You Shave A Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles often have much thicker and curlier hair than Golden Retrievers. This poodle cross should never be shaved to their skin as it does not help to keep them cool in summer. You should only shave a Goldendoodle if their hair has become severely matted. Even then, take them to a groomer so that they can be shaved professionally.

Can You Shave A Golden Shepherd?

A Golden Shepherd never needs to be shaved. Both Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds have double coats that can be damaged if shaved. The same goes for their offspring, a Golden Shepherd. The only exception to this shaving rule is if a vet needs to do it for medical purposes.