The IQ of a German Shepherd is between 80-90.

Dogs are considered the smartest animal breeds, after monkeys.

Communication and learning speed can determine the level of intelligence dogs possess.

Their high sense of smell and good vision contribute to their level of performance.

Let’s dig deeper into the determination of IQ in German Shepherds.

What Makes German Shepherds Smart?

  • Puzzle Solving
  • Differentiation
  • Communication
  • Learning

Puzzle Solving

Most tests created to determine the German Shepherd’s IQ include a puzzle.

Somewhere inside the labyrinth, there’s a hidden treat that the pet’s supposed to find. [1]

Their capability to find the threat determines their problem-solving and logic skills.

Fast learning and communication make German Shepherds smart.

According to Corner’s intelligence list, the IQ of dogs is measured based on two criteria.

The first one of them is the number of repetitions needed to learn a new command.

The second one – the success rate of obeying a command on the first try.

German Shepherds were ranked among the top 10 canines in the top dog intelligence class.

Breeds in this group can pick up a new command in less than five tries.

Basic commands may be taught to German Shepherd dogs (GSDs) in just a few minutes.

German Shepherds also demonstrated traits of extreme obedience.

As a result, a GSD has a success rate of 95% or more when following a known command on the first try.

The characteristics below determine the level of intelligence in this breed. [2]

Check out more about GSD’s adaptive and instinctive intelligence.


Like other hunting species, German Shepherds have a very keen sense of smell.

It gives them the intrinsic ability to tell one’s scent from another.

German Shepherds aren’t frequently used for hunting.

However, police enforcement makes use of their tracking skills. [3]

They are sometimes used for hunting.

It is because their good vision allows them to detect even the slightest movement.

They can interpret body language and pick up hints from it and have more acute hearing and smell senses.

This characteristic makes German Shepherds ideal for security and law enforcement operations.


German Shepherds can express themselves in unique ways to their owners.

Even though they cannot speak, they can understand and interact with their owners.

German Shepherds can comprehend between 150 and 200 words, which is quite impressive.

They are experts at body language and can pick up on human body language so they can interact with their owners. [4]

The English Bull-dog and other dog breeds share this insight.


German Shepherds are curious canines with open minds.

They are simple to train because of their desire to please their owners.

With only a few repetitions, certain German Shepherds may learn a new command.

They can, however, be cunning and attempt to trick you in exchange for praise or treats. [5]

Most scientists consider cognition and its main characteristics to be inherited.

Self-control is one of the main measurements of intelligence in dogs.

A study conducted in 2020  learned that 60% of self-control is inherited in dogs. [6]

In this circumstance, either breed or training experience is required.

You might consider professional training depending on the work they’ll be doing.

What Is The IQ of a German Shepherd?

The IQ of a German Shepherd is between 80 and 90.

This puts them among the top 10 most intelligent dogs overall. [7]

A study discovered changes in brain function and development in 8/7000 dogs from 74 breeds.

This brought them to the conclusion that breed genetics influence IQ scores.

The IQ of dogs is measured with a specific scale called The Wechsler Dog Intelligence Scale (WDIS).

How Is IQ Measured in Dogs?

IQ in dogs is measured by performing a specific test and creating IQ scales.

Human intelligence is quantified by the intelligence quotient or IQ. [8]

It is determined using a person’s intelligence test result.

IQs range from 100 to 140.

Although dogs are rarely given IQ tests, a recent study indicates that they may have an average IQ of about 80.

Dogs are highly intelligent despite being less intelligent than humans, according to this.

Some of the criteria for IQ determinations were covered in this article.

Other quick tests can give you a close cue of how smart your dog is.

These tests can be performed at home with simple tools but are not officially verified.

Quick Tests to Determine Your GSD’s Intelligence

“Find Your Treat”

This exercise will show how well your dog can track and solve difficulties.

Make sure the reward you use is big enough to be seen clearly, and use a cloth for this.

Use only one or two little snacks.

The test proceeds as follows:

  • Request your German Shepherd to sit down
  • Put the treat on the ground in front of it
  • Cover the treat with a towel
  • Track the time while you wait for the dog to take the treat

“Escape Time”

Put your pet through this test to see whether it can figure out how to get itself untangled from a big piece of cloth.

You must prevent it from panicking.

This will ensure that its information processing centers are operating at their peak.

By allowing it to smell and investigate the sheet for two days, you can help it become accustomed to it.

Here is the quiz:

  • Request that your German Shepherd sit
  • Cover the dog’s face with the sheet
  • While you check your stopwatch, wait for it to free itself
  • No matter when it releases itself, give it a treat


Give your dog 6 points if it finds the reward in less than 15 seconds.

Give 3 points if it takes up to 30 seconds and 1 point for more than 30 seconds. [9]

How to Improve Your GSD Scores?

Improve your GSD scores by keeping its brain stimulated and active.

According to research, consistently taught dogs are smarter than untrained ones.

This is so that training can keep the dog’s brain active and stimulated.

Providing your dog with many toys and activities to keep it busy is one approach to engaging its brain.

This can comprise training sessions that incorporate new instructions or skills.

Include puzzle toys that challenge it to determine how to get the rewards out.

Games of hide-and-seek can help out as well.

You may avoid boredom and destructive behavior by stimulating its thinking.

How High Is My German Shepherd’s IQ?

Your German Shepherd’s IQ is between 80-90.

This puts it very high among the list of most intelligent dog breeds.

Criteria like learning and puzzle-solving determine the IQ of pets.

Such as the Puzzle game from Nina Ottosson.

Their tests vary from those in humans, and their levels of intelligence are lower.