Many dog owners have met the problem of anal gland blockage and inflammation.

To avoid frequent extractions, scientists developed anal-health products.

One of the most popular and effective products is Glandex.

This product promotes anal gland health and multiplies healthy gut bacteria.

However, some side effects have been noted by pet owners.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Glandex products.

What Can Glandex Be Used for?

Glandex can be used for maintaining the health of your pet’s anal glands.

Glandex supports the upkeep of healthy anal glands from the inside out.

Glandex is made with a unique fiber combination.

It works to make your pet’s stools bigger and firmer so that the anal glands can naturally empty.

Glandex also includes natural anti-inflammatories and omega fatty acids.

They help combats the underlying inflammation and allergies that cause anal gland issues.

It also supports a healthy digestive system, as well as anal gland activity.

To do this, it must contain probiotic bacteria and digestive enzymes. [1]

Pets with leaking anal glands can benefit from the use of Glandex.

Glands can either not empty properly on their own or have anal glands that are irritated.

This irritation and inflammation lead to gland hypersecretion.

On the other hand, Glandex products cause irritation of the bowels.

This has led to profuse diarrhea and vomiting in smaller pets.

Manufacturers advise leaving a 5-7 days period for adaptation.

This can help a dog’s body get used to a high-fiber diet and stop the side effects.

Who Can Use Glandex?

Dogs of any size and gender can use Glandex.

It has no size or breed preference, which makes it a universal health product.

It is also good for cats and puppies with gland blockage.

In the first few days, it may be hard for pets to adjust to the diet. [2]

As this product contains high levels of fiber.

Side effects like soft stool and diarrhea are possible.

However, these effects should stop after 5-7 days of usage.

Benefits of Using Glandex

There is a wide range of Glandex benefits that go upon the health of anal glands. [3]

Glandex is an oral dietary supplement intended to support normal anal gland activity.

Veterinarians created it and endorse it.

Glandex supplements help digestion and supply fiber from the inside out.

The stool pressure on the glands helps with natural emptying during defecation.

Studies found that 15,7% of all processes in anal glands were non-neoplastic diseases.

Most of the inflammations were caused by anal sac impactions.[4]

This product helps to provide extra bulk and create firmer stools.

It contains natural nutrients that assist healthy digestion and high fiber levels.

The omega-fatty acids promote normal histamine levels. 

They assist your friend in controlling seasonal allergies and inflammatory reactions.

Glandex contains pumpkin seed powder and granulated pumpkin seeds.

The strength of the pumpkin is concentrated in the top two elements of the supplement.

These elements provide your dog with several advantages.

The high-quality fiber found in pumpkins aids in giving the volume and firmness of the stool.

Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and zinc are also present.

These dietary components promote the general health of your dog.

A flavonoid found in plants called quercetin has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

It might lessen inflammatory and allergic responses.

Probiotics are offered by Lactobacillus acidophilus to promote gut health and proper digestion.

Out of 1000 reviews, 85% rated the products with 4 or 5 stars. [5]

Different Glandex Products for Anal Gland Health

The most famous type of Glandex is the oral soft chews.

These delectable chews may be perceived as a tasty treat by your pet.

To promote a normal function of the anal glands, give your dog one dose per day based on weight.

It comes in pork flavor and contains 60 chews per container.

Owners like this product because their dogs enjoy the flavor.

Most of them report that it helps build up the stool and minimizes anal discharge.

As cons, buyers mention that it provokes diarrhea and vomiting in sensitive pets. [6]

For a more severe anal issue, manufacturers recommend the Glandex powder.

This product is additionally offered in pork liver flavor.

Owners sprinkle the supplement on top of their pet’s food to include it in their diet.

The powder can also be combined with warm water to create a delectable gravy food topping.

They note that it’s easier for consumption, as it is only added to the food they regularly consume.

However, in some dogs, dry and hard stool may appear.

The newest addition to the family is the Glandex Odorless Wipes.

These hygienic wipes can assist you in cleaning up after an untidy anal gland expression.

They have a fresh, clean aroma and natural enzymatic deodorizers.

These towelettes contain aloe, vitamin E, and skin conditioners.

You can also use them to clean your pet’s coat in other ways.

They are safe to use every day and paraben-free.

Pet owners say it eliminates dirt and fishy smell on fur.

They note it’s gentle on the skin but thick enough to clean effectively.

Most of them don’t like that they’re hard to dispense.

In some dogs, they cause skin break-outs.

Their newest product is the Glandex Medicated Spray.

It relieves pain and soothes outside irritations.

Will Glandex Improve Your Dog’s Life Quality?

Yes, Glandex improves your dog’s life quality.

The ingredients promote anal gland health and soothe inflammation.

They provide normal gut flora and minimize the development of gut infections.

Glandex can be used as chews, powder, and wipes.