Big Barker is the better product overall in the contest between Big Barker vs Kopeks.

Big Barker provides more benefits and proof of benefits before purchase to give you peace of mind.

Big Barker vs Kopeks

Big Barker is known for the products they create to provide comfort to larger breeds.

This is no different with their 7” Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Rest with a Headrest.

Clinically proven to provide relief for some skeletomuscular disorder symptoms, this is a brand that is utilized by many nationally in shelters, vets, and police forces.

Big Barker is commonly suggested by large dog owners, especially when it has the potential of improving your pet’s quality of life.

It takes about 4 weeks of use to notice a change in your dog’s joint functionality.

It is also recommended for its easy-to-clean feature.

With its removable cover, you can guarantee a simple experience.

Just unzip the outer cover and get it into your wash!

This ensures you can keep your pet’s resting place fresh as quickly as you do your own!

When taking a focus on the XL Big Barker bed, the dimensions measure at 52” L x 36” W x 7” H.

This is a relatively massive size to begin with, but if this isn’t big enough for your pup, you can also purchase a size larger to accommodate.

Highly appraised for its ability to relieve some of the joint pains dogs can have with its high-quality memory foam design, this bed also offers a 4” pillow.

This pillow keeps your pup’s head propped as they please, allowing them with that sense of real luxury.

Also checkout how Big Barker Compares to Bully Bed



Has a 10-year “won’t flatten” Warranty


Made in US



Big Barker is Expensive

Jumbo XL Orthopedic Dog Bed

KOPEKS is a company known for its pet products, including but certainly not limited to the Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed with a pillow.

This bed from KOPEKS is created with high-grade memory foam that is 7” in height.

The foam is similar to the material used in human orthopedic beds, offering joint support for your dog as they rest.

Accompanied by an attached 3-inch pillow, the elevation your pup’s head can have offers the sleep experience they deserve.

Covered in a soft and plush suede outer layer, it can be easy to fear the cleaning process that goes into keeping the bed smelling nice, but fear not!

The KOPEKS bed has a zipper that keeps the outer layer shut, and when unzipped, you can easily remove the cover of the bed and throw it into your washer!

When you add in the fact KOPEKS makes a point to mention its hypoallergenic features, it is clear to see why this is far from a bad choice.

With double-layered protection, the Jumbo XL-sized KOPEKS bed is 50” L x 34” W and 7” H. This offers plenty of room for many breeds, but not all of them.

The Jumbo XL is the largest size option available for this particular bed style as well from KOPEKS.

Intended for skeletomuscular disorder symptom relief, the KOPEKS Orthopedic Dog Bed is far better than most other dog beds, but it comes just short of its competitor Big Barker.



Anti-slip bottom on their dog beds


Waterproof dog Bed



The site only mentions a 30-day return period


Don’t have scientific evidence to support the claims of their beds

Final Verdict

Big Barker brings a fight to any match-up it is in and always lands heavy hits.

The company is known for its real bed quality and its dedication to improving beds for dogs suffering from skeletomuscular disorders.

It also relieves many owners to know the product is made in the USA.

KOPEKS is a great competitor, measuring up well next to the Big Barker brand.

With their 7” beds comes a 3” pillow which is an inch shorter than its competition, but it makes up for its shortcomings.

With a water-resistant liner beneath its smooth suede cover, it remains a popular and great decision.

Being a great decision doesn’t mean it is the best decision, though, and Big Barker holds firm as a great dog bed company.

With its provided proof of benefits and the hard-hammered 10-year warranty on their product, it is hard to go with any other brand.