Pooping is a vulnerable time for the dog. Your dog walks in circles before pooping to make sure the area around is safe for him.
Your dog will curve his back and begins to do his little things. But instead of looking away, he stares into our eyes. But why does he do it?

A study carried out in 2009 by a group of scientists revealed that this is a reaction similar to a mother with her children. Your dog sees you as a fatherly or maternal figure, and you see him as a son.

Why Does My Dog Poop In Multiple Spots

For this case, some possibilities can trigger the habit:

  • Lack of training
  • An “incomplete” training
  • Preference for a particular surface
  • Anxiety
  • Fear of Going Out

Lack of training

Your dog has never received training. If it happens, dogs poop so much when you walk him.

An “incomplete” training

Your dog goes to the bathroom in her place when you take him, but if he is left alone or there is any change in the routine, he will poop where he should not.

Preference for a particular surface

Your dog gets used to doing it on certain surfaces, and it is challenging for him to change areas. – Avoid cold or rain: they only do it indoors when it’s cold, rainy, or snowy. Marking with urine: they leave small amounts of urine in various vertical places to claim territory, to indicate that they “were there” or in response to frustration, stress, or anxiety. – Separation anxiety: your dog is done every time you leave home.


Many dogs respond with anxiety to changes (moves, someone new who comes to live in the house, someone who stops living in the house, etc.), and they can start to pee or poop where they should not.

Fear of Going Out

They are afraid to go outside or open areas, so they poop or pee everywhere inside.

Why Does My Dog Pretend To Poop

If your dog comes back from the human toilet, people usually give a dog a treat. It created issues not just with one breed, but also with other dogs.

Your dog will bark for a treat after pooping many times (and you know it is fake). Sometimes, it happens in minutes.

Senior Dog Walks and Poops

Another theory quite accepted by all of us is that a senior dog turns around before pooping because it needs to make sure it does it in the right place. This may be because there is an intention to mark with your stool at a specific point.

Some say that this may have to do with the instinctive behavior of turning around before going to bed. Apart from allowing them to control the environment, this is how they find the right position to sleep.

This action also flattens the ground where they will lie down.

Why Does My Dog Walk While Peeing

This may be due to several reasons:

  • Your dog is very territorial and is claiming an area as its own
  • You want to announce your presence upon the arrival of a new individual
  • There are females in heat in the area, and he wants to announce their availability
  • Your dog is dominant (they usually urinate on the urine of other dogs)

Although it is common to attribute it only to males, the truth is that females can also do it, especially when they have not been sterilized and are going through heat. We are talking about a behavior that occurs in dogs of breeding age. So, it is not normal behavior in puppies or older dogs.

A recent study shows that small dogs mark their territory more than large dogs. Perhaps this is due to their size since interaction with other dogs can be especially risky.

When marking their territory, the difference between males and females is that males tend to mark their territory over other markings. In contrast, females tend to mark their territory adjacent to each other.

When you take your dog for a walk, many things happen that you do not realize, so it is good to let them do dog things

Why Does My Dog Poop In The Bathtub

Imagine that you are in the middle of a park full of peers of humans. Suddenly, you want to poop. What everyone usually does is find a quiet and remote place where they can relax.

The dogs, as they do not have that modesty of being seen defecating, do not seem to have a problem with doing it in the middle of nowhere. However, modesty is not the same as security.

Pooping is a vulnerable time for a dog. It is very common for a dog to look around or look at you (which may be related) while pooping.

Therefore, he can possibly choose to poop on the bathub. For him, the bathtub looks like a large bowl to him while nobody is walking around.

Furthermore, if a dog trusts you, he will likely look at you while doing his business to have a reliable source of information that can alert him if any danger arises.

From here, it is common for a dog to look around to make sure there is no dangerous insight. There should be no possible interruptions so that the dog can relax and see the area where it is as “safe.”

So, it is normal for the dog to look towards you or possible sources of conflict. It is usual for an experienced dog to want to avoid these types of situations.

The need for safety seems quite logical when you consider that many dogs run freely. And it can be even worse: there are dogs without social skills, park puppies, who go crazy, jumping on top of other dogs without noticing what they do.

Why Does My Dog Do Runny Poop on Walks

A rather bizarre theory comes from Hynek Burda, a Czech researcher. He does not believe in the previous theories.

According to him, with the olfactory ability that dogs have, they should not need to monitor the space to detect dangers visually. Besides, wolves also do this behavior even though they usually are tall enough.

If the dog feels unsafe abruptly, dogs always poop on walks.

Furthermore, Burda says that dogs go around using Earth’s magnetic fields. The theory is that when the magnetic field is calm, dogs prefer to poop facing north or south. Whereas if the field is choppy, they do it randomly (probably because they don’t detect them).

This type of orientation could help dogs later easily remember the places where they have done their business. That is, they use the poles of the Earth as a reference to know where they have relieved themselves.

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Ground After Pooping In The Bathroom?

If a dog scratches the ground, be it dirt, grass, or asphalt in a friendly way when he finishes relieving himself, it is not because he wants to bury something like a cat does.  He wants to mark his territory and dedicate to the rest of the dogs a “Here’s my territory.”

Your dog will relieve themselves in the same place, turning this activity into a communicative need. Thus, the next dog that passes by and sniffs the marks will stop to poop there.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it incredible? Dogs can be guided by many things, including the Earth’s magnetic field!

It is possible that not only one of the theories is correct, and everything we have talked about here could be influencing the behavior of the dog. Nothing is as simple as it seems, and it is interesting to see how so many things can affect a simple behavior.

Each dog is a world. The reasons why it does something could be varied from one dog to another. What we do know is that those little furry ones that we walk around every day will not stop surprising us.

In general, those are not very harmful or annoying behavior. However, it should be corrected so that your dog focuses on what really matters: enjoying a pleasant time outdoors and walk normally.

The walk is a crucial moment for all dogs because it helps them to be distracted and socialize with other individuals. It would be best if you dedicated your time to these activities that are much more beneficial for them.