Stress or anxiety can trigger the dog to hump a child. Sometimes, it is very uncomfortable. It will be weird for people to see this.

But why it happens? Let’s see why dog mounting child and what it can mean for your puppy or dog to mount legs, other dogs, blankets, or whatever is put in between.

Why Would a Dog Mount a Child

More active dogs, when over-excited or happy, can mount a child to release energy or anxiety and return to a more relaxed state. This way of channeling stress can be seen, especially in Border Collies, German Shepherds, or Australian Shepherd Dogs.

The child’s height is doable for a dog to reach. Therefore, it is easier for them to hump the whole body without any problem.

Why Does My Dog Hump Me and No One Else?

There are at least four possible reasons to explain this behavior.

  • Dog Humping Because Of Disease
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Sexual Behaviour
  • Hierarchy or dominance

Dog Humping Because Of Disease

Have you ever considered that maybe what happens to your dog has more to do with a health problem than with sexual behavior? Well, it is one of the possible explanations.

For example, if your dog suddenly begins to offer this behavior that he had never shown before. It is also possible when you do not find a relationship with the rest of the possibilities that I mentioned earlier.

According to the research, hormonal problems and autoimmune diseases are the conditions most commonly associated with this type of behavior. It is also possible that the repetitive riding movement tries to alleviate pain caused by urinary infections and bone pathologies that affect the posterior portion, such as hip dysplasia.

For this reason, it is essential to go to the veterinary center to confirm the cause of such behavior and prevent the progression of its symptoms. You may have any of the following medical problems:

  • Alteration in estrogen or testosterone levels
  • Sortoli cell or granule cell tumors
  • Diseases that affect the odor profile: the anal sac, urinary tract, urine infection or vaginal infection, skin allergies, or priapism. You will see that they spend a lot of time licking or rubbing themselves.

Stress or anxiety

For almost the same reason as in the previous case, stress or anxiety can trigger the dog to do the behavior at hand. It can happen when the dog is upset in some sense.

It is an emotion that generates restlessness. Whether it is caused by stress or anxiety as if it is by excitement or over stimulation, they are displacement behaviors that lead us to our dog ending up humping.

If this is maintained over time, it can become a compulsive disorder. So it is essential to pay attention to the real reason why the dog is humping.

Sexual behavior or learned behavior

Of course, we must not forget that our dog may be carrying out riding behavior as sexual behavior. It happens with females in heat usually.

Also, if the male has had previous sexual experiences, as it is a self-reinforcing behavior, he will do so to seek the pleasure it brings him. So much so that even neutered males can ejaculate.

It may look strange for you. However, masturbation can occur in both males and females.

Hierarchy or dominance

The myth of dominance in domestic dogs still exist. Dogs do not base their behaviors on dominance or hierarchies. Therefore, your dog shows his dominance by riding other dogs or more submissive for being the “mounted.”

Dog Trying To Hump New Puppy

When our dog feels a lot of emotion or has stimuli that generate a lot of excitement, it can sometimes release it by performing a riding behavior. According to the latest studies, it can happen, for example, when your dog meets a new dog or when he first sees a person he did not know.

If this is the reason, a dog is usually running around and show a lot of joy in the park. Then, he begins mounting a new playmate.

Why Does My Dog Hump Me When I Go Into Bed

The hump in the bed can also have a sexual nature on some occasions. It occurs in whole males and females.

It is still often thought that sex in animals appears only in terms of reproduction, which is a serious mistake. While it is an uncomfortable topic for some people, talking about self-stimulation and sexual discovery in dogs is necessary to understand their behavior and nature.

Some studies prove that dogs can also masturbate or self-stimulate for pleasure or relief, as well as to discover their own body and freely express their sexual desire. Of course, this does not mean that they are perverted or have psychological problems. However, it is the pure and spontaneous expression of the sexual behavior of their species.

Don’t worry if you have a female who rides other dogs during play sessions. This type of behavior is not exclusive to males, although it tends to occur more frequently among them.

And if you find the situations like:

  • My dog humps me when I’m pregnant
  • My dog humps me when I’m on my period
  • girl dogs hump after being spayed

It has something to do with the hormonal thing.

My Dog Humps Me When I’m Pregnant

There seems to be a link between dog behavior and person pregnancy. And if you’re breastfeeding, and you’ve found some odd behavioral shifts in your puppy, and maybe even some inappropriate actions, you ‘re not alone.

According to Jennifer Shryock, Licensed Dog Behaviour Trainer, dogs will sense all changes in the anatomy of a woman through pregnancy. A dog can show the affection of a pregnant woman by humping her.

My Dog Humps Me When I’m On My Period

During the menses, do we know what the scents of a female, the human body give off that could trigger specific behaviors in dogs? I doubt so.

However, dogs receive information mostly from their sharp nose. Once women have their bodies on period, their skin is releasing different fragrances that can stimulate the dog humping.

Girl Dogs Hump After Being Spayed

Many male / female dogs continue mounting and even masturbating after being neutered or spayed because they learned that their behavior felt good. Intact males (not neutered) often masturbate when they do not approach a female dog in heat.

Often, females hump their male “suitors” in the heat mounting process, and females usually mount and hump other females in heat.

Why Do Female Dogs Hump Stuffed Animals?

Lack of walks, unwanted visits, a negative encounter with another dog, and even an excessive fight can also generate stress. In these cases, dogs hump soft toys for an “escape valve” in situations that cause a lot of stress. It is essential to know how to identify the signs of tension in the dog.

Sometimes, my dog humps his toy after eating as a game associated with a high level of excitement caused by the activity. Remember that hyperactive or highly excitable dogs should use toys that help them relax, such as the kong for dogs, which is an excellent and highly recommended toy which we discuss in this post, an excellent and highly recommended toy. What the puppy is looking for is its place within a hierarchy and domination.

A Female Dog Hump A Person’s Leg

Similar to the previous case, a dog tries to occupy the position of “leader of the pack” when mounting your leg, nor make it clear that he is the boss when he does it with another person (or thing!)

However, there is another common reason for this:

A dog that experiences a sedentary routine or lives in a negative environment can quickly develop symptoms of stress and boredom. If you don’t offer him walks and positive activities through which he can expend energy, your dog will try to find alternative ways to release tension. It could eventually be riding your leg, a stuffed animal, other dogs, etc.

If your female dog hump a person’s leg constantly, this may be a sign that he is stressed or bored with his daily routine. So, we advise you to increase the frequency or duration of his walks and consider starting a dog sport.

Besides, introducing him to intelligence games and enriching their environment will provide positive and appropriate avenues of entertainment.

Why Does Humping Bother Us So Much?

There are mainly three reasons why it usually bothers us a lot:

  • It is out of modesty: When your dog wants to harass other dogs or people sexually, it is embarrassing for most humans who share their life with a dog. We think of riding behavior as strictly sexual, and having an animal that only thinks about sex makes us blush excessively. It’s hard to explain if we don’t know the correct answer.
  • It is out of control: When our dog enters this dynamic, it is challenging for us to get him to stop doing this behavior. Taking him off with his hand, scolding him, punishing him don’t seem to have great results to prevent him from behaving like that again for the next time, do they? So if it doesn’t work, don’t repeat it!
  • We feel insecure: Although we are convinced that he has a problem of obsession with sex, sometimes we find it difficult to believe that it manifests itself in such a continuous, persistent, and exaggerated way as it does.
  • When riding becomes a stereotype: If your dog tries to ride your leg or people and objects compulsively, you may be facing a stereotype. It is a severe behavior problem (similar to OCD in humans) and can even lead to self-mutilation due to the constant repetition of certain behaviors. Stereotypes generally appear when animal welfare is already seriously compromised, or when there is a history of abuse. For this reason, you should not ignore this type of alteration in the behavior of our dogs and be attentive to their needs. And if you observe any strange behavior, do not hesitate to seek the help of a canine ethologist.


A dog may also want to mount his guardian or other dogs as a result of poor socialization. It has led him to assimilate this behavior as a way of interacting with other individuals.

This problem can also appear frequently in animals that have a history of physical and emotional abuse. So if you have recently adopted a dog, it is essential to be aware of the development of these irregular riding habits.
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Likewise, it is possible that some dogs mistakenly assimilate the behavior of riding as a game. They can carry this behavior with their tutor, with other dogs, and even with other animals. Besides, mounting can also appear during a very active play session or in situations that generate over stimulation, especially in puppies and young dogs.