Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Care dog food is best for dogs having periodontal issues as it provides in-depth dental cleaning, removes stains or discoloration, and is safe for your dog to consume.

Hills Dental Care Dog Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Care passes AAFCO pet dietary standards, showing that it offers full and adequate nourishment for mature canines.

Feeding tests are widely perceived as the optimum evaluation technique in the dog food businesses.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Care is the ideal meal for keeping your dog’s dental health preserved.

This product can not be purchased without a reputed veterinarian’s prescription.

This kibble scrapes your dog’s dentition and gum lines using the exclusive fiber-matrix technique.

It could help eliminate discoloration as well as decrease buildup and calculus.

The kibble’s texture also helps to scrub your pet’s teeth.

It gradually eliminates any plaque when they chew it, and their teeth will get in improved health as they consume more.

It is best suited for older dogs that do not allow you to brush their teeth.

The ingredients mentioned are also full of antioxidants, mainly due to products such as soybean oil and pig fat, and also the different vitamins utilized to enhance it.

This product is very mild for your pet’s intestines and gut as brewer’s rice tops its ingredients list.

It’s also designed to generate a urinary habitat that lowers the danger of the struvite or calcium dioxide crystallization process.

But, the remaining things on the listing do not look too promising.

They contain questionable items such as corn, chicken by-product feed, and synthetic tastes.

It’s not the healthiest diet you could provide your pet in the long run, though it’s definitely the finest for their dental health, and that’s what this diet is all about.

Brewer’s rice is made up of tiny rice kernel pieces that have been extracted from the bigger rice grain seeds.

It is a low-grade grain since the pieces do not carry similar nutritional content as the full kernels.

Brewer’s rice is often thought of as a low-cost, low-quality replacement.

Whole kernel corn is the next component.

The complete corn seed is referred to as whole wheat corn (germ, fiber, and cytoplasm).

Corn is a food crop that contains vitamins, enzymes, and plant-based proteins in moderate amounts.

It also appears to be among the highly debated canine food items.

Corn is also said to be easily digestible and a good resource of proteins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, vitamins, and vital unsaturated fats, according to the company.

As a result, the use of corn as their key component in pet food should be investigated thoroughly.

When it comes to digestion, “very digestive” only applies to corn that has been turned into a powder or starch and then cooked.

In terms of protein, it’s important to remember that corn comes from plants that don’t include most of the essential amino acids that canines need to thrive.

As a result, replacing corn with beef is an inappropriate replacement that decreases the product’s total protein value.

Lastly, they claim about the presence of various vitamins and minerals in corn.

Despite the fact that corn has a high amount of vitamins and minerals, but it is still not a very nutritious food.

Several other substances are more extensive and medically acceptable.

The Hill’s Pet Nutrition has also been in controversy with FDA and was recalled in 2019 as many of their Prescription and Science diets listed in their report have found extreme levels of Vitamin D.

High vitamin D inside the food could induce sickness, reduced appetite, extreme thirst, frequent urine, abnormal salivation, and fat loss.

Excessive doses of vitamin D may lead to renal dysfunction and death.

Luckily, Hill’s prescription diet for a dog’s dental care does not have Vitamin D in its ingredient list and is safe for your dog to eat. [1] [2] [3]

The Hill’s Science diet dry dog food has a slight difference in the ingredient list as they use brown rice, fish oil, oat fiber, apples, broccoli, carrots, and green peas.

They offer much healthier ingredients that are good for your dog’s wellbeing and dental health for daily use.

You can easily buy them without a doctor’s prescription.

The third component is a chicken by-product.

Chicken by-product feed is made by processing chicken by-products by a method known as rendering.

AAFCO defines by-products as being “non-rendered, sterile pieces generated from butchered animals apart from beef.”

As a result, chicken by-products include almost all sections of chickens that are not generally eaten by people.

These organs comprise the heart, lungs, brain, renal, gut, blood, esophagus, marrow, and so on.

Chicken by-products, like many other animal by-products, are problematic, primarily since they are low-cost components that customers have mistaken for butcher litter.

Producers and many specialists, on the other hand, argue that livestock by-products are unnecessarily criticized.

Supporters say that “identified” by-products, like chicken by-products, provide many essential vitamins and minerals to canines.

Finely ground cellulose is the 4th component.

Finely ground cellulose is made from thoroughly crushed wood peel and plant fibers.

Ground cellulose has very less nutritional value aside from its fiber concentration.

Pork fat is the 5th component.

Pork fat is often obtained during the cooking stage of pork with a technique known as rendering.

Pork fat has a significant concentration of necessary saturated fats.

Pork fat, for an instance, is rich in polyunsaturated fats, an omega-6 fatty acid.

Since the components in Hill’s Prescription t/d dental dog food are mentioned in a sequence of pre-cooked quantities, the rest of the ingredients aren’t as essential as these five.

But, combined overall, the other ingredients have a considerable influence on the food’s effectiveness.

Then there’s a soybean mill run.

Soybean mill run is just another by-product of the manufacturing of dried soy protein.

This component is mostly created from nutritionally devoid soybean meals.

Since several animal parents and professionals feel soybean mill run is a low-cost, low-quality replacement, it is designated as problematic.

The next component is lactic acid, which is a chemical molecule.

Lactic acid is apparently used as a preserving agent in this meal.

According to the research of the contents, this food gets a significant content of protein through non-meat sources.



Helps improve dental health


Reduces plaque, tartar, and stains from teeth


Comes with fiber matrix technology


Suitable for all dog breeds


It is an AAFCO approved dog food



 Highly expensive


It is not a nutritionally balanced food


Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Care dog food is best suited for senior canines that have moderate to high levels of plaque and tartar buildup. It has got many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to promote a healthy gut and overall wellbeing. The downside of this product is that it has many suspicious ingredients like corn, chicken by-product meal, and many others that do not provide any well-balanced nutrition that a dog requires daily. Apart from that, it is pretty expensive if you’re purchasing it for the long run.