Petkin Tooth Wipes for dogs are great as they are non-toxic, safe, and effective in removing tartar and plaque buildup in your dog’s mouth.

Petkin Tooth Wipes for Dogs

Petkin Dental Wipes for Dogs is a great way to get rid of foul canine breath.

It’s a simple and effortless method to maintain your pet’s teeth and gums strong by removing regular plaque and encouraging better dental health.

Petkins Pet Wipes are mildly designed to apply to your dog’s teeth and gums daily to reduce dental plaque from forming, which can result in inflammation and dental deterioration.

These are organic, non-toxic, and harmless wipes for wiping away the calculus for pups above the age of six weeks.

It is easy-to-use dental hygiene for cats and dogs in the form of a wipe soaked in pure baking soda and peppermint taste that carefully cleans, whitens teeth while refreshing their bad breath.

These dental wipes come in handy when you’re traveling with your pets and want to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene everywhere.

Petkin dental wipes are a perfect alternative for those four-legged companions who are not willing to scrub their dentures or just trying to experiment with different cleaning methods.

These dental wipes are safe, paraben-free, affordable, and simple to use.

For use, simply remove the lid, grab a wipe, twist it all around your forefinger, and clean filthy areas off your dog’s teeth without the use of water or rinsing.

The lid of this container keeps leftover pet tooth wipes fresh, wet, and ready to clean, making it great for usage at the house or on the go.

Several animal owners look for brushing substitutes since their canines would not let them use a toothbrush near their teeth, and many canines even begin to nibble on the toothbrush as it reaches their jaws.

You may replace the toothbrush with Petkin’s Fresh Mint Dog Tooth Wipes and polish your canine’s dentures by cleaning them with safe wet wipes.

To refresh foul breath and eliminate calculus, Petkin adopts an old formulation.

In the method, just sodium bicarbonate, cetylpyridinium chloride, and peppermint essence are required.

The dental wipes are suitable for canines that are very small to munch on dental treats, as well as they’re very affordable than almost any other brand.

Jungle Pet Dental wipes for dogs are a bit similar to Petking dental wipes, but they are specially formulated with chlorhexidine gluconate, which not only cleans but stops dental issues from arising.

Even though the majority of users are satisfied with the Petkin dental wipes, a few reviews showed that these wipes are not long-lasting and a single wipe is not sufficient to clean the build-up in their dog’s teeth.

But, because they’re so inexpensive, you won’t spend much even if you are using 1-2 wipes.

It is available in a two-pack comprising 40 wipes measuring 5 × 5 inches.

Dental wipes treat every domestic animal the same, but pet parents must consider using products that are based on their pet’s requirements.

Also, these wipes have a mint flavor that most cats might not like.

It is better to offer minty products to check if your pet will like mint-flavored wipes or not.



Helps remove bad breath


Promotes oral hygiene


Natural and free of toxins


Come with baking soda and mint flavor


Travel-friendly packaging



Not long-lasting


Not as effective as brushing


Petkin Toothwipes for dogs is great as they help in refreshing bad breath from your dog’s mouth.

They are also effective in reducing debris and further dental decay or infection in the mouth.

They are best suited for canines over 6 months.

It is not a replacement for brushing but is quite an effective way to clean your pet’s teeth with ease.

It has sodium bicarbonate, cetylpyridinium chloride, and peppermint ingredients for better cleaning and long-lasting freshness.