The best quality hepatic dog vitamins you can find online is RX Vitamins Hepato Support. This supplement is crafted under veterinarian advisory.

For the best on budget, you may consider Dr. Mercola Liver and Kidney Support. While for the best rated on Amazon, we find that Nutramax Denamarin is a go-to choice.

Best Pick Hepatic Dog Treats

Best Quality

The liver of your dog or cat has a significant part to play in good wellbeing overall. Rx Vitamins Hepato Support is one of the best choices for liver support.

Severe liver disease symptoms include weight loss (dog with liver disease won’t eat); extreme urination; excessive thirst; lethargy; swollen belly; vomiting; diarrhea. The liver contains much of the substances that your pet’s body requires to maintain its maximum operation and filters the body’s toxins.

Just like low copper dog food recipes, Hepato Support contains a high-quality extract, antioxidants, and supportive nutrients in milk thistle. It helps to promote the normal functioning of the liver.

The active bioflavonoid complex in milk thistle and silymarin are potent antioxidants in the liver. The subject has been in a comprehensive scientific study.

Hepato’s key ingredients have been chosen to enhance the activity of the dysfunctional liver in a unique formulation. The critical component in this product is Milk thistle extract. Those are essential for every Doberman liver disease diet.

It is generally used to preserve liver cells and facilitates the correct operation of the liver. Because milk thistle produces silymarin. It avoids the degradation of glutathione. Glutathione is a big detoxifying compound in the liver.

Hepato is also ready to provide your pet with vitamins identified to support you restore your liver. Vitamin B1 is highly helpful to the liver since it allows the body to heal itself and may also stimulate new liver tissue formation. The utilization of vitamin B12 tends to shape red blood cells.

According to Alan Wong, for no specific cause, i.e. no toxicity, his 15-yr-old female shepherd had exceptionally elevated liver enzymes. He performed detailed painful testing to assess her disorder based on her age.

His veterinarian suggested this product. The dog had taken it for a year now.

Her latest blood test reveals that all the liver enzymes have changed dramatically. Her blood checks indicate this works.



Formulated by a professional veterinarian


Easy to take for dogs



Suitable only for adult dogs. For small dogs, you should always consult your vet

Best on Budget

If you are on a budget, you may consider Dr. Mercola Liver and Kidney Support. Every Container of Heart Protection includes 1.7 oz of vitamins.

Following the confidence of Dr. Mercola in delivering the highest quality goods, this food is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free. It is suitable to add to homemade dog food for liver disease.

The pro is built to keep your pet’s liver and digestion stable and support natural cycles of detoxification.

Interestingly, you can use it either as a frequent serving for life-long treatment or routinely for short-term exposures.

From what the seller advertises, all Dr. Mercola goods have a complete cash back guarantee of 90 days. If you are not happy with your order for whatever cause, you can send it back to them, with no questions asked.

According to Susanna, she believes in Mercola’s goods and enjoys them. For several years she has six senior dogs and has been supplying them with many Mercola supplements.



90 days money-back guarantee


Suitable for short term or long term treats


Also works for cats



It doesn’t have the best taste for dogs. But generally, it is acceptable.

Best Rated

Nutramax Denamarin helps the well-being of your pet’s liver. The liver is one of the essential organs of your pet because it is responsible for the elimination of contaminants, energy conservation, digestion, and immune system support.

Denamarin tends to raise the levels of a potent antioxidative, called glutathione, which helps detoxify the liver.

Furthermore, it has the best ingredients around. The Silybin in Denamarin has proven its absorption in dogs is greater compared to the standardized extract of milk thistle contained in many others. It is crafted in the USA from ingredients of global origin.

According to Tony B, his vet checked the liver of his dog many times and discovered that several essential enzymes eventually grew worse. Finally, he put him on Denamarin for three months and rechecked him. All have been back to normal.

Therefore, he highly recommends this product. There are no adverse effects just that he appears to sleep stronger.

He didn’t attempt the chewable, but he proposes that he obey the directions.

He said that it promotes oxidative equilibrium and lets bile pass through the liver. Silybin can also boost glutathione, a significant hepatic compound, for maximum absorption in the empty stomach, at least an hour before eating.



Veterinarian recomended


Also suitable for large dog breeds (35 >lbs)



Only comes in 30 stabilized tablets

Other Hepatic Health Dog Treats
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet For Dogs With Food Sensitivities

Hydrolyzed Protein diet was part of the comprehensive collection of proprietary medical formulas for sensitive pets. These treats are made of low molecular weight peptides, which are hydrolyzed soy proteins.
It ensures that the digestive tract will consume specific proteins and reduce the likelihood of an immune system reaction. A safe skin barrier maintained by optimal levels of B vitamins and amino acids.

The Relative Supersaturation (RSS) technique helps preserve a stable urinary setting. This product is a great way to reward dogs with long-term food sensitivities and liver care processes.

According to Terry, his dog requires a specific diet with the hydrolyzed protein, which appears to be the only treats the dog can take, owing to its ear infections, triggered by reactions to food.

His dog likes these treats. It is far handier than chopping and breading him a frozen food. For him and us, that’s a good improvement.


Purina Diets Gentle Snackers K9 Dog Treats Sensitive GI Tract friendly

Gentle snackers are an ideal choice for pets on a specific diet that reduces their therapies. It provides a highly digestible alternative.

These crunchy dog treats will conveniently be offered to dogs with liver sensitivities and gastrointestinal sensitivities.

According to Julia, her dog is picky with food, mainly treats. Some of which he doesn’t care which makes training difficult. Julia conceals tiny bits, and the dog goes crazy to hunt for them (for some reason he doesn’t like Kong toys).

Vet Classics Liver Support 

Scientists and veterinarians developed these high-quality alternative dog supplements. It helps the natural role of the liver.

This product suits dogs and cats above 12 weeks of age. The synergistic combination of enzymes, spices, minerals, prebiotics, and probiotics with antioxidants helps remove contaminants, improve immunity, and promote the safe role of the liver.

Briefly, it contains:

  • Glutathione
  • Thistle Milk
  • Vitamins B
  • Root Dandelion

It is available in gentle chewing and chewing capsules. It offers valuable clinical assistance for hepatic stress reduction.

Glutathione is a small but potent antioxidant that promotes healthy cells and immune support in general. Milk thistle has an antioxidant supply known as Silymarin that can sustain glutathione concentrations as well as help eliminate waste from the liver.

B-vitamins help sustain normal function and preserve liver fitness and the overall health of the liver. Finally, Dandelion Root strengthens the liver and may stimulate a safe development of bile.

Denamarin Liver Support

Denamarin Liver Support helps the well-being of the dog’s liver. The liver is one of the most important organs of your pet because it is responsible for the elimination of contaminants, energy conservation, digestion, and immune system support.

It works to raise the levels of a potent antioxidative, called glutathione, which helps detoxify the liver. The Silybin (Milk Thistle Extract) inside has proven its absorption in dogs is greater than the standardized extract of milk thistle contained in many others. You can also combine this product with tofu for dogs with liver disease.

According to Stacey, her dog’s almost three years old. He had elevated liver enzymes for the veterinarian, and it was troubling. He had several extra checks, and the vet recommends Denamarin. That was very pricey.

She was so glad when she saw the very same Amazon product!! Anyway, she took him to review the enzymes, and they’ve been at 101, which is 100 on average.

His enzymes were first in the 600’s. This worked for her dog, and this is an improvement now. She strongly recommends this product and trusts it.

 Denamarin Liver Support Supplements for Small Dogs

This product is the same brand as the previous product. However, this one is intended for small dogs, cats, and a puppy (<12 lbs).

According to L.G. Vernon, this product is life-saving for his rescue dog. At that time, he took a 6-pound poodle puppy from the nearby animal shelter in September.

Dusty needed urgent dental treatment for special needs. He discovered from our first appointment with our vet that the little guy even has a heart murmur.

Yet his liver enzyme numbers were most alarming. One displaying ‘liver destruction’ was more than 1000 in total, totally off the survey list.

An ultrasound could not display any liver cancers or lesions. We agreed to carry on oral surgery instead of liver complications.

The veterinarian sent Dusty home with a package of Denamarin pills to improve the liver and to make a difference in the liver function checks. Dusty gets a soft candy every night before bed, with the medicine hidden in it.

Quick forward to today, there is a significant health improvement. Many of his liver tests are now entirely routine, except the largest, which today went from more than 1000 to 191.

He knows that the high standard is 140, but the decrease to what it was is insignificant. He also received a full pound of body weight.

An x-ray of his chest shows that his heart is still normal in size, and his trachea is flexible and not moved. And right now, no cardiac meds!

Dusty went from a very sick, emaciated little fellow who was hardly able to feed because of his rotting teeth to a crazy, playful beast who did not recognize the sense of backup, let alone avoiding them. It’s unbelievable for him to know that he’s over ten years old now.

Vital Planet Daily Detox for Dogs

This specialized treatment tablet has been consistently reviewed to guarantee a substantial degree of approval for all races of veterinary clinics. Tablets may be fed entirely or lightly crushed and applied to the diet of your dog.

Its mixture of natural ingredients tends to sustain a balanced role of the liver and kidney. Furthermore, this unique blend has floral essence that is developed by the respected holistic veterinarian, Dr. Joel Murphy, primarily to promote liver health.

Finally, Daily Detox is improved by MSM and Choline to help the natural detoxification phase of your dog. You can combine it with healthy homemade dog treats for the best results.