If a German shepherd fails the service dog test, he will be put up for adoption.

He could either fail due to health or behavior issues.

However, any dog that fails service dog training might be the ideal pet for someone searching for a companion.

What is a Service Dog?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines service dogs as “canines that are provided training to perform tasks or take responsibilities for disabled people.”

These canines go through considerable training in order to understand their roles. [1]

Service dogs assist humans in a variety of ways.

Guide dogs, for example, assist people with hearing or visual problems.

Other dogs help those who are in wheelchairs or have autism.

Some dogs even inform people about their low blood sugar levels or psychiatric disorders.

The dogs have been taught to fetch objects, press buttons, and open doors.

They must master a large number of duties.

Did you Know?

Some puppies can detect seizures

Seem like we didn’t already have enough reasons to refer to dogs as man’s best friend!

However, in order to train a dog as a service dog, he must undergo extensive training. [2]

Funny German Shepherd as a Service Dog Video

Why Some Dogs Fail Service Dog Training Test?

Becoming a service dog is a huge responsibility, and not every dog is built out for it.

The explanations are either medical or behavioral in nature.

Dogs may have visual difficulties such as cataracts, joint problems, diet, or other allergies that could make it challenging for them to be at their best all the time.

Too much excitement, too much affection with strangers, or difficulty on a leash is among behavioral issues that might reject a dog from service training. [3]

However, a dog that isn’t suitable for service could be the ideal pet for someone searching for a companion.

Service dogs are known as working dogs whose owners depend on them to do critical jobs such as navigating them around public places and handling them several things.

On the other hand, pets require far less maintenance.

Allergies or excessive energy do not affect their willingness to love their owner and to be loved back, which is basically every canine’s duty. [4]

Note: Service dogs are also trained to detect out bombs at airports.

How to Adopt a Failed Service Dog?

Several national dog organizations take in dogs that couldn’t pass the training.

These canines are often called “career change dogs” as they are just transitioning from being a guard dog to becoming a companion.

The most popular service dog organizations that offer adoption programs are:

There are plenty of animal organizations with adoption facilities present in many states of the United States. [5] [6]

Adopting a career transition dog might cost anything from $0 to $1,000 or more.

The high prices are due to the strong demand for the canines as well as the expert training they undergo before the adoption.

When it comes to strong demand, these organizations frequently have much more potential adopters than canines available for adoption.

Adopting these dogs is quite a long process if you’re looking to expand your family with a new canine companion.

You can check out the websites of service dog groups that interest you to learn about their adoption criteria.

You will find information on what they’re looking for, as well as whether any canines are currently available.

You’ll also notice a link to the application for adoption.

Before applying, make sure to go through all of the information provided and familiarise yourself with the adoption procedure and fee.

Some dogs are intelligent and easy to train, even for challenging tasks such as being a service dog.

However, one German shepherd is not really up for training.

Dedicated specialists train pets, primarily dogs, around the country to assist people with physical and developmental challenges.

It’s a lengthy procedure, but when executed properly, these pets can detect how their people are feeling and assist them in every situation.

When a German shepherd pup called Ryker arrived at the Double H Canine Training Academy in Louisville, Kentucky, they assumed he would be easy to teach.

The whole video on his training test went viral over the internet.

The Double H is also a specialized training facility.

They do not follow a specific training method since they feel that each dog is unique.

They also claim that any dog could be trained according to their techniques.

However, being a service dog involves more than simply sitting and heeling on walks.

Therapy dogs assist their owners in a variety of ways.

They are always there to help with emotional issues and console them whenever they are lonely or distressed.

In addition to this, they can also assist with duties such as opening the refrigerator or turning on/off the lights.

When Ryker was assigned the simple job of fetching a water bottle, he chewed it so hard that it leaked all around the floor.

The Double H team decided to try something different after realizing how difficult their task was.

Rather than retrieving water bottles, they chose to test how Ryker performed in a different task.

Ryker and a walker were brought into the center of the room by a trainer.

Ryker stayed right at the walker’s feet until he was asked to move, like a good pup.

A service dog will follow their owner on a slow walk and help him with any obstacles.

Ryker was very excited about it.

However, there were two tasty and interesting-looking tennis balls attached to the ends of the walker.

Ryker ran after them instead, which made even the trainer laugh.

Therefore, the walking and fetching didn’t quite go as planned.

Even after that, the people at Double H weren’t ready to lose their hope in Ryker.

Then they tried teaching him how to open the refrigerator, but he was so thrilled that he almost knocked it over by biting and pushing on the door.

They also attempted to train Ryker how to assist his owner by directing and pulling his wheelchair.

The puppy was excited to try this task, but he got carried away and moved too quickly.

It’s difficult to determine if they were teaching him or taking rides with Ryder.

Ryker may not be able to succeed as a properly trained service dog, but he tried his best.

This joyful, lively, and friendly German shepherd puppy will offer years of love, fun, and good memories to the person who adopts him.

Ryker isn’t a service dog; however, he’s a wonderful companion.

Did you Know?

It could take months or even years for a career change dog to be available.

How to Know If Adopting a Failed Service Dog Is Right for You?

Adoption is always the best option when you want to get a new pet.

It’s entirely up to you whether you adopt a pup straight from a rescue or get a career change dog through a service organization—both are excellent ways to make a difference.

There are a few things to remember when thinking about adopting a career change dog:

  1. Adoption process will take longer than you think
  2. Adopting a career change dog will be expensive
  3. You will get limited breed options

1. Adoption process will take longer than you think

Don’t hold your breath for a failed service dog to come home with you anytime soon.

You’ll certainly have to join a waiting list that could take years for your turn.

2. Adopting a career change dog will be expensive

Service dog groups put a lot of effort and money into their training, and the adoption fees help them recover those expenditures.

A career change dog can cost more than $1,000, compared to a few hundred dollars you can get from any dog shelter.

3. You will get limited breed options

Labrador retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Poodles, and combinations of these breeds are the most common dogs seen in service dog organizations.

If you have made up your mind for a Bulldog or a Shih Tzu, then a breed-specific rescue organization is probably your best chance.

Always make sure you’re ready for a new puppy before adopting one.

Whether the new puppy arrives from a dog rescue group or a service dog organization, you need to gather all the supplies and be prepared to begin training and bonding with them as soon as they arrive.

For the appropriate adopters, failed service dogs have a lot to offer.

You need to do proper research and apply for the adoption process if you want to bring a new member to your family.


A failed service dog might not be good at providing assistance to people, but he surely is a great companion.

When adopting this kind of dog, you must treat him with all the love and care.

Even if the dog has some medical issues, you must take responsibility and provide necessary treatment.

With all the love and support they offer you, they deserve to be well treated and taken care of.