The difference between a bladder stick and a bully stick is that the bladder stick is softer to chew on.

While the bully stick is harder to chew on and lasts longer.

Their contents can be various but are always natural and completely digestible.

They don’t cause bloating and bad digestion, which makes them great chewing toys.

Let’s dig deeper into the differences between these two types of chewing sticks.

Bladder Sticks

The good thing about bladder sticks is that they are made up of 100% natural ingredients.

They contain only beef meat, so you don’t have to wonder what your pet is consuming.

They don’t contain any additives, colors, or hormones.

Bladder Sticks are lactose-free and gluten-free as well.

This makes them good even for those with a “sensitive stomach”. [1]

Some options are beef-free and made up of different types of meat – for dogs allergic to beef meat.

Bladder sticks can last up to 2 years when kept properly.

Their time of use usually depends on the pet and the owner.

If the pet tends to chew on the stick consistently and aggressively, it might last for only 30 minutes.

Owners should let the dog chew on the stick around 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.

This will calm them down and provide a chewing toy to satisfy their needs. [2]

It will entertain them and keep them busy when they feel the need to chew on your shoes or sofa.

Bladder sticks contain only beef and are digestible.

They are great for light chewers as an alternative to rawhide or hard bones.

Bladder sticks help with maintaining dental hygiene due to their hardness.

They enable the cleaning of deposits from the teeth, the same as dental rawhide does.

This prevents tart retention and bacterial growth.

The result of regular chewing sticks is clean teeth.

Therefore, the creation of caries and cavities can be completely avoided. [3]

One of the most famous types is the Natural Odorless Jr. Esophagus sticks.

They are produced by the brand PawStruck.

They are made with pure beef meat, without additives and hormones.

They are good for your pet’s bones.

This comes from their high concentration of Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

The second choice is Best Bully Sticks – 100% natural beef bladder sticks.

They are made from high-quality, grass-fed beef.

These sticks promote a healthy diet, as they are very high in proteins and vitamins.

They also scrap out dental plaque through chewing action.

Another well-known quality brand is ValueBull Beef Bladder Sticks.

They are a healthy single-ingredient rawhide alternative.

These bladder sticks are recommended for small to middle-sized dogs.

They are rich in vitamins and promote gum health.

Some of the bad sides to these sticks include the rare bacterial infestation.

This was confirmed in one of 26 bladder brands.

The study found Clostridium difficile in one of the samples.

This makes the pets ill, with symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. [4]

Sticks also contain higher levels of sodium, which causes dogs to pee uncontrollably.

Customers also mention that they might get crunched over too fast.

This comes from their soft and crunchy texture and makes them less suitable for hard chewers.

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks last up to two years if kept properly and chewed for 10 minutes on occasion.

If your pet is a slow chewer, you can provide it with a single-strand bully stick.

And if you own a small puppy, a tiny, soft bladder stick would be a great choice.

Bully sticks have more varied shapes and sizes than bladder sticks.

They can be braided, or shaped like a donut for a bigger challenge for large dogs. [5]

They can be the right choice for bigger and more aggressive dogs.

It will also keep them safe from mouth splinters and bad digestion.

Bully sticks are made out of completely natural and organic materials – beef muscle.

More precisely, they are made out of bull penises, which makes them “a 100% beef pizzle”.

Bully sticks contain a higher amount of protein than bladder sticks.

They also provide many vitamins and minerals to the body.

They usually contain 87% of raw protein, 2,3% of raw fat, and 2,5% raw ash.

This makes them good for muscle development and weight loss. [6]

Some dogs will finish breaking down a bully stick in less than an hour if they have stronger jaws.

The secret is to purchase chewy bully sticks that are manufactured in a special size and shape.

You have to make sure that it corresponds to the size and ingredient strength of your dog.

A large or strong chewer should be given grass-fed beef muscle on a larger-sized stick.

A little or elderly animal may need a thin stick to keep them entertained for a few hours or even days. [7]

Dog bully sticks range from 9 to 22 calories per inch.

Similar rules apply to bladder sticks.

Calories intake varies depending on the size, gender, and age of the dog:

  • Bitches who are expecting may need between two and eight times as much resting energy
  • Dogs who are ill or injured need additional calories for optimal health restoration
  • Puppies require between two and three times the RER of typical adult dogs [8]

Bully sticks also promote dental health.

They scrape away tartar deposits and prevent cavities formation.

The Amazing Dog Treats are some of the best options for all dog breeds.

Their thin sticks come in hand for the sensitive chewers.

They offer “bubble bites” as a short-term reward for your pup.

By chewing they promote the release of brain chemicals and produce enjoyment for the pet.

They are easily digestible and sustainably produced, free of additives and steroids.

For a smaller and middle-sized dog, the 6” Amazing Dog Treats are the right choice.

These treats are easier to chew but remove the dental tart completely.

They promote digestion and are a great solution for boredom and aggression in dogs.

They can last up to a year when kept properly.

A great option is the Pawstruck 7″ Braided Bully Sticks as well.

These are created by intertwining three bully sticks.

They are produced with the “strictest of quality assurance standards”.

Packs of up to 250 sticks can be bought, which can help customers save money.

However, there are some cons to these types of bully sticks.

While your dog is chewing on a bully stick, you need to keep an eye on him.

If too large a piece is swallowed, it can get stuck in the digestive tract.

This can cause indigestion and loose stools or constipation.

This rarely happens when chewing a bladder stick, because it has a softer consistency.

But if you still are abit skeptical you could always checkout 5 other bully stick alternatives.

Some customers consider these sticks dry and crunchy.

Which makes them last only for an hour, rather than a few weeks.

Are Bladder Sticks Good for Dogs?

Yes, bladder sticks are good for dogs.

They are completely organic and additive-free.

They improve aggressive behavior, protein intake, and dental health.

Is Beef Bladder Safe for Puppies?

Yes, beef bladder is safe for puppies.

It is recommended for puppies over 4 months.

It has a soft consistency, it’s high in protein, and is good for digestion. [9]

Are Bladder Sticks the Same as Bully Sticks?

No, bladder sticks are not the same as bully sticks.

They have different content and consistency.

Both of them are good for your dog and 100% natural.

However, you should watch out for some of the concerns while chewing, as mentioned before.

If you have any health issues with your dog, you should contact a vet immediately.