Bully sticks are one of the most popular types of dog snacks.

Different sizes and shapes are depending on the dog’s breed and age.

But if they are eaten in large quantities or quickly, they can cause side effects.

So, some owners look for healthier and natural alternatives to occupy their pets.

Let’s focus on and analyze the best bully stick alternatives.

Best Bully Sticks Alternatives

  • Scapula Cartilage
  • Tendon Chews
  • Trachea Chews
  • Antlers
  • Buffalo Ears

Scapula Cartilage

Bison or cattle shoulders are where scapula cartilage is found.

These dog treats are sturdy and crispy for all-day chewing pleasure.

Collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate are abundant in scapulas and can support joints.

The normal dog needs the same time to devour a scapula as it would a bully stick of a similar size.

They are crescent-shaped, 7–10 inches long, and 2.5–4.0 inches wide.

Without additional ingredients, bison and beef scapulas are roasted in their juice.

Which makes them an all-natural, healthy bully sticks alternative. [1]

Tendon Chews

100% naturally dehydrated cow tendons make up beef tendon nibbles.

They are extracted from the cow’s Achilles tendon.

Tendons are often rather large, measuring six to ten inches in length.

They are either heat- or air-dried to remove moisture.

Because they provide dogs with a long chew time, they improve the dog’s mental health.

Beef tendons are healthy, low-fat treats that also help with dental health.

They include glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which aid to enhance joint health. [2]

Dog owners recommend Nature Gnaws’ Tendons for small and medium-sized dogs.

These tendons consist of natural ingredients and are good for sensitive immune systems.

Trachea Chews

The beef trachea is a dry chew that is prepared from the throat of cattle.

The trachea is the cartilage tract that goes from the throat to the lung.

One of the healthiest and safest chews available is the trachea.

The chew breaks down into small chunks rather than spiky chunks with sharp points.

Trachea chews are a reduced-fat substitute that will lower pet’s weight, such as the Pet’s Choice Chews.

It has cartilage, which is a natural source of collagen, chondroitin, and glucosamine.

Dogs’ joints may benefit from chondroitin and glucosamine supplementation. [3]


They are composed of a material that resembles bone.

This composite tissue begins as cartilage and gradually mineralizes.

Every year, antlers are shed and a new set grows for the breeding season.

They are covered in a thin covering known as velvet at that time, are soft, and stream with blood.

The main minerals contained in antlers are calcium and phosphorus.

They also contain important elements like potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc. [4]

These minerals are essential for maintaining healthy bones and muscles.

Deer antlers are used to help your dog’s dental health, which is their main contribution to health.

Gnawing assists in keeping gums clean by removing plaque from them.

Products like Nature Gnaws’ Antlers are recommended for aggressive chewers.

If you want a long-lasting type, pet owners also like the USA Deer Antlers, good for large dog breeds. [5]

Buffalo Ears

Wild Eats Water Buffalo Ears are a grain-free, healthy bully stick alternative.

It contains 14% more protein and 80% less fat than most dog treats.

Both the hair and the proteins in buffalo ears are fantastic sources of fiber for dogs.

They are an organic way to get Omega-3, which promotes heart health.

In general, bison meat and organs have less saturated fat and are leaner than pork and beef.

Due to their typical grass-fed diet, they are also very digestible.

An efficient and environmentally friendly toothbrush is buffalo ear.

It is safe for pets of any generation and helps clean a dog’s gums and teeth. [6]

Home-Made Bully Sticks Alternatives

A nutritious and safe treat for canines is sweet potato.

Not only is it okay to give your dog sweet potatoes, but it’s also among the finest cures for upset stomachs in dogs.

Due to their high fiber content, sweet potatoes will be helpful if your dog is constipated.

They compose of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and K.

The potatoes should ideally be cooked and then allowed to cool for an hour.

They’ll become hard, which would make them a delightful alternative to nibbling on. [7]

Bully sticks and other animal snacks can be substituted with carrots quite well.

They include a lot of nutrients and beta-carotene, which improves vision.

Take a bite of the carrot when you first give it to your dog and show your excitement by doing so.

To get your dog enthusiastic, behave as though it is a really valuable reward when you hand it to them. [8]

Probably take a look into frozen options if you’re searching for a dog treat that will last for a while.

You can simply create several different flavored cubes if you possess an ice tray.

On a hot day, these might be ideal for assisting your dog in cooling off.

Pros and Cons of Using Bully Sticks in Dogs

The advantages for the dental health of bully sticks are among the key draws for pet parents.

Bully sticks are fairly durable and can be chewed for a solid 30 minutes by even the strongest dogs.

Smaller dogs might even use a bully stick for a few hours or days.

All that chewing benefits teeth because it removes tartar through mechanical abrasion.

Chewing and licking trigger the production of endorphins, which raise excitement in dogs. [9]

Let’s now concentrate on the drawbacks of feeding bully sticks to your dog.

A stick turns into a danger when it gets too little to swallow whole.

Since they are completely digested, it shouldn’t be a problem if they get to the stomach.

It can get stuck in the throat before reaching the gut, which might result in major choking episodes.

Bully bars are composed of proteins, so if your dog has a beef allergy, it will have a negative impact.

The majority of dog bully sticks smell bad.

The most natural, uncooked varieties have an incredibly potent smell. So you should only allow your pet to eat them outdoors. [10]

What Are the Best Bully Sticks Alternatives?

The best belly stick alternatives are the trachea chews and antlers.

Snacks like sweet potato or carrots are a much healthier and natural chew option.

These snacks are good for keeping up good dental hygiene and as entertainment.

They can be helpful when dealing with agitation and anxiety in dogs.