The dog love to lick your ears as an act of respect related to hygiene and grooming, since dogs cannot clean their own ears with their tongues.

But there are more reasons for it. Have you ever wondered why your dog likes to lick your ears?

Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears?

Dr James Glover, a veterinarian in Manhattan, Kansas, points out that licking your ears is precisely a sign of submission to the dominant members of its life. Especially, those are the humans the dog lives with.

How they do it? A dog processes the aromas it collects by licking and smelling the vomeronasal organs found in the dog’s muzzle. The lick also indicates closeness and affection.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Face in The Morning?

We know that our canine friends are experts in making us feel good. For this reason, if you wonder why dogs lick their owners, some studies showed that it is the way to show all the affection, love, and care they feel for you.

This behavior is common when you get home or when your dog is very happy to see you and wants to give you a mega welcome. This is also a symbol that your dog misses you.

Further if a puppy bite your hands for him, biting is a way of exploring the world and interacting with the environment. Furthermore, biting and chewing helps to release stress and relieves discomfort in the gums typical of the puppy stage.

But, to add one more reason, it turns out that the hands have something very fun. They move! The movement awakens a part of the predatory instinct of our dogs

Why Does My Dog Nibble My Neck?

Dog nibbles or gently bite your neck for a invite to play while wagging its tail. Occasionally a dog can also bite your neck during play time. For a puppy, it is necessary to bite. The appearance of new teeth leads to discomfort in the gums.

While this may seem harmless the first few times, it becomes a problem if neck-biting not worked on time. It endangers family members and even unknown individuals.

Why Does My Dog Nibble My Fingers?

Puppies nibble your finger as a way to explore the world. Sometimes, it is also a sign of playtime invite. It is about normal healthy behavior. Also, it allows the dog to alleviate the pain generated by the appearance of teeth.

However, from the third week of birth, it is necessary to control this behavior to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Earlobes?

As with the face, your dog can also lick your ears as another way of expressing that it loves you. It may sound a bit off-putting, but one of the reasons dogs like to lick your ears is because they like the taste.

Remember that our canine friends know the world through the senses of smell and taste as they are highly developed as a hunter. So it is not strange that they feel like licking us constantly.

Why Do Dogs Like Ear Wax?

The ears are probably one of the areas of the body that attracts the most attention of our dogs. They often lick them frequently, either to their guardians or to other dogs.

Dogs lick each other’s ears as a hygiene measure, and they may try to do the same for you. Does this mean that you are dirty? Not necessarily! For dogs, it is only a way to prevent wax accumulation.

What If My Dog Bites Because It Has Stress Accumulation?

There are several remedies to reduce stress in dogs, such as the use of synthetic pheromones. However, to get our dog to reduce its stress levels, it will be essential to follow some wellness tips :

  • Avoid stimuli which cause dog stress as much as possible. For example, if your dog interacts badly with other pets, consider walking with your dog for the rest of the day to avoid stress and anxiety.

•         Strengthens the mentality of calmness and calmness (lying down, relaxing, doing things slowly), both inside and outside the house. You can use sweets, but in very stressed dogs, the most popular thing is to use sweet words in a high tone such as “very good” or “good boy.”

•         Get the physical exercise with your dog every day. You can play by throwing a ball or a frisbee, but if you find it too fun, you can go on a mountain hike or take a long visit to the park.

•         While it might be shocking, smelling games are much harder than physical exercises, and we encourage you to play small games and even to buy an intelligence product.

•         Now that you know some guidelines for stressed dogs, please feel free to start following them, note that within few days you will see a real improvement.

Final Thoughts

Generally, licking is more tolerable then biting. When the puppy is over 3 weeks old, it is time to start a bite inhibition work with it to keep it from continuing this annoying habit because it can eventually become a problem.

It may seem exaggerated to you, but what seems funny or insignificant in a dog today, turns into unwanted behavior when it reaches adulthood.

For a puppy, it is necessary to bite. It is because the appearance of the teeth and the change of them leads to discomfort in the gums. That is why the puppy will try to alleviate by biting everything it finds at home. Also, as with babies, biting is one of the ways the dog has to explore the world around her.