The main difference between Glandex and pumpkin is that Glandex is made for handling anal glands on dogs.

While Pumpkin is a good supplement to use in a dogs diet, but its NOT made for handling anal glands.

The pumpkin can either be cooked or fed to your dog raw to help bowel movements.

Glandex anal gland soft chew treat is a popular pet product that contains a blend of natural ingredients that can help your dog’s anal gland health in several ways.

Although it’s a little expensive, it saves from vet bills.

It promises to help with anal gland emptying by creating more bulk in stools so that they are easier to pass and empty the anal glands fully.

As a result, pets are less likely to develop gas or bloating.

It is the only pet product you need to solve your dog’s anal gland problems.

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Glandex is the best product to help support anal gland health in dogs.

It is a veterinarian-recommended formula of natural, healthy ingredients that scientifically support and help maintain healthy anal glands.

Glandex contains patented and clinically proven ingredients that work from the inside out to help maintain healthy anal glands.

It may take approximately 2-3 days for results to appear.

The length of time for results depends on the individual pet and the severity of their condition.

Glandex vs Pumpkin

The Glandex formulation includes a unique combination of fibers and other ingredients that address the root causes of anal gland problems.

The Glandex formulation aids in stools’ firmness, which naturally expresses the anal glands each time your pet defecates.

In addition, the added prebiotics assist with gut health, allowing for easier digestion, so your dog has firmer stools without straining as well as improved nutrient absorption.

Dogs with large or chronically swollen anal sacs may bite or scratch their hindquarters while trying to relieve the pain it can lead to long-term problems such as emotional trauma or abscesses.

Glandex can give your dog relief from painful, swollen anal sacs and discharges much thinner liquid form glands that don’t hurt to express and don’t smell.

This amazing product is used for small, medium, and large dogs of any age or breed.

However, it’s recommended to start giving puppies the supplement when they are 6 months old because the anal glands are most likely to get impacted or infected.

Glandex is made in the USA, and it contains 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.

As a result, you can be confident that Glandex will give your pet the relief they deserve from their anal gland problems.

It is a superb product that helps enhance appetite in dogs by increasing energy levels.

It’s cheap, easy to feed to dogs: it comes in a tasty chewable form; most dogs love the taste!

It also helps provide relief from itching as it increases blood flow and circulation to the anal region.

In addition, it is made from all-natural ingredients, so you need not be worried about side effects.



Save vet bills


Available in chew tablets


Treat both digestive and anal gland issues


Best peanut butter treat






Easy to administer





Pumpkin is indeed a superfood for dogs.

Not only can it help settle their stomach, but it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition, pumpkin adds bulk to your dog’s stool, which can alleviate constipation and diarrhea.

Fruitables Healthy Pumpkin contains an all-natural 40% fiber supplement made with organic pumpkin.

It contains 9 soluble and 1 insoluble fibers, helps support digestive health, and is packed with vitamins & minerals;

It Makes a perfect complement to any healthy diet.

Native Pet Organic Pumpkin for Dogs is a healthy, natural source of fiber that helps relieve diarrhea and constipation by absorbing excess water in the intestines.

It’s also low in calories and high in nutrients, including iron, beta carotene, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and E.

In addition, it contains no preservatives, additives, salt, or sugar.

Raw Paws USA Organic Pumpkin Powder for Cats & Dogs is naturally packed with essential vitamins and minerals to support digestive health, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, and more.

It contains no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

When your dog or cat is experiencing digestive upset, like diarrhea or constipation, a little pumpkin can go a long way in helping them feel better.

Rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, pumpkin powder naturally promotes healthy stool consistency.

Many dogs suffer from digestive issues throughout their life (as do most humans).

Pumpkin can use to alleviate mild diarrhea or constipation in dogs.

It contains fiber which helps normalize bowel movements, but it also contains water which helps soften stools.

The fiber in pumpkin has been found to help reduce hairballs in cats!

However, there are a few risks associated with using pumpkins for dogs.

For example, too much fiber can cause diarrhea or intestinal blockages in large doses.

Pumpkin also contains a lot of water, making diarrhea worse for some dogs, especially if they are already prone to loose stools or have recently upset stomachs.



100% Natural Pumpkin



Can give Diarrhea


No effect on anal glands expression

Final  Verdict

Glandex is an advanced veterinarian formulated and recommended product that helps manage anal gland problems in dogs.

It also helps eliminate the undesirable scooting behavior that many dogs exhibit when their anal glands become irritated or impacted.

In addition, Glandex supports normal stool consistency to help naturally express anal glands.

Does Glandex Have Side Effects?

Pumpkin is not used for anal gland expression and anal gland emptying in dogs.

It’s used in dogs, especially those with gastrointestinal issues; hence, pumpkin does not treat anal gland problems in dogs.

It is not used as the sole treatment for any medical concern.