A dog tooth abscess cost might vary between $200 to $500 depending on the damage and the cause of infection. The total cost also covers medications, tests, cleaning, physical examination, and much more.

What Is A Tooth Abscess?

A tooth abscess is a serious infection that is formed around a tooth’s root. Bacteria enter the mouth through a damaged or injured tooth, which causes the infection.

What Are The Signs When A Dog Has A Tooth Abscess?

An abscessed tooth is extremely traumatic for dogs, although they may not show any indications of discomfort. However, your canine could be hesitant to bite on its toys or try to move away from you when you want to pet him by touching his face. An alert pet parent may observe that their pet using only one side to bite or eat his food or that he is dropping his food while eating. [1]

Note: The 4th top premolar is the tooth that is most prone to have an abscess in dogs.

The carnassial tooth in dogs has the biggest root of all the teeth. Carnassial teeth are used in tearing apart the food. However, they can easily get damaged as they are the ones that help in biting on bones or hard toys.

These common symptoms might appear much before your dog displays signs of discomfort.

1. Bad Breath

Dogs are not described as having sweet breath. However, a strong bad smell from your pet’s mouth might be the initial symptom of an abscess.

2. Pimple in the Under eye

A canine tooth abscess does not always appear how you would expect it to look. A tiny “pimple” under the pet’s eye is found commonly by pet owners.

It might be large or tiny, leaking liquid, or could be nothing.

After seeing this, the vet will examine your pet’s mouth for indications of a dental abscess.

It occurs when the dog’s roots have become contaminated and a hole forms in your dog’s undereye.

It happens because the root infection under the skin is affecting the tissue of the eye. The tissue surrounding the eye might get red, irritated, watery, and painful.

Note: Pimple in under eye is mistaken for an eye illness by pet parents.

3. Redness and Swelling in the mouth

If it is safe, carefully open your pet’s mouth and examine the gums, especially at the back. You might detect soreness and redness if a dog tooth abscess is developing. [2]

However, if your pet will not let you peek into his mouth, then you can carefully brush your fingertips back and forward their outside jawbone. Take extra care. Injured dogs may sometimes bite.

If your pet sense any discomfort, he will move away.

A dental abscess could turn into a severe illness if not treated immediately.

4. Rubbing and Scratching the mouth

Sometimes dogs might scratch on the afflicted part of their mouth or might rub their mouth against the floor, while others might have a terrible breath. Pet parents can mistakenly believe their dog is scratching, but this behavior might be a clue that their dog has an abscessed tooth.

What is the Treatment for a Tooth Abscess?

The main treatment options are pulp capping, tooth extraction, and root canal therapy. A tooth abscess can be described as an extremely painful disease that requires proper treatment. Antibiotics would be recommended to treat the condition. However, in some cases, anti-inflammatory and painkiller tablets can also be suggested. Antibiotics by themselves can not treat a tooth abscess. It is a serious medical condition, and medications can only reduce the pain and infection, not the underlying oral disease.

How much is a Professional Dental Cleaning for Dogs?

A dog tooth abscess cost is evaluated on the basis of how damaged his teeth are.

However, based on the facility, you may anticipate paying around $500, but it will depend on the location and the hospital or clinic. The extraction cost may also go higher up to $829, which includes anesthesia, radiographs, and X-rays. [3]

However, a regular tooth extraction cost could be as little as $289, according to the Animal Trust Organisation. Read this guide to learn more about the tooth extraction process. [4]

A simple cracked tooth can easily be fixed, but if it needs to be removed then the replacement cost could depend on the difficulty level and the type of root, which can not be defined.

The fees could be more than that, depending on whether the operation is conducted by a dog dental professional or not.

Look around rather than sticking around with one vet and inquire about the complete treatment cost. Some hospitals may keep a detailed record of everything. As a result, you may only receive incomplete details. You have the complete right as a pet parent to look in for the cheapest deal.

What exactly do you get for the money you spend?

Cleaning The Teeth Of A Dog Generally Entails: 


The fact is that tooth extraction is highly advised and painful. Pet parents fear having to put their pets under anesthesia because the expense is usually overwhelming. However, you must allow that since oral health is critical to general wellness. Our canines, like humans, have a significant link between dental cleanliness and immunity; therefore, they rely on you to keep them as clean as possible.

Hence it is critical to address your dog’s dental requirements as soon as possible; otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with much worse and more severe problems in the future. Your veterinarian cares for your pet and will help you make the best decisions and use the least intrusive methods possible, but you must do that for your benefit. Being a dog owner can be challenging at times, but our four-legged pals are worth it.