The best quality food to feed your dog with a liver problem is Vital Planet Daily Detox. It is a natural liver and kidney support for your dog.

If you are on a budget, you may consider Natural Liver Detox and Support. For the best rated one, you should go with Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food.

Best Food to Feed a Dog With Liver Problems

Best Quality

The best quality product goes on Vital Planet Daily Detox. Their advanced care tablet has been consistently checked in veterinary clinics for palatability to ensure that all organisms’ approval is high.

The patented detox blend from the company includes a milk thistle to facilitate natural liver purification from impurities. Therefore, it protects the body from heavy metals toxicity and chemical pollutants.

The product mixture of natural ingredients helps to promote a balanced role of the liver and kidneys. This unique mix of flower essence was manufactured by respected holistic veterinarian Dr. Joel Murphy to encourage the liver’s well-being in particular. These flower essences from South America complete their threefold scheme of motion.

According to Bella Donna, her dog has enjoyed them. The improved bowel dose has cleansed the dog’s bodies with elevated hepatic enzymes, noticeable in their behavior. She further suggested to take a 2-3 week break and restart 4-5 weeks.


  • Delicious chewable tablets
  • Support natural liver detox
  • Engaging flower essence


  • It is not primary dog food. So, you still have to make dog food for liver disease or buy one. However, it is a worthy supplement.

Best on Budget

Natural Liver Detox and Support is one of the best choices if you are on a budget. Milk thistle for pets is the best-known herbal liver supplement for dogs.

Milk thistles support Liver, Pancreas, and Gallbladder Protection. The product helps both dog and cat liver. Because it concentrates on liver and bile systems, milk thistle may also benefit animals with IBD.

You can use 1/2 teaspoon per serving combined with pet food three times a day. Keep in mind that the pet usually discards some leftover undigested milk thistle powder during its morning ritual the next day.

Your dog’s body requires a balanced liver to function efficiently. The liver serves hundreds of roles to eliminate toxins from the body to helping metabolism and blood coagulation.

In fact, the 5th leading cause of death in dogs is the canine liver problem. It’s a widespread health issue affecting aging canines in particular.

According to Melissa Spiga, her ten 1/2-year-old pugs have just been hospitalized with heightened liver enzymes and therefore have a few veterinary drugs.

She noticed this product and felt the therapy might be an improvement. She finds it challenging for her to take drugs for her dogs, particularly though they’re smashed and combined with rice.


  • Delivered in powder, so you can add it to dog treat recipes for liver disease
  • Milk thistle is a proven formula for liver problems


  • In a few cases, dogs don’t like its flavor

Best Rated

The best-rated one goes to Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food. This product has collected over 3000 positive reviews on Amazon.

This product is a delicious way to maintain a healthy diet for your pet and increasing your pet’s complete well-being. The brown rice was made from real chicken and a combination of wonderful veggies like peas and carrots.

They all smothered in delicious gravel. Hill’s 100 percent assurance of satisfaction offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are disappointed for some reason, you can return the unused part for a complete refund or substitute for Amazon.

You only need to visit the Amazon Return Center for more details on the return of a product bought from Amazon.

This product is not ideal for puppies, pregnant, or breastfeeding females. You can change feeding levels to sustain maximum weight when appropriate.

Of course, you should ask your veterinarian if you are uncertain. Is this food new for your dog? Grow the volumes of new food accordingly over seven days. Keep fresh water near!

Your pets will alter their nutritional requirements as they mature. Tell the veterinarian at any inspection. Science Diets are available for your pet’s particular needs in a broad range of dried food, frozen food, and treats.


  • It promotes overall health
  • It is among the best-rated products on Amazon


  • Not suitable for puppies

Other Liver Care Dog Food We Recommend

maxxiSAMe Advanced SAM-e

This product is an advanced SAM-e Formula for dog food. It includes the proprietary, stabilized, powdered form of SAM-e, ensuring the supply of SAM-e when consumed orally.

SAM-e is the preferred addition to help and sustain useful hepatic function in dogs. The SAM-e supplement promotes liver metabolism, supports glutathione in the body, and supports cell regeneration.

SAM-e helps the brain’s function and may aid elderly animals with behavioral confusion. It includes additional ingredients that support the role of canine hepatic and brain: Artichoke, choline, inositol, plus B vitamins to enhance the absorption of SAM-e.

It is simple to administer powder (don’t push covered pills down your animal’s throat), food, fast absorption, specific dose to any pet size, easy to increase or decrease as appropriate long-term. Built-in the United States in GMP and NASC accredited factories.

It is useful for pets dealing with severe liver failure, a race-specific liver condition, or poisoning from the long-term application of NSAIDs or acetaminophen (Tylenol). It helps defend the liver from more injury and may also help heal the cell.

MaxxiSAMe is a potent anti-inflammatory device that provides useful relief for mild, regular pain. Dogs can also use a more joint supplement with prior joint issues and arthritis.

In short, it has straightforward management. Sprinkle this maxxiSAMe in your dog’s food. Our stabilized base powder contains supplemental vitamins and antioxidants, which reduce the need for supplements. And no hassle for pills that are tough to offer.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective results


  • A little disclaimer from the company: The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Milk Thistle Liver Support – Canine Hepatic Care

This product is essential to filter foods bad for dogs’ liver and its contaminant. If the liver contaminants are trapped, your dog can face any possible life-threatening complications such as liver failure and metabolic slowdowns.

This pet milk thistle helps detoxify and clear the liver to do its job more efficiently while growing your dog’s or cat’s general immunity.

Since this is liquid milk thistle for dogs and cats, you only need to squeeze a few drops into your livestock’s meal, and they love it as well as breakfast or dinner. In the meantime, the silymarin acts for a full liver detox on both dogs and cats.

This product may reduce the elevated cortisol levels correlated with the disorder when not undergoing Cushing’s dogs’ disease medication. Because of its usefulness as a dog renal insufficiency medication and canine appetite stimulant, dairy thistle helps preserve the liver and kidneys’ high productivity.

The company manufactures milk thistle and then extract a strong liver detox silymarin. It results in the best bioavailability for dogs and cats consumption, into a liquid shape. Finally, the product is processed here in the USA.


  • Also suitable for cats
  • Antioxidant, Good for kidney and liver health
  • Easy to apply (only add a few drops to the food or drink)


  • We don’t find any adverse effect about this product yet

Lexelium Liver Support Supplement

This patented formula is intended to strengthen and restore the liver functionality of your pet. This unique mixture of natural ingredients improves the efficacy of a weakened liver.

This natural liver supplement improves digestive enzymes and bile output and will make your pet’s liver operate properly. It works if your pet has the following problems:

  • Dogs with liver problems do not eat much
  • Continual diarrhea
  • Certain type of dermatitis
  • Loss in weight
  • Help your pet detoxify
  • Provides defense against antioxidants and free radicals

Lexelium’s Liver Help is a composition of natural additives engineered primarily to enhance your dog’s liver potential and regenerate weakened cells and tissues. It comes in a powder shape that is simple to incorporate and blend once every day in your animal’s wet food.

The proper usage of this medication will enhance the role of the liver and mitigate general toxicity. You can conveniently combine this product with wet and dry food + All the products are developed and produced in the United States.

The company respects the awareness of the user and allow you to decide about your pets best. That is why they break down the ingredients (on their product page) that show you what the supplement has.


  • The shape is in powder, easy to apply for both foods and drinks
  • Complete unique ingredients compared to other similar products


  • In a few cases, it makes a dog produce loose stools.

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Dog Food, Adult 7+ for Senior Dogs

The product has a high-quality protein to support lean muscle and liver health. Built of purposeful, quick to digest, adult dogs love it. It is one of the best wet dog food for liver disease.

It also helps the heart and kidney wellbeing of your 7+ dog with healthy minerals. Finally, this dog food consisting of natural products.

According to Linda J. Zwart, she had a 13 years old blend of shepherds. What I thought she had him on was decent dry dog food for his whole life.

A year ago, she found that he had trouble waking up and settling so much every time he cried. My heart broke. So she has made several improvements. She began giving him dry and frozen food and a good quality supplement of glucosamine/chondroitin on Hills Science.

She even left out therapies for dogs unless they were Hills. She found that he could stand up and lay down better within two weeks and didn’t weep anymore.

She began bringing him for shorter walks, but he got better for more walks. Every day we’re up to three 1/2 hours walk. He was 13 years and behaved like he did when he was around half that age.

This unique taste of canned food is his favorite, and somewhere in the house, she often conceals the unused one to find and rinse it out.


  • A well-known brand, standard ingredients
  • Good for adult and matured dogs


  • Not suitable for puppies
  • In a few cases, a dog will be bored if you give this food long term