Yes, dogs like baby talk.

Recent studies learned that baby talk improves communication between people and dogs.

Dogs find security and trust in their owners.

The calmness and affection baby talk delivers make this bond stronger.

You most likely speak to your dog with a voice that is higher pitched than how you normally speak.

But what drives humans to speak to dogs in this way?

Let’s find out more about why dogs enjoy baby talk.

Why Do Do Dogs Like Baby Talk?

  • Baby Talking to Dogs is Evolutionary
  • Baby Talking Because They’re Cute
  • High-Pitched Voices are Less Boring

A few theories are floating around as to why humans feel the need to baby-talk to their dogs.

Some believe we use baby talk with dogs simply because they are cute.

They tilt their heads and stare at us when hearing high-pitched voices.

High-pitched noises simply because these tones are less boring than normal voices. [1]

Other professionals think the reason we speak this way to dogs is more science-based.

Baby Talking to Dogs is Evolutionary

Humans use infant-directed speech (IDS) as a way to bond with babies.

They also begin the process of teaching them speech..

Not many parents speak to their infants in a flat normal-toned voice.

That’s because humans are conditioned to bond with infants through higher-pitched voices.

A study with adult-pitched voices and IDS was provided in 2017.

44 adult dogs and 19 puppies were a part of the study.

Scientists declared that puppies respond even better to infant speech than adult pets.

This is probably due to the similarity to their own barking pitch. [2]

This evolutionary process releases oxytocin.

This hormone gives humans good feelings when they are experiencing the act of baby talk. [3]

It is suggested that we speak to our dogs in this high-pitched manner as an attempt to bond with them further.

Humans often consider puppies and dogs their “babies”.

This is why we tend to speak to them similarly as we would speak to real infants.

Baby Talking Because They’re Cute

Have you ever seen a dog tilt its head curiously and perk its ears up in response to your voice or another human’s voice?

It’s adorable!

One theory of why humans use high-pitched speech with dogs is because of their reactions.

Our hearts are warmed by that cute head tilt and physical responses when they hear a baby voice.

High-Pitched Voices are Less Boring

This theory may have some credibility behind it.

Think about it.

Ask a dog, “would you like to go on a walk?” in a normal voice.

The chances of not reacting to this are very high.

If you ask in a high-pitched voice, you will probably get a completely different reaction.

Another option is using dog-directed speech.

This is a more attention-grabbing way than normal voices. [4]

Why is It Important to Talk to Our Dogs in High-Pitched Voices?

  • Builds a Bond
  • Keeps Their Attention
  • Furthers Your Enjoyment

There are many theories explaining why we baby-talk to our dogs.

So, there are a few opinions out there about why baby-talk is important in these relationships.

Studies show that using a high-pitched voice with dogs increases oxytocin levels.

This is the “love hormone”,  and gives us good and loving feelings.

In addition, it is suggested that using baby talk helps us better bond with our canine friends.

Some animal behaviorists claim that baby talk effectively increases canine attention span.

Builds a Bond

It has been found that speaking in a high-pitched voice is a sure way to build a stronger bond with your furry friend. [5]

Using dog-directed speech will make your pet feel more comfortable around you.

They become confident that they are effectively communicating and understanding you.

No, dogs aren’t able to verbalize their thoughts with us.

But using a tone and pitch that helps them understand is a good first step to take.

Keeps Their Attention

Scientists performed a helpful study called “whether dog-directed speech had effects on attention”.

In this study, “researchers borrowed 37 pet canines from volunteers and ran a series of tests”.

This study found that dogs responded much better to humans using a high-pitched tone.

Researchers also discovered that this type of speech improved canine attention span.

So, baby talk helped dogs stay focused for longer amounts of time. [6]

Furthers Your Enjoyment

Studies confirm that baby talk helps release higher levels of oxytocin in dogs.

This promotes positive social behavior.

So, dogs respond and bond with their humans better due to baby talk.

It enhances the motivation to approach an affiliate with conspecifics and humans.

It also builds up levels of energy and excitement. [7]

Coming home to your pet and launching into oxytocin-inducing baby talk is enjoyable.

It is widely known that “dogs are man’s best friends“.

If they see you happy, that is sure to have a residual effect, and they will also be happy.

Is it Beneficial to Use Baby Talk with Dogs?

Yes, it is beneficial to use baby talk with dogs.

It helps them create a trusting bond and feel affection.

Studies found that it can be beneficial because it stands out from other nature sounds.

Puppies respond to baby talk better than adult dogs.