Your dog drinks his own urine because it might be dehydrated.

It could also be due to a lack of nutrients or medical issues.

You have probably noticed your dog drinking or smelling its pee even once.

And you must have questioned yourself if it’s normal, or if it needs medical help.

Here’s all you need to know about your dog drinking its urine.

Is It Normal for Dogs to Drink Their Pee?

Yes, it is normal for dogs to drink their pee.

But only if it’s occasional and doesn’t happen every time they urinate.

Owners may notice quirky behavior in pets, such as licking underwear and drinking pee.

As long as it’s rare and in small amounts, drinking pee should not concern you. [1]

8 Reasons Why Dogs Drink Their Own Pee

When a dog loses more fluid than they are consuming, they become dehydrated.

Dogs are mammals like the rest of us and need water to maintain healthy bodies.

It reaches the stage where regular fluid intake cannot compensate for fluid loss.

Blood flow and volume are reduced, which reduces the delivery of oxygen to organs and tissue.

The body is signaling, alerting the pet to the fluid loss.

They are compelled by instinct to consume anything that resembles water. [2]

Getting Rid of Evidence

Sometimes dogs just want to escape being yelled at.

Many owners scold and ignore pets after they urinate in the house.

As dogs grow older, they learn that peeing in the house brings bad consequences.

So to avoid a bad outcome, they try to immediately cover up what they did.

Their fastest instinct is to drink their urine to cover their tracks. [3]


Dogs should consume one ounce of water per pound of body weight.

This is the minimum amount of water consumption to keep their metabolism stable.

If their water needs are not met – they might try to drink their pee.

This usually happens if you don’t leave any water around the house, or if their bowl is not clean.

To prevent this you should change their water daily and clean the bowls at least once per week. [4]

Keeping It Clean

Drinking urine is conducted for a few purposes and is totally natural.

Their innate desire for hygiene is one of those factors.

Your dog may feel the urge to keep his home as tidy as possible out of intuition, even if that means sipping his own pee. [5]

Behavioral Problems

When your dog drinks his own urine besides other bad habits, it may indicate a behavioral problem.

Several factors might cause behavioral problems to arise.

One of these is a reaction to feeling angry about being abandoned at home.

Another is their “cry for attention” from the owners. 

Training consistency and psychological treatment may be able to reduce undesirable behaviors. [6]


When you leave your pet alone or don’t pay them attention, they don’t have much to do.

They might feel really bored, even with all their toys and food around.

This is why they might try eating their poop or drinking their pee. [7]

Lack of Nutrients

Dogs who get dehydrated also lose electrolytes like salt, chloride, and potassium.

Minerals perform crucial bodily tasks:

  • pH regulation for the body
  • Nourishing body cells
  • Enhancing muscle performance
  • Controlling neuronal activity

The body is sending signals when some of these nutrients are missing in pets.

This is why they might try urine as a possible source. [8]

Underlying Medical Issues

When your dog drinks pee, it can be a sign of an underlying medical issue.

When it consumes abundant amounts of water, diabetes might come into question.

Other health issues include Cushing’s disease and kidney illness.

Should You Correct Your Dog When You See It Drink Its Own Pee?

Yes, you should correct your dog when you see it drink its own pee.

Even if it happens rarely, you should let it know that it’s wrong.

It may create a habit and cause negative health effects.

Trying to discover the underlying issue and consulting a vet is the first step.

How to Prevent Pee Drinking in Dogs?

You can prevent pee drinking in dogs by enforcing proper training.

A lot of positive encouragement is also required to teach them not to lick their pee. [9]

It is advantageous to be consistent with bathroom breaks and encouraging remarks.

Your dog craves high-pitched praise since all that matters to them is your approval.

In most situations, accepting a bribe is not inherently wrong.

You may grab your dog’s attention by rewarding good behavior with treats.

Your dog will forget about licking its pee and do backflips for a feast.

Although it takes time, it can be discouraging when you don’t see results right away.

Why Do Animals Drink Their Own Urine?

Animals drink their own urine due to dehydration and lack of nutrients.

Cats usually don’t drink their own pee because of their good hygiene.

But, wolves and reindeers do it to survive the wilderness that lacks water.

Dogs drink urine when they are dehydrated, or have an underlying medical issue.

If you notice this behavior, you should contact a vet.