Organ meats are greatly beneficial to dogs, particularly those being fed on a raw diet. Heart and kidneys are both particularly good for dogs and should be fed alongside muscle meat. The liver is also good organ meat, but you should be careful as too much liver can cause health problems in your dog.

Where to Buy Organ Meat for Dogs

If you want to feed your dog on a raw diet or provide them with some natural and healthy treats, it is pretty important to know where you can get them. Meat has a different grading system for dog consumption compared to human consumption, so you can’t just go to the supermarket and buy some standard meat from there.

Finding organ meat for your dog is actually quite simple. A large variety of raw organ meats can be found on websites like Amazon, but you may have to go to a local raw meat supplier if you are looking for something more specialist. Due to the recent popularity of raw food, pure organ meats are also more common in pet stores than they used to be so, they might be worth checking out.

Is Beef Organ Meat Good for Dogs?

Beef is always a popular choice of organ meat amongst dog owners. It is easy to get hold of and also provides lots of great nutrients and minerals for your companion.

Is Beef Lung Good for Dogs?

The lung is not a commonly used organ meat in dog food, but it is safe for your dog to eat. It provides high amounts of nutrients that other organs don’t always provide. For example, it has high levels of calcium and iron, both of which are great for helping your dog’s bones. However, you should know that the mineral levels of these meats may differ depending on where you source your meat.

Is Beef Heart Good for Dogs?

Feeding your dog beef heart is one of the best ways for you to ensure that your four-legged friend gets a large variety of nutrients. This organ contains amino acids that help to build your dog’s muscle. The other minerals that this organ contains help with developing bone structure. So, how much beef heart is good for dogs? One beef heart can weigh about 30lbs and should not be fed in full. It should make up no more than around 5% of your dog’s diet.

Most Popular Beef Organ Meat

  • Beef Heart
  • Beef Liver
  • Beef Kidney

How to Serve your Dog Organ Meat

If you’ve decided to try giving your dog organ meat, you may be wondering if you should serve it raw, or should you cook organ meats for dogs? You can cook organ meat for your dogs, and it is safe to do so, but most nutrition specialists recommend feeding organ meat to your dog raw. If you do choose to cook organ meats, make sure to so that you cook them correctly and do not risk any illness to your pet.

Organ meat should be included in your dog’s meals, particularly if they are on a raw diet or given as occasional treats. One popular treat is the dehydrated liver.

Organ Meat Treat Recipe

Follow this simple recipe for the dehydrated liver if you want to make some yummy organ meat treats for dogs. Please remember, only give your dog small amounts of this treat as too much liver can cause a variety of health problems, particularly for dogs such as dalmatians.

  • Step 1 – Cut the liver, chicken, or beef into thin slices. Place them on a baking tray with a space between each slice.
  • Step 2 – Place the baking tray into a 145-degree Fahrenheit oven. Leave the treats to cook for about 8 hours. Remember to turn the tray occasionally, making sure all the treats are evenly cooked.
  • Step 3 – Remove the liver once it is dark brown and feels leathery. Leave any soft and non-brittle pieces in the oven for a bit longer, no more than 10 hours.
  • Step 4 – Leave the liver on a wire rack to cool. You can store these treats in the fridge or freeze them for up to two months.

Freeze Dried Organ Meat for Dogs

Whilst we’ve established that raw is better than cooked, what about freeze-dried? Using frozen raw meat and freeze-dried organ meat is very common and convenient for dog owners. A lot of raw meat brands will freeze-dry their food so that it can just be defrosted when needed. You don’t lose any of the nutrients in the raw meat by freezing them. In fact, it is much easier to make sure that the food is kept in safe conditions if it is frozen.

If you don’t want to change your dog’s diet, using freeze-dried organ meat and glands for dogs is a great way to add to their diet. You can add some of these pre-frozen treats to your dog’s meal to give them an extra boost of nutrients from organ meat and glands.

Popular Frozen Organ Meat Suppliers

  • True Instinct
  • Benyfit Natural
  • Nature’s Menu
  • Paleo Plus

Organ Meat Dog Food Recipe

Deciding how to feed your dog raw organ meat is quite an ordeal. How do you know what brand to trust? Personally, I can only vouch for Benyfit Natural and say that from the two seconds it takes my dog to eat it, she seems to enjoy it. But wanting to make your own organ meat recipe can also be great and fun to do if you aren’t squeamish, that is. Follow this simple recipe below if you would like to try and make a raw meat meal for your dog.


  • Ground Beef – 2 ½ lbs
  • Chicken Liver – 4 ounces
  • Chopped Carrot – 1
  • 1 Small Apple – Cored
  • Baby Spinach – ½ Cup
  • Whole Eggs – 2
  • Plain Yoghurt – ½ Cup
  • Ground Flaxseed – 1tbsp
  • Olive Oil – 1tbsp


  • Step 1 – Use a food processor to finely process the carrot, the apple, and the spinach.
  • Step 2 – Add everything except for the beef and process again.
  • Step 3 – Mix the ground beef into the mixture in a large bowl.
  • Step 4 – Use your hands to make the mixture into small patties shapes, ones around the size of your palm.
  • Step 5 – Place the patties onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and place in the freezer until frozen.
  • Step 6 – After freezing them, you can transfer them into separate bags or containers. Defrost a portion by leaving in the refrigerator for a day and only defrost them as needed.

This method is great because not only is it easy, but it is also great for your dogs. It has the combined benefits of muscle meat and organ meat. As well as this, the meat remains raw and does not lose any of its nutritional value through the process of cooking. How much you need to give your dog depends on its weight, breed, and activity levels.


To summarize, organ meats are great for your dog. They should make up about 5-10% of your dog’s diet and can be incorporated into their full meals or given to them as treats. You can cook organ meats for your dogs; however, they do have less nutritional value than raw organ meat. Buying organ meat freeze-dried is a great way to keep it stored safely and to keep all of the goodness that the organ meat has to offer.