Do you ever think of having lots of treats on hand for your puppy? Toys that might enable them to release all of their pent-up energy, toys that could keep them occupied when you’re gone, and something that is simply enjoyable for your puppy.

Kong is a rubber toy that is hollow from the center. Kong toy can be stuffed with snacks, making it more like a two in one toy. However, the dog must find out how to dig out the food from the middle, making Kong a puzzle toy.

Are Kongs Good For Puppies?

  • Kongs satisfy your pup’s instinct to chew while still encouraging good chewing habits.
  • The use of Kong regularly may help your puppy’s oral hygiene and well-being. Its natural rubber assists in teeth cleaning, plaque reduction, and the removal of food particles.
  • Kong also provides emotional stimulation for the puppy, which is beneficial to his physical well-being and reduces behavioral issues caused by boredom.
  • Kong can help puppies with separation issues and other behavioral problems because it prevents loneliness and keeps them entertained for long durations.

Did you Know?

Dogs with all age groups, breeds, sizes, and chewing levels can use Kongs.

What Age Can A Puppy Have A Kong?

You can start giving your puppy Kong from the age of 7 weeks. While your pup is teething, you can fill his Kong with peanut butter, yogurt, or other soft dog foods that would make it great teething and chew toy.

You can gradually shift to Kong classic or extreme depending on your pup’s chewing style when their adult teeth start to grow at nine months.

Playing with chewing toys will make your pup’s gums much stronger.

Rubber Kong puppy toys are great for teaching, motivating, and helping your pup get through its teething stage.

Is Kong Easy Treat Safe For Puppies?

Kong Easy Treat is safe and has been carefully designed to be gentle on your puppy’s delicate stomach.

The delicious chicken liver mixture is designed specifically for growing pups.

It comes with a super-easy spray container and nozzle that allows you to precisely control the quantity of Kong treat filler you want to use.

Kong liver paste has a special texture that helps it to be used in a number of ways. Kong treat filler can also be used to fill up the cracks around treats as well as other solid snacks stuffed into your pet’s Kong.

Is It Safe To Give A Puppy Peanut Butter In A Kong?

It is safe to give your pup peanut butter in a Kong; however, you must be careful not to overfeed them.

Peanut butter is usually safe for pups to eat when consumed in moderation. It is a great source of protein, vitamin B and E, healthy fats, and niacin.

Unsalted peanut butter or handmade peanut butter is the healthiest option since excessive sodium levels could be harmful to puppies.

Also, homemade peanut butter often has no artificial sugar or any other ingredients.


Excessive peanut butter may lead to stomach issues and repeated pooping.

Can You Give A Puppy A Frozen Kong?

When to Freeze:

  • If your pup happily spends most of its time chewing on toys, then it is best to freeze the Kong.
  • Only freeze the bottom half of Kong with some paste food item and fill the rest of it with fresh veggies. Its aroma will lure your pup and keep him busy in digging the food.

When Not to Freeze:

  • Frozen food often loses its aroma, and your dog is less likely to enjoy and will not do the hard work to de-stuff the Kong.
  • If you use Kongs to motivate your pup to walk and exercise, it becomes easier for them to have soft and fresh treats in it.

What Size Kong Should I Get For My Puppy?

If your puppy is tiny, it will require one that fits his little jaw comfortably.

The Kong Classic, for instance, is available in a variety of sizes, including X-small (for dogs under five pounds) whereas small (for dogs under 20 pounds).

Bigger dogs have wider jaws, which will need the use of a large-sized Kong.

Another factor to consider when selecting a new toy for your puppy is the strength of your puppy’s chew.

Choose the Kong Extreme if your puppy has a strong bite, regardless of its weight or size.

Pro Tip:

Always consider your puppy’s size, age, and eating habits when selecting the appropriate Kong size.

How Do You Use A Kong For A Puppy?

  • You can use a frozen Kong for your pup’s tooth relief.
  • If your puppy gulps its food in once, try to fill a Kong with daily meals to slow down their eating process.
  • Play games with your puppy by hiding their Kong with a small piece of their favorite food.
  • You can play fetch with a perfect-sized Kong and knotting a rope through its ends.
  • Use Kongs to hide your puppy’s medications by mixing with any wet or soft food items.
  • When leaving your pup alone for long hours, try stuffing his dry treats, homemade peanut butter, or crunchy veggies to keep him distracted.

Are Kongs Messy?

Kongs aren’t known for making a mess. They’re built to last and are incredibly challenging to destroy.

The food items you put in Kong may leak, but that doesn’t leave a mess as your puppy eats it up immediately.

Leaking of a Kong depends on the kind of stuffing you have put inside it.

If your puppy is crate trained, then it won’t be an issue as it mess will be inside his crate.

Food items like kibble could be messy to clean inside the crate. More desirable items, such as frozen yogurt and peanut butter, wouldn’t make much mess.

Do Kongs Make Dogs Tired?

Kongs could make your dog tired as it required a lot of hard work to get its meal out of the toy. It is a great source of entertainment for highly energetic dogs.

There are many instances when your dog couldn’t sleep or get bored easily. Kongs come in handy during these times as it satisfies your energetic pup and helps in providing a good sleep.

You can make it even harder for your dog by stuffing the food items denser. It is a great exercise for the dogs that hate going for walks but love to play with their toys.

Do Kongs Float?

The Kong Aqua can float. It’s a floating supportive toy that is great for both inside and outside of the water.

The foam core of the Kong Aqua keeps it steady when your pet swims out to get it. It has the ability to float, allowing for countless swimming lessons and water sports.

It can create willingness in your dog to swim and participate in water games.

It is also durable and safe to chew for your dog. Kong Aqua is available in medium and large sizes, and you can choose the suitable size for your dog.

Do Kong Toys Have A Warranty?

Kongs comes with a 60 days satisfaction guarantee.

They are a high-quality product that is designed to be comparatively indestructible.

If you’re not happy with a KONG product you bought from their Authorized Sellers, they will happily give you a refund. However, there is no warranty available for items purchased from illegal vendors as they are unable to regulate the quality of the products provided by them.

You must try to send your guarantee request under 60 days from the date you purchased the product.

How Long Do Kong Toys Last?

The longevity of a Kong depends on your pet and how effectively you place the food items in it.

Sometimes, a large-sized carrot manages to stay inside for five seconds. You need to get artistic and fill Kongs with things like peanut butter, water, spray cheese, yogurt, wet kibble, and a variety of other things.

The puzzle becomes more impossible to handle when food is packed tightly inside the Kong toy. Also, larger chunks of food can be used at the top of the Kong as it gets harder to get it out. A Kong can also be frozen to increase longevity.

Are Kong Dog Toys Indestructible?

Kong toys can be indestructive, as they are intended for the safety and long-term durability. Although all dogs have natural chewing abilities, and not all of them are expressed in the very same way.

A Kong Extreme is exceptionally hard for your pet to bite through.

They may ultimately grind down the rubber with time with millions of chews, but it might take a lot longer than many other toys.

If your pet is a voracious chewer, the Kong Extreme is the way to go. The higher durability would make a significant difference and extend its life.

Are Kong Toys Good For Dogs Teeth?

Kong chew toys are a great choice for improving your dog’s oral hygiene. The deep grooves in this toy help in cleaning your pet’s teeth when they chew it. Check out the 3 different Kongs out of 14 dog toys we wrote about here.

It is a multi-functional chew toy that merges the tasks of a toothbrush, treat dispenser, and traditional fetch toy into one convenient package.

It also helps in the prevention of plaque and tartar formation.

Use Kong Breath Paste within the grooves to encourage your pet to chew while also freshening his breath.


A large-sized Kong is designed for pets weighing 35 to 50 pounds, which includes English bulldogs, boxers, and retrievers.

Are Kong Chew Toys Safe For Dogs?

Kongs are one of the safest chew toys, and they have the top choice among people since the 1970s.

This non-toxic toy is made of durable rubber and is available in a variety of sizes to suit your pet’s needs.

Its funny snowman style is excellent for play sessions, is great feeders, and chewing on it will help you relax.

You can also fill this toy with goodies, stuff it with a variety of foods, and freeze it all to have a great brain puzzler for your dog to solve.

Can I Leave My Dog Alone With A Kong?

You can leave your dog alone with a Kong while leaving for work. You can stuff frozen food right inside the Kong that will provide them a crunchy factor.

Your dog might take an hour or several more to get the food completely out of their chew toy.

This rubber chew toy is very durable and safe with your dog. However, you must practice this method several times before actually leaving your pup alone. That way, you will be sure that he will not get destructive or panic when left alone.

If You Put Peanut Butter In The Center Of The Kong, Is It Hard To Clean Out?

Even some gifted dogs are prone to leaving a slight amount of food in their Kong. There’s no rush as these are easy to clean:

  • Rinse the toy with the help of dish soap and warm water.
  • If stubborn goodies, such as peanut butter, refuse to wash out, then soak it in hot water with dish soap to soften the residue.
  • Scrub everything inside the Kong with a bottle brush or an old toothbrush.
  • Make sure you rinse everything completely.

Pro Tip:

A chopstick may also be used to scratch out any snacks that might be stuck inside the toy’s opening.

Does The Kong Have Hole In Both Ends?

Kong has two holes in both ends to avoid suction.

A Kong is a snowman-shaped toy made of durable rubber, having a small hole on the top and a bigger hole in the bottom.

You can simply stuff the Kong after plugging the tiny hole with a crunchy treat or un-sweetened peanut butter.

The stuffing must be dense enough for your pet to have to hunt for it, also not so dense that he might give up.

Make it easier for dogs that are new to Kong by packing lightly and placing a cookie poking out of the big hole.

Are All Kong Toys Dishwasher Safe?

Kong rubber chew toys are dishwasher safe, but only on the top rack. It can be cleaned in the same machine along with your remaining dishes.

When cleaning Kong rubber toys, you could also use regular dishwasher detergent.

Even though your dog wipes his Kong toy with his tongue, it’s always a good idea to sanitize it regularly.

Toys stored on the bottom shelf are more likely to melt or lose their shape. Regardless, the warmth and disinfectant dishwasher soap would destroy any bacteria that have grown on the body and any dried saliva or remaining food.

Why Do Kong Smells Like Chemicals?

Kongs could initially smell like chemicals or rubber-like due to the material they are made of.

The smell of a new product is often very strong and is likely to fade away with time.

You can try to get rid of the chemical smell by washing the Kong using a disinfect dishwasher soap. If it still does not works, then try to soak it in warm water by adding a few drops of liquid soap for some time.

If your pup is refusing to play with this toy, then try to stuff food items that could overpower the chemical smell coming from the Kong.

How Do You Seal The Large Hole After Filling A Kong?

You can stuff the small hole of the Kong with frozen or solid pieces of food items and top it up using peanut butter or cream cheese to seal the large hole.

A rubber Kong could be stuffed with any food items that are safe for your dog to consume. Some of the best food items are canned pumpkin, fresh fruits, cooked grounded meat, yogurt, peanut butter, or any kind of safe cheese.

The challenge would be kept exciting by using different types of foods your dog love.


So, these were most of the questions that people have in their minds about Kongs. You must always take care that your pup or dog is having fun with his new toy. There is always the possibility that some dogs might not find Kongs fascinating or fun. However, as a pet parent, you must not push your dog to like every toy.