Ruffwear Approach is generally better and more practical compared to the Ruffwear Singletrak. The product is more useful for a long journey. Approach can carry more gear and equipment.

Not to mention, the approach pack is also the best choice when it comes to overnight traveling. On the other hand, Singletrak is a low profile dog bag only for day hikes.

Best Choice: Ruffwear Approach

The Ruffwear Approach Pack is made of light (1.05 lbs for size S) but extremely durable 420-denier tear-resistant nylon. The saddlebags have a radial cut that offers uncompromising comfort and a free range of motion.

This pack is customizable, enabling it to match any breed. Your dog will never get chafing or annoyance, so there is no risk in flexing the unit.

The handle is good for helping your dog across the top of slick rocks or damp ice.

The smaller individual pockets minimize movement inside the bag and hold it secure near the dog’s body. It would be best if you crammed your socks, wallets, pacifiers, and balls in the wider, lower pockets. Besides the standard storage room, the device even has molle attachments to suit the customer with extra customization.

On top of the Approach Bag, Ruffwear has included a padded handle, which helps you quickly carry your dog up and over boulders and other stretches of trail that could cause her shorter legs to have a hard time. Next to the handle is a light loop, a nice feature for someone who climbs at night. At the top of the Approach Pack is a V-ring connected to a harness, a belt, or an accessories object.

As compared to being bulky, the one-piece foam incorporates this style with a small indent because it’s convenient. The webbing brace and suspension is rendered with a beefy five-point adjustment device.

There are three positions to change the chest plate that a soldier would take. Upon careful examination, the chest plate is connected to the padded elastic strap that extends around the cat’s back legs.

The XS Sporty variant has a few change points on the braces. To create a stronger pack, the suspension mechanism was taken more inline with the bag. The system held pace with the bags’ contents and any unnecessary vibrations generated.

According to Mad Cantoo, it is a perfect dog pack. The stitching is well finished. A component is solid.

He really likes the handle. It can be dressed loosely, like a sweater. Although the pack’s size is huge, it can carry the water for a long trip but is small enough that it slips into your bag. It has a large pocket in the center, and then one above it for smaller things, including keys or a mobile phone.



Reflective trim and light loop are especially beneficial for overnight adventures.


In some cases, it can carry a lot more than you think.



In a few cases, the pack is often shifted to the right or left (a few customers said it is not well calibrated at the center).

RUFFWEAR – Singletrak Dog Pack, Hiking Backpack with Hydration Bladders

This backpack was designed for shorter hiking trips. Its small-sized measurement will still fit medium dogs. Typically, this is how Ruffwear products work.

A customizable fit can be achieved by setting up five of the webbings located near the chest, shoulders, and belly. Its harness is attached tightly.

The reflective strip is at the bottom. It is located precisely above the neon-colored zipper. The oversized handle is easy to lift and use, which makes it seem stable when in use.

The choice Blue Dusk color option is an exceptionally bright blue color. You also have turquoise and neon green. This is cheerful and bright. It is relatively noticeable in the wilderness. The bag was glowing all the time as a reminder that the dog was still alive.

The reflective trim and zippers help to keep the pieces safe in the storm. The container is about the right size for storing water bottles and other tiny accessories.

Even so, do not place something of worth in these pockets. Some consumers can store 0.6-liter pouches within a foldable water bladder on each side, a pet first-aid package, a treat container, and a snack on the other side.

According to A Hungry Crab, he loves this product. He enjoys getting water with him on every walk with his do.

This great pack is the right size for him! He has been able to store dog’s poop bags, water tank, and keys using this crate.

He is so happy and went for this small hydration pack instead of another bigger pack, which he knows might have been massive overkill for walks around the city.

Often, his dog’s hair grows thicker, and he has noticed that some dog collars tend to make her fur to be pinched, but this band is the strongest he has seen. Finally, he likes the handle on the top. It is more comfortable for him anytime he wants to pick the dog up.



Lighter pack. It is low profile but strong enough to carry bottles on a day walk.


It comes with illuminated trim for night use.



It won’t be suitable for intensive hiking and trekking.

Final  Verdict

As we have stated above, the approach pack’s straps are highly adjustable and fit the dog’s body. When trekking, it is crucial to bear in mind the body’s adjustments throughout the pack. 

Some people use the Approach Pack on various runs and in multiple conditions, varying from short runs to long runs, varying pack weight, overnighter hiking, and across the park, and the Approach Pack has been there to support your dog too. 

The only thing we do not like about this Approach pack is that it can trap heat, particularly in hot weather. If you hike during summer in the southern California desert, you will find discomfort in your dog.