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What States Is It Illegal to Dye Your Dog?

The States that prohibit dying dogs strictly (even for non-commercial intent) are Jacksonville, Florida, and Denver, Colorado. It seems like most of the other States in the US also claim it as illegal. However, those 4 States...

Behavior & Training

Why Does My Dog Not Want To Poop Outside

A dog can poop where he feels very safe. When he is still very young, it often shows insecurities. Because this situation has been dragging on for a while, he doesn’t want to poop outside. Has he ever done his big business...

Food & Treats

Is Almond Flour Safe For Dogs?

Almond flour is safe for a dog. It is low in sugars. It even has a decent source of polyunsaturated fats (also known as macronutrients). It’s also free of cholesterol. Some of the almond nutrients are missing during almond...

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